Saturday, October 31, 2009


So up at 7:30 a.m. to do an endurance WOD with Sarah. Latter-1 min on 1 min off, 1 min on 50 off, down to 10, we did two runs at 10 sec off and then back up the latter. I might have added an extra min. to our running....Opps! Sarah ran a little over 2 miles and I was a few hundred meters behind that. I was planning on hitting Yoga at 11am and off to work from there. When I was driving home from the WOD, I realized I had to go get the fish for tomorrow from Jenn. I didn't get home until 10:30a.m. Screw yoga I was tired. Laid down until I had to go to work....great move on my part! Seriously I know my husband tells me it's in my head but I did not feel right until now...8:30p.m. Saturday evening! I'm at work and finally I don't feel so "out of it". The party is going great, my residents are nutty for Halloween...they really get into it. Only a few more hours here and then I get to sleep in! See you all tomorrow for the cookout, peace out.

Friday, October 30, 2009


So last night turned into a serious drink fest. I haven't been that hammered in a while and I guess it was much needed. Needless to say I did not get up at 4:15 this morning and make it to the gym. I'll sober up and get my ass there tonight!
WOW it seriously took me all day to start to feel better. I still wasn't right when I went to the gym but I figured it would help me sweat some of it out. WOD was PC sets of 3. 115, 120, 120, 125,125. Didn't miss any which was good. CFFB wod- 4 rounds of 100m sprint, 25 WB at 16lbs. 6:45 was my time and it sucked! Glad today is over.
Food was back on track with just one diet coke to get me through the day. Lesson learned this week: Never go out on Thursday nights and get hammered

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday-It's almost Friday people!!

Feeling the grind this week. Cannot wait until happy hour friday. It might be a happy hour Thursday with the way this week has been. We'll see! WOD today was overhead squats 6x3. 80,85,90,95,100,105 for 8. I felt super strong for once with the OHS's!! All of the shoulder therapy must been working :) Then presses-75,75,75,80,80-Shoulders were shot and I had rope climbs next so I wasn't killing myself. Wod was AMRAP-15 minutes of 1 rope climb, 10 jumping rings. 12 rounds, and the rope scars to prove it!! Shout out to the kitty for setting a PR on Annie and to Abomb for tearing it up!

5am-Pork, nuts
9am-Sesame fish, porridge
12pm-Pork, salad, nuts some broccoli with hummus
4pm-Salad, nuts, ham
5:30-8:30-Tuna streak, 6 glasses of wine
10pm-breadsticks, pizza and lots of halloween candy-Oh My

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


I was planning on doing a CFE wod with Liz this am but I walked in and saw rowing so decided to do that. Sorry girl-I didn't know you couldn't row yet!! 750m, 3 rounds 2:1 rest. best time was 2:49.1 so something like that. I could not believe how sore my abs still are from Michael on Monday. WTF I could feel them with every stinkin' row as well as my poor hamies. I am going to have to stretch tonight if I want to walk tomorrow. Yikes.

IF today
12pm-Finally I was hungry! Beef soup, salad, nuts and some dark chocolate-Thanks Sarah!
3:30 p.m.-Turkey burger, eggplant, nuts and chocolate...This might be bad :)
745pm-Spaghetti squash with meat sauce, nuts
8:45-Apple with PB-it was real pb with SUGAR!!! Oh sooooo delish now if I just had some of that dark chocolate I would've been all set :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Feeling the pain from yesterday already! My muscles are SORE!! WOD was snatches 6 sets of 3. Seriously I hate snatches :) 75, 80,80,80,80,80. Then AMRAP 12min. 65lbs push press-8, 20k KBS-16. 9 rounds, 2 presses. Nice work 6am and to the kitty for swingin' the 20k with me!!

5am-Pork, nuts
9am-turkey burger, porridge
12pm-Chili, broccoli, nuts
5pm-5 chicken wings, some nuts and veggies
7:30p.m.-Turkey burger, salad, nuts

Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday-Week 3

So I have realized that we are in week 3 of the Paleo challenge! So far so good. I am just so excited about December 12 I can hardly stand it. I finally am feeling good and my mind set and performance are dialed in. WOD today was Back Squat and Bench 5 sets of 5. Squat-160, 165, 170, 170, 175. Decided to run Michael from the main site so I wasn't in the way of the x-large 6am crew! Yeah team!! 3 Rounds of 800m run, 50 GHD Sit ups, 50 GHD Hypers. Holy crap that took me 24:15 to complete. Didn't have enough time to get my bench in so I'll be back tonight.

5am-Pork, nuts
8am-Sesame Fish, porridge
12pm-Paleo Spaghetti, avocado, nuts
4pm-pork, grapes
8pm-Chili, cut up veggies, nuts

Sunday, October 25, 2009


Ahhh a day of rest. Not sure if it was b/c of Kate's sleep help or the full belly I but slept for 9 hours last night! Hell yeah. We didn't get together to cook today but I ended up doing it up. Made some chili, porridge, and a new Paleo Spaghetti-Simply delish-just ate some up for dinner. Yum Yum in the Tum Tum. Don't forget about B's going away party next Sunday ya'll! Bring a side dish or dessert and BYOB. 4-6-Cookout at my house! See you at the gym

Saturday, October 24, 2009


Up this morning to run with Sarah and Kary. Ran with Sarah the 12 min timed trial. Almost got to the mile and half point but not quit. Caught Kary for her 3rd 1.5 mile run and came in just under 13 min. Went to yoga and now I am at worked and pooped!!! Thanks girls that was a great way to start off the weekend!

12pm-Beef soup, raspberries, strawberries, nuts
4pm-Chicken, cauliflower, grapes, nuts
Chicken wings, a few beers, apple with pb
Banana with PB some more grapes and a few pretzels

I couldn't stop eating tonight! I think it was b/c I was surrounded by candy and didn't want to eat any!! And I.....DIDN"T. Big accomplishment for me :0

Friday-No time

So I had no time to post yesterday as I was running at work all day for my kids event! WOD was Grace-30 CnJ at 95lbs for time. 3:48 sweet! Food was good until I got home. 5 beers were added to the mix and I had to call it a cheat night for sure!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Happy Thursday!

Got some solid sleep last night! WOD today was PC & J. I had nothing to go off of this morning in the way of PR's so I at least wanted to get 135lbs overhead. It's been a goal for a while. I found one time over a yr. ago I got 133lbs in a split jerk. So that's what I was shooting for. 115, 120, 125, 130, 135-PR, 140-miss. I was pretty close on the 140, cleaned it but my left arm just didn't lock out and I missed. Super happy with my progress on the overhead stuff. WOD was 5-4-3-2-1 deads @ 205 with 200m, 400m, 600m, 800m, 1,000m row in between. Yeah great idea MK, Not so much.

5am-Egg & nuts
8am-Ramped up porridge, salmon and some stew meat.
12pm-Taco lettuce wraps, Salad, nuts--Yum yum

So sometimes I really hate being an Activities Director. Right now I am surrounded by Halloween Candy for my kids event this weekend! So far I have been able to stay away but those PBcups keep calling my name. I've gotta stay strong atleast until Halloween. On which of course I have another Activity that night that involves being around lots of CANDY. AHHHH!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Must figure something out with sleep...I am in need of way more. WOD today was 21-hip, 400m run, 18 sit-ups, 400m run, 15 hip-400m run, 12 sit ups, 400m run, 9 hip, 400m run, 6 sit ups, 400m run, 3 hip, 400m run. A little over 17 min of running pleasure :) Shout out to the 6am crew who had a brutal WOD this morning.

IF and Coffee
12pm-Finally Lunch! Cod, broccoli/cauliflower, nuts, some celery/peppers
3:30pm-Beef stew, strawberries/blackberries, nuts
7pm-Taco Meat, salad, veggies, nuts
9pm-Strawberry/Blackberries smoothie with a little too much almond butter--So good!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Still tired from working late! Up at 4:15a.m. yuck. I'm getting use to it, but just the thought of 4:15 makes me tired! This morning was heavy deads-Sets of 3-220, 225, 230, 235, 240! Ran the regular WOD this morning with all of the boys at 6am. AMRAP of 3 HPC @ 115lbs, 100m sprint, 6 pull-ups. 9 rounds and 3 HPC. Nice work everyone!! Some ab work and stretching with Liz and I called it a morning. Gonna miss Sarah as she's out of town AGAIN!! Have a good trip sis, C U Thursday.

5am-Egg, nuts
8am-Ramped up Porridge, eggs, coffee and lots of it :)
12pm-Salmon, veggies , salad, nuts
6:30 p.m.-Tacos, small salad, nuts, some of the flank steak I made chad-yummy!
8-some butternut squash/carrots

Monday, October 19, 2009


I know what you mean Kary about walking away from the cookies. I had to bring the left overs into work!! So this morning I went down to the Naples affiliate to catch my work out. Back squat 4 sets of 10. 140, 145, 145, 150. Benches 4 sets of 10-95, 100, 100, 100. Add a endurance WOD 80% tempo 15 min. row.
7am-Chicken, apple, nuts
12pm-Chili, celery, a few pepper slices, nuts
4pm-Fish, raspberries, strawberries, nuts
7pm-Salmon, broccoli, cauliflower, nuts

Snackin' happy when I got home from work-carrots, almond butter, apple, cheese, ck---I was all over the place!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

The weekend

The weather was awesome! I just love bundling up like I was home in NY. Had a bunch of cheats this weekend but not out of control which is a big step! Some beers, wine, cheese, indulgence of almond butter with apples and some paleo cookies. Overall happy with it. Made some pretty sweet meals today with the girls. Sarah and Pauly stopped by to show their love and support. Wait till they try the cookies...they will love them :) For dinner I ate my paleo chili was with a little cheese on a small side salad. Yummmy. NO CFFM for me tomorrow as I have to work late. I'll be checking out the new Naples affiliate. Wish me luck. Hope the boys had fun at the CERT....
See you all on Tuesday.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday-What a crazy morning!

TGIF for sure. I finally got like 6 hours of sleep last night whooo hooo. Still not enough but it's better than usual. This morning the crew had FRAN which is an awesome WOD, love the energy. However, I could not stay focused on my shit. Holy crap. I was all over the place. I thought I was starting with 125 on the bar for PC. My first rep I was like shit that's heavy. But me being me I added 5 more pounds. Ok 130lbs sweet done that before. Went into it and missed. WTF! I decided to strip the weight down b/c It didn't feel smooth and really I was in shell shock. Well that's when I realized I had 140lbs on the bar! Yeah so my first heavy was 135lbs and then I went to 140. NO wonder I missed it. Went back down to 125 and climbed up from there. Still missing and being distracted. On my 9th rep (i'm only suppose to have 6) I finally cleared 140lb into a squat clean that wasn't pretty. But I stood with the weight and that's all that matters at the end of the day. WOD was 5 DL @185, 20 D/U's. Finished 17 seconds faster than last time. DONE! Shout out to the 5am crew ladies for pushing it with the weight and the 6am crew for doing awesome. Especially Sarah who just quit frankly blew it out of the water. NICE!

5am-chicken, 1/2 apple, nuts
8am-Salmon/chicken, fruit salad with almonds and Cinnamon
12pm-Hamburger, some veggies from my non-soup, nuts, grilled eggplant (so my soup spilled over in my car on the way to work all over my back seat. TGIF!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thursday-Lack of sleep taking a toll!

I haven't been sleeping well at all this week and it totally caught up with me last night and this morning. I have a hard time dealing with life---so my husband tells me--when I don't get my sleep. It takes a few days but when it hits, it hits like a ton of brinks. Chad is the first one to spot this behavior and the first one to put me into my place. LOVE HIM :) This morning was OHS 8 sets of 2. 95, 100, 105, 110, 110, 110, 110, 115-New PR and no misses! Presses- 5 sets of 3. 75, 75, 75, 80,80,80, 80. As you can see I started too light so I crossed off my first 2 sets. I was all like yeah, new PR, presses went good...then it was 10 rounds of Cindy for time. I finished 2 minutes better than last time so I should've been all HELL YEAH great morning. But I was frustrated. My push ups sucked, and not where they should be at all. I place these "standards" upon myself everyday of my life and sometimes it's good-b/c I'm always wanting more and sometimes it's not-when I don't live up to them. I know we all do it some of us just more extreme then others. Silly....I need to start building myself up....not the other way around!!! I totally want Cindy again in about a month when this Paleo thing is running in high gear. That will be the true test. Can't wait to have my girl back tomorrow I miss her energy in the morning!!!

8am-Ramped up porridge, salmon
12pm-Beef soup, grilled mixed veggies, nuts
6pm-a little chicken, fruit, nuts
7pm-cheese, grouper, fruit salad, nuts
9pm-1/2 apple

Not sure where my blocks were at the end over in carbs i'm sure. Chad and I had dinner with my family who's in town until Sunday morning. Thank god I stopped and got a tasty dessert for them and picked up some fruit for me. I ended up making a huge fruit salad that I though I would eat for dessert but instead it went with dinner. They served pasta and fish but I was prepared!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesday-With the promise

So I got up this morning pulled out my hand me down jeans from hip kitty (love them by the way!) and decided to make a promise. I promised my skinny jeans that in 2 months I would be dusting them off from the long summer and be wearing them at Christmas :) Watch out type A's I'm back and I'm in it to win it. I have big goals and my nutrition is not getting in the way anymore darn it! With that being said....We will be testing out Jim's famous donut burgers at Baconators going away party. I mean you are allowed to cheat once in a while on this plan right? So you all are invited..Save the Date: Sunday, November 1 cookout at MK's house 4-6p.m. Details to follow.
WOD today was CFE 8x200m sprints. Since I hate timing myself Liz and I alternated. So when I was resting liz was sprinting. Best time was 39.7 worst was 41.8 I think. I was right there every time which was awesome. Shout out to Liz for being back and kickin' butt this am. I know she can get back track with the 6am crew on her butt :) A little D/U practice. 10 attempts. Got a total of 95 d/u's. Not bad considering a few weeks ago I couldn't get off of 4 reps at a time. My left calf is tight again ever since I ran that 5k. The sprinting this morning didn't help. I'm going to have to watch that shit, as last year it was a hang up for me.

5am-Chicken, nuts
8am-Paleo pancake (delicious!) strawberries, Chicken
12pm- Beef/veggies soup, celery/peppers, nuts
4pm-1/2 a pancake, chicken, veggies
7pm-3 chicken wings, Fish, grilled eggplant, zucchini, squash, nuts, 2 diet cokes
8:30p.m.-Apple with Almond Butter---I didn't measure!

My grassfed people are famous! They made the paper check it out...

I was all excited about my nutrition in the morning and then the lack of sleep hit me last night and I became a wreck. Not as bad as usual though. Defiantly some cheats. But such is life.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday with the perfect porridge!

So people I think I've got the ticket with the porridge! Add cinnamon, applesauce and almonds. Delicious and it does kind of resemble oatmeal if you just close your eyes and imagine a warm gooey bowl of it :)
I haven't been sleeping well the last few nights. Up every few hours and this morning WIDE awake at 3:30 a.m. I think it's the diet! No j/k. It's my brain running on OT as it's season and my life is getting a little nutty. WOD today was power snatches 8x2. There wasn't a lot of power this morning at 75lbs across the board. So I decided to join the 6am crew for their WOD right after. I always pick the ridiculously hard days I swear!~ 20 amrap with my girl S and Gina B! 1,000m row, 20 SDHP at 85lbs, 10 burpees. 4 rounds and 10 SDLHP's later I was done. I really thought I was going to puke this morning. You know how you can taste it...oh yeah I was there for sure. Another 5 mins of that shit and I would have been a yackin'. 100 ghd sit ups that I owed from yesterday.

5am-Chicken, nuts 1-0-2
8am-New and improved porridge, salmon, nuts 4-2-10
12pm-Cod, cauliflower, celery sticks, a little pieces of red pepper, nuts 4-2-9
3:30pm-Power bomb chicken, veggies, nuts 1-1-2
7:30pm-Hamburger wrap, cauliflower, butternut squash, nuts

Monday, October 12, 2009


There's Jenn being such a good girl cooking her food for the week! I'm telling you, she's becoming quit the chef, I tasted some of her creations! Got up this morning way too early. I didn't get enough sleep. Now that's it's 2pm I can feel it, and just want the day to end. In at 5am to get some on my back squats. PR'd with a 210 failed at 215. Hey 5lbs is 5lbs!! Back tonight to finish up on my bench and maybe hit a little CFE wod while I'm at it.

5am-Chicken, nuts
8:30am-Salmon, Strawberries, raspberries, nuts
1:30pm-Ground Beef summer soup, a few peppers, nuts
7:30pm- Cod, salad, squash, nuts

Went back tonight. Bench totally ate me alive. Just last week I did reps at 135lbs today when I'm going for a PR I can't even get it up once! AHHHH. CFE Wod on the rower. 8x200 meters with 90 second rest. 41.3 was the best time I got. I am done for the day and whipped :)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Please Broad next time I want to make up a WOD just say NOOO. I am extremely sore today and not a happy camper. So my aunt and uncle are in town this week. They are staying on Sanibel but visiting us when they can. I haven't seen them in forever so its always great to catch up! Another great day of cooking with Jenn. I really do enjoy having a buddy!! Kary and Melissa popped in for a bit and we all decided to make a 2 month pack. I'm super excited about our Paleo challenge. I think it'll be good for all of us. I can't wait to see the results! Good luck girls!!

10am-Strawberries, raspberries, eggs, nuts
1:30pm-Side salad and 2 chicken wings at Ron Dao's with the family. Holy crap I haven't been in there in a while. I can't believe how many more TV's they have these days.
While we were cooking...
Piece of Paleo pancake-nice turn out kary!, some of my soup, a little grassfed burger, a little porridge, Jenn's turkey loin-came out great! that's about all of the taste testing
Paleo Pancake
Dinner was beautiful-Grassfed burger wrap-with some spices-new recipe-amazing, broccoli/cauliflower mix, red pepper, nuts

Saturday, October 10, 2009


WOD was weighted step ups 4 sets of 8. 95, 100, 105, 110. AMRAP 20 min. of 250m row, 30 lunges, 50 sit ups, 70lbs farmer walk. 4 rounds in a little over 20 minutes.

11:15am or so-a taste test at costco-egg beaters with roasted red peppers
12:30pm-Eggs, strawberries, raspberries, almonds
4pm-Fish, salad, nuts
7pm-t-bone, a litte turkey burger, cauliflower, some raw veggies, almonds
2 beers

Friday, October 9, 2009


So I couldn't get up this morning. My body or shall I say all of the sugar in my body said NO. I must get to the gym tonight or else I'm in trouble!!

9am-Eggs, Nuts, Veggies, coffee
12pm-Summer soup, turkey burger, nuts
3:30 p.m.-The rest of my soup, nuts
8pm-Grassfed t-bone, grilled veggies, a little steamed broccoli and cauliflower, nuts

**By the way..How much is too much red meat in one week. I have been eating it everyday...maybe I should pull back a little?

WOW do I feel so much better now. It only took like 24 hours but I feel "clean" again. Thank god. Made it back to the gym at 6pm for some love.

WOD-Power Cleans 2 on the minutes for 15 min. at 115lbs. Then the real WOD with Kary. Max push Jerk at 95lbs, run 200m, rest one min. Totally spanked the first 3 rounds and then I died!! total of 54. Shout out to KB for going Rxd..nice work girl. At first I was disappointed with my score but J kept it real by reminding me of the "power" work I had just done 15 minutes before. I'm good with my score and happy with my Jerks. They felt smoother/cleaner. I felt like I was actually sitting down under the weight. Any improvement is an improvement!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


So I got the inventory done last night. What a pain in the butt. I had it all stuffed into my freezer and my neighbors so nice and neat. It's all good but here we go people:

Ground Beef-30 pks available $7lb
Stew Meat-4 pks $7lb
Cubed Steaks- $9lb
Sirloin Steak- $10lb

Not sure If I can convince Chad to part with the other steaks, but I'll let you know! I took this pricing right from the seller, because I had no idea on even where to start. I called wholefoods in Naples and they are $8lb for hamburger. So we are right in the ball park. I had to clear my freezer to fit all of the new meat in. There were 2 t-bones in there purchased from costco so I cooked those up on Tuesday along side my grassfed ones. The difference in flavor was amazing. Not to mention mine didn't have any fat in the meat just on the outside. We are trying to plan a little cookout for Brennon at the end of the month and you guys can all taste the burgers for yourself!

See you at the gym tonight!!-DIDN"T MAKE IT

IF today
Not a good day to IF. I should know better then try and do that when I'm tired from no sleep. So I had a breakdown today and my diet shamefully went like this...
starting at 11:30am
Granola and a Kit Kat
Side salad with a huge slice of pizza-pepperoni and sausage
2-Smiley face cookies
Honey wheat pretzels, some hard candies
wings, some french fries, 2 slices of pizza
Ice Cream-PB Cup Blizzard to be exact
Lots of Diet Coke throughout the entire day to stay awake. Oh and 2 beers with dinner.
This isn't even funny. I know it's horrible, but to be true to my peeps I had to blog it all. Totally a break down. One thing led to another, which led to another. A total roller coaster of ups and downs all day. This is how I use to eat and I don't know how my husband does it. I feel like shit and mentally I am a wreak!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Got BEEF?Grassfed that is!

To all my crossfitters....I totally committed to WAY to much grassfed beef from a local butcher. This works out in your favor b/c now you can easily purchase grassfed ground beef, cubed steaks and a variety of other cuts right from your friend MK :) I'll go through my inventory and post what I have for sale. You will not believe the difference in flavor it's amazing!
WOD was-CFE with Liz. 100m sprints 10 rounds, 90 sec rest in between attempts. I ranged from 19.1 to 19.94. I was happy that I stayed at the same pace the entire time. I tried so hard to get off the 19 but it wasn't happening! Added some plank holds and D/U Practice. Shout out to my girl Sarah for killing the 5 rep max on bench this morning. Go girl!

8am-GRASSFED Steak-so yummy, cauliflower porridge
12pm-Sesame Mahi Mahi-thanks Kary, broccoli/cauliflower, nuts
4pm-Turkey Burger, nuts, celery
7pm-Hamburger, veggie mix up, almond butter
9pm-2 zone bars with extra almond butter --I mean extra almond butter

Monday, October 5, 2009


So I just checked out my blog for the first time since last Thursday. Gosh I have been really bad about updating it. I am going to try and get back on everyday like I use to. I am super excited about my new nutrition plan! Jenn, Kary and I are all trying to get dialed in for the next few months and hope to see some big improvements at the gym. We got Jenn set up this weekend with groceries, and meals for the week. I am so excited for her transformation I can hardly stand it. She is going to do so good as I will be cheering her on the entire way!! GO GIRL! I am hoping that we can get together for at least the next few Sundays to cook together and get meals packed for the week. Everyone is invited to join in the zone/paleo cooking parties on Sunday afternoons! So I made a few cool recipes yesterday that I'll be enjoying all week! BTW-Kary I can't wait for your cookbook. I have some recipes to add in the mix!
WOD today-Back Squat-5 sets of 3. 165, 170,175, 180,185 Bench 5 sets of 3-120, 125, 130, 135-missed one, 135 missed 2. Coming back tonight for a CFE wod and my ab work with Sarah!

5am-fish, nuts
8am-eggs, cauliflower porridge-Cauliflower, coconut oil, almonds, vanilla, water, lots of Cinnamon-yummy-this will be my oatmeal substitute-not as good as warm yummy oatmeal but it'll do! , apple, a few added nuts
12pm-Summer squash soup, turkey burger, nuts

Thursday, October 1, 2009


So this morning I decided to run a 5k. Not really sure what came over me...maybe a sense of get your ass in shape!! I sometimes get a little freaky like that. I know I am getting stronger on my program but I feel as though I need to do some extra cardio to get where I feel comfortable. I wasn't worried about my time, really I just wanted to run it without collapsing along side the road. Thank god Kate had her Ipod at the gym, I don't think I would've made it without it. I finished in a not so stellar time of 28:36. Happy to know I can run it without breaking, now I just have to concentrate on getting my time down. Added 100 GHD sit up and called it a morning. Driving to work a sudden wave of...what the hell were you thinking this morning came over me. I felt wiped from head to toe. Tomorrow is gonna suck.

8am-Chicken, eggplant, red pepper, nuts