Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday-End of May

Usually I love the month of May-Season's over, start of summer, my birthday-to name a few... But this year it has really sucked ass. Lots of personal crap and stress this year, thank goodness only a few more days left and then June...Yes! Today I did my own WOD heavy bench press. Warm up sets and then started 5-105, 4-115, 3-125 missed one, 2-125, 1 at 135. Super happy with the 135 b/c that's my PR on a regular bench and this morning I put it up on a stability ball. Nice!

8am-1 block of fish and decided to IF
12:30-Lobster, fish, salad, nuts, veggies
3:30pm-Fish, veggies, salad, nuts
6:30 p.m.-Fish, part of hamburger, salad, nuts
9pm-1/4 apple with PB, veggies with hummus, chicken

Thursday, May 21, 2009


So i've been slackin' in the bloggin department. Hmmm could it be b/c I haven't been doing very well with my training and nutrition.....ummm YES! The nutrition has been a roller coaster just like my back. I tend to find myself getting upset about my back and eating like crap. As if that will make me feel better. Well I truly hope I am on the way to recovery and I am seriously going to kick it into high gear with my diet. Hopefully in a few weeks I will be back to where I am comfortable in my skin. One more day in this week of training and then a 3 day break. Just need to be smart tomorrow.

IF-simply starving...Haven't IF'd in while---sorry girl

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I can not wait until the weekend. This morning I did my own WOD and was happy b/c my back was not an issue. Isn't so simple that way. I don't know why I always try to do everything and not listen to my body. Some people are just so stuburn! Anyway I did 15 amrap of 25 cal row, 25 sit ups. Got a little over 5 rounds in the time limit and finished my 6th round after time was up.

IF this morning
12pm-Salad, salmon, blackberries, nuts

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I'm a little grumpy now after my wod is over. My lower back is still shit and so is my performance at crossfit. I feel like I am always getting injured and it really pisses me off. Why can't I just have a clean sheet of health. I have put on a few pounds and it's really effecting me with my body weight movements, my mood and all around performance. I know it'll come off and it didn't come on in one day but AHHHHH. Everything is bringing me down and I am just a much happier person when I am not in pain :) Just had to vent a little--no pity party just needed to get it off my chest. WOD today was a Bit**. 5 rounds of 200m run, 21, 18, 15,12,9 thrusters, 3 rounds of cindy-each round. 36 min and some change. Push ups took me forever.

8am-Protein shake with blackberries, nuts
1pm-Chicken, egg, salad, veggies, nuts

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


WOD was row 500m, 30 burpees, run 400m, 30 GHD Hypers, 30 GHD sit ups, run 400m, 30 burpees, row 500m. 16:16 was my time. The second set of burpees kicked my butt. I'm still feeling heavy I hope by the weekend things will change.

9am-Omelet, veggies with hummus, nuts
12pm-Eggs, chicken, salad, nuts, blackberries
5pm-Chicken, egg, salad, nuts
7pm-Blackberries, nuts

Monday, May 11, 2009


So I didn't do well again with the diet on Friday. I suck. Decided to step on the scale Saturday morning and saw a number I wasn't very happy with. YIKES. Really Michelle now it's time to clean it up. Stayed clean Saturday/Sunday and hoping to do the same all week. WOD today was Power Cleans but I did shoulder press b/c of my back. Warm up and started with 85, 90,95missed, 90, 90, 90. I was pretty happy with that. Kind of bummed that I didn't get the 95lbs but it's alright. My shoulders need some work.

Back to the 3-2-9
12pm-Salad with extra veggies, ground turkey, egg, nuts, veggies with hummus
3:30pm-Eggs, veggies with hummus, nuts
6:30pm-Lobster, chicken, salad, grapes, nuts
9pm-Turkey bacon, veggies with hummus, nuts

Friday, May 8, 2009


Feeling better at last, and I know my attitude reflects it. I have been to the Dr. 3 times this week for adjustments. Just realizing that it's been out since before the qualifier. Yeah that's like 3 weeks no wonder it's taking me so long to feel better. Anyhow I've got to do some thinking this weekend on how I want to handle this issue.
WOD today was 21-18-15-12-9-6-3-SDHP at 65 and Push ups. The push ups kicked my butt today they were a lot harder then I remember! Shout out to Sarah and Paul who both spanked it this morning. There must be something in their water.....:) Got some much needed sauna time with Sarah. Loved catching up this am.

5am-Salmon, nuts
7am-Omelet, veggies with hummus, eggplant, salsa, nuts-Fresh peppers--so good!!
12pm-Salad, chicken, veggies with hummus, eggplant, nuts
4pm-egg white, veggies with hummus

Thursday, May 7, 2009


WOD was- run 800m, 25 kbs, run 400m 25 wbs, run 200m, 25 wbs, run 400m, 25 kbs, run 800m. First real day back to crossfit in a while. The back is still not 100% more like 70 or so. Stayed at 16k on the kettle bell swings today. Could feel the weakness when I tried to engage the lower abs used mostly upper body on the swings :) I can't wait until I feel better and really get back in it. I miss the natural high I get from the workouts.

5am-chicken, nuts
8am-oatmeal, apple sauce, turkey bacon, nuts
12pm-Salad, fruit, chicken, nuts a few veggies with hummus
4pm-chicken, veggies with hummus, a few nuts
8pm-Salmon, eggplant, salad, nuts

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


So my back is an issue. I have gone to Dr. Mike twice this week and again tomorrow to talk about what I need to do. It's been an issue for a while but I never remember it hurting this much or taking this long to get back to normal. It's gotten worse over the last few months and yes Dr. Mike knew it was going to be an issue for me when he did X-rays a while back. I kept putting it off b/c it wasn't a big problem like it is now. Hopefully with the right care it won't be a problem again in the future! Went to the gym this morning and decided to hop on the rower for a solid 15 minutes. Going to get back to crossfit every morning even if I just do my own workout for now. I've been in a funk since I got back and have realized that the way I was feeling was normal. I just didn't envision it taking me this long to mentally get back in the game. It's all good, and I understand now that I needed the break.

Salad, chicken, veggies with hummus, nuts

Monday, May 4, 2009


Back in the saddle! My lower back is definitely screwed up right now which is bringing me down. It feels like it could go out at any moment and is extremely weak. The deadlifts this morning didn't help. I stayed nice and light but still it was uncomfortable from beginning to end. Yuck!
Coach wants me to stay moderate this week to get back in the swing and I am all for that. I am on the zone starting today with a 3-3-3 for the week. I know I have packed on a few pounds from all of the indulging the last week, but I've got to keep it real and know it'll come right back off. I've been through a lot and now is the time to recover slowly.

IF today
12:30pm-Stuffed tomatoes, mixed veggies, nuts, some fruit
3:30pm-Breakfast! Oatmeal, apple sauce, turkey bacon, nuts and some chicken

Sunday, May 3, 2009

It's TIme

So it's time for me to come back to reality and start getting on track. Since I have been home I've been eating and drinking whatever I wanted and today is it! I was going to try earlier then today but it just didn't happen. With coach's advice I'm going back to the zone 3-3-3 for my first week. Looking back I was getting a little nutty about the diet and not being realistic. I was super super strict towards the end and I think I"m going to pull back from that. Being good 80% of the time will be my goal. The first week back is going to suck but I am ready for it. I'm still having some issues--my back is not 100% and my shoulders still feel funny. I'm going to take it easy tomorrow on the deadlifts and go from there.