Saturday, March 19, 2011

Holy Crap

What a great 2 days! First the games wod on Friday---5 rounds, 24 d/u's then today at strongman 140 log overhead!!! Just a few weeks ago I missed the 130. I'm super excited now!! Although I hear a few girls are coming in from other states just to compete in this competition:) Oh well, it'll be fun no matter what...although I'd like to win:) We'll see it'll be a good competition either way!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

All I need is 2

So if I just get 2 double unders then I will not be last on the woman's leader board:) I'm just kiddin' I should be able to get a lot more than that! I'm shooting for 4 rounds. I really am not worried about the snatches, although I'll be tired. The Doubles are really going to kill me. But I have my bunny hop back up if I need. Should be fun. It'll just be fun to do with with the group:)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patty's Day!!

It's Thursday and it's been a long week at work. I am leaving early today though to enjoy a much needed massage!!I have a girlfriend from college coming in for dinner, so it'll be nice to catch up with them. Tomorrow is our games WOD and I'm like whatever:) My time will all depend on my double unders. I told myself this year it's for fun and i'm not trying to break any records. I am more excited about my strongman next weekend and don't want to do anything that will make me sore for it!!
This morning was bench and deads with some DU practice. Some days they are good, some days they are not. We'll see what tomorrow brings:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This week is deloading week for me, which is great news. My body needs a break. Yesterday was squat and press with some assistance work. Headed to strongman at night and did the Frame Carry at 350lbs- Full distance in 11 seconds!!! Hell yeah:) Tire Flips went the distance (so we didn't time it). Bob and I each used our own tires and I actually beat him. (I am getting faster). However when we went at 60 feet-he won both and at 40 feet-he won too...But the moral of the story is I won at the competition distance!!! (his tire is bigger so on the shorter distances I had one more flip then him). Anyhow this morning was a great surprise as the best work out buddy in the world was back SARAH:) We did a 15 amrap together of 300m row, 15 KBS at 24k, 7 burpees. I held a steady pace and knocked out 6 rds. Love working out with Sarah! Tonight I am headed in to do some truck pulls. See ya!

Saturday, March 12, 2011


So I am done with my 7 days in a row of working out. I really didn't mean for that to happen but it did and now I am BEAT. Tomorrow is a rest day and next week is deloading...thank god. Only 2 weeks until the competition:)
This morning I ran the Susan G Komen 5k at Coconut point. I was happy to finish right around 28 mins!! I felt like I could've pushed myself more during the race because the last 400m I was seriously like sprinting. It felt good, but I think I am done with distance running until my competition is over. Went to strongman training and felt not so strong :( Got 120 overhead and cleaned 130...I didn't even attempt it overhead. That is my goal for the competition..130lbs. Onto the frame. Worked up to 320lbs and felt like I did it freakin' fast:) The hardest part is going to be standing with the 350. I know if I can get it up I can move with it. Off to work!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday and I'm happy:)

I'm excited that today is finally Friday...Although I work tomorrow:( Great day at the gym this morning. We decided to do a men vs. women on the wod. So much better then doing a scaled version or the entire workout. Me, Elaina and Shannon totally kicked butt together. Although we were so pumped and confused at times on rounds and numbers, we did great :) It was definatly fun being a part of a team. I am not sure if coach did it on purpose or what. But he has convinced me to sign up and support our team for the games. So if I can help, I will...but remember team....If I can not do all the wod's RX then my numbers don't count. So pray on no handstands or muscle ups. CRAP that also means I better practice my Double Unders :(
Tomorrow it's Komen and then off to Strongman!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


So I hate to say it, but I don't think I can go 100% paleo until my competition! I don't feel like or it just doesn't sound appealing to me to cut out my protein shakes. Plus I think it's that chocolate flavor that gets me through the day. Not to mention a ton of protein in the morning for me. Sorry Hip...can't do it:) It's ok though. I am at a good place with Paleo and feel like it is a lifestyle, so why be so strick about it that it makes me unhappy. I put enough stress on my body that if I want my chocolate protein shake...I'm going to have it. My life is too insane right now for all of this. I need to focus on getting enough protein, training hard and getting my sleep. Only 2 and a half more weeks until the big day. I'm excited and can't wait to try out the truck pulling either tonight or this week!!!