Friday, July 30, 2010


The last day of the first week back:) Life is good, I made it. 3 PC on the min every min for 10 min. No drops so that was good, although 95lbs just didn't seem to be as light as it once was! Then 5 rds for time of 100ft lunges and 15 push ups with a hand release. My push ups suck ass. I can not hold a plank position and my muscles got tired quick. I missed a rep right at the end..sucky. Need to work on getting the core strong. PLANKS are in my future. My legs were starting to feel better but after all of those lunges tomorrow might not be so great. I've got a going away party tonight and then the Crossfit party tomorrow night. Darn the temptations. Such is life. I'm feeling much better all around though. Plus I've been sleeping like a champ. I can do this....

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Somehow I managed to get out of bed this morning. Chad my hubby who has been so motivated on getting up and going to the gym every morning decided to sleep in. How nice would it have been to stay in bed with him for another hour....ohhh the struggle I went through to get up. Not to mention every muscle is sore so really getting out of bed was really a struggle :) But I hit the alarm and said no sleeping in you've got to back on track. So I got up and glad I did. It was running which I seriously need to improve upon. 20 min amrap of 400m sprints rest 1:1. Jenn and I both got 6 runs in. I was super happy with that and called it a day. We will start tracking the food thing next week. I have been I will say Ok this week. I love seeing the girls and J Broad killing the 1 rm's. Doesn't it feel so good to be super strong???

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Last night I decided to catch a yoga class, because well it's been a while. It was super hard, but I must say, I miss it. I slept like a rock last night:) Today we worked on Push Jerks and then a little 10 min AMRAP of deads, box jumps and KTE. I was scared that my quads wouldn't allow me to jump onto the box. Seriously. But somehow I got up there. They are still screamin' and I'm sure they will be this way for the rest of the week. It's nice to have such energy at the gym in the mornings. It's great to have support and encouragement while you are killing yourself in a workout.

Chicken, peppers, celery, almonds
Chef salad at Giovanni's

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tuesday-Can hardly walk!

It's been a ego crushing the last 2 days at the gym. Ok so I knew it was going to be a hard road back into crossfitting but this is CRAZY. I have hardly been doing the volume of work, and I can hardly walk. It's only the second day back holy shit!! My quads are so tight from LIGHT squats yesterday, it's like I have never used them before. AMAZING. But it goes to show you that crossfit works. So I have decided that if I can make this through this week without having a mental melt down, I can get through anything. But this journey that I am on is about me and my continued effort to be healthy and in shape. Not anybody else. I know deep down what I am capable of, I just have to get that belief back in my brain. I realize that it's going to be EXTREMELY hard to get back to the level I wish to train at, but I can do it. Only Hip Kitty knows the gamer that inside me:) Keep me in your thoughts as I get back on track people!!!