Sunday, January 31, 2010

Avitar is the Bomb!

We finally got to see avitar on the IMAX at Gulf coast and it was awesome :) I would highly recommend seeing it in 3D before it leaves. Looking forward to the Pro-Bowl tonight. C U guys at the gym!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

No more Cortisol!

I have been on an emotional roller coaster and I am finally climbing off. I am letting go of all of the stresses in my life and starting fresh. I had been doing good all day with my nutrition and then indulge in apples and NPB or AB at night. I've been getting into the sweets as well and all of that garbage needs to stop. I cleaned out the pantry and cleared off my old self. (that's right I need my own shelf in the pantry b/c my husband does not eat what I eat). I am ready to start the Paleo Challenge. Tomorrow is going to be a challenge as we are headed to the pro-bowl and that tends to be an entire of day of cheats. I'll do the best I can, but I don't want to feel like crap on the first day of the challenge! I made up a WOD from this week today 12 min AMRAP of 8 pp, 16kbs at 20k. Almost got my goal of 10 rounds but fell short by 9 kbs. I'm off to the pool for a little swim, c yeah!

Friday, January 22, 2010


A huge thank you to Sarah for bringing home the beef last night! I hope you all enjoy it...I heard it's better than last batch :) Up with Crappy Rappy Sleep!! This morning decided to do a CFE wasn't on the schedule but since I skipped my gymnastic practice yesterday I decided to do a little extra. 5-4-3-2-1 runs. 2 miles covered! Then it was 100ft walking lunges, 21 pull ups, 21 GHD sit ups, 100wl, 18 pull, 18 sit, 100 wl, 15, 15, 100wl 12,12, 100wl, 9, 9 100wl 6,6. I have decided that my soreness in the chest was not helped what so ever by doing more pull ups. Frankly it was probably one of the worst things for me to do today. I couldn't get my full kip b/c I couldn't open my chest enough to get the power I usually do. In the end it was worth the discomfort b/c I got to do another WOD with my girl :)

piece of burger, nuts
4 eggs, avocado, nuts and broccoli
Salad, fish, veggies, nuts

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Thursday-Beef a coming!

It's almost Friday! However, this week that means nothing to me b/c I have to work both Saturday and Sunday :( Sarah is so wonderful to all of us at CFFM that she will be picking up our Grassfed beef this afternoon and bringing to the gym for everyone. She is so giving isn't she...this is just one of the MANY reasons why we love our Sarah :) This morning I decided to hold back on the lifting. The chest is still a little swollen and I had jerks...I think it was a smart choice. Instead of went heavier on the wod. Narsty- 15 min AMRAP of 3 HPC at 95lbs, 250 row. 10 rounds. I just tried to hold the same pace the entire wod and I ended up fairing pretty darn well. 1/2 way I was at 5 rounds and coach said ...YOU BETTER MATCH WHAT YOU JUST DID. I was like DAMN. But it worked out and I finished the last row right on the button. Thank god...I would've been pissed if I didn't make it by only a few meters. It was great working out with the team this am, I love the energy!!

IF today
Out to lunch with the staff-grilled chicken over a huge salad
Huge dinner since I only got 2 meals today...Burger with cheese, broccoli, peppers, 1/2 a hot dog--i know but it was delicious right off the grill, avocado, nuts

CFE swim with Jenn. I actually did my first swimming wod!! YEAH. 10-50 meter sprints--Yes Sarah was right that would equal 500m :) Now that I know I can make the distance for the "sprint" I feel more comfortable with my swimming abilities.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


This morning I did 100 walking lunges 4 sets of 25 using 25lbs DB, 30lbs DB for the rest. WOD was REALLY? Really? perfect name for a ridiculous WOD. 400m run, 25 KBS at 20k, 25 Burpees-5 rounds. WTF. 29:25. Seriously I had sweat all over and snot coming out of my nose that's how bad this was. Really it was just the burpees that sucked but still!! I have decided I hate any WOD over 3 rounds :).

Protein shake, greens, nuts, coffee
Fish, salad, some veggies, nut

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday-Super Sore

Swim lesson #2 went really well. I'm glad to see I have fellow crossfitters to struggle with:) Jenn is an awesome teacher as she helped me, Sarah and J with our technique. Swimming is tough but it's a damn good workout and I'm more then willing to get my upper body stronger. When I got home from the pool I was out of control hungry. You know when you have those days where nothing satisfies your hunger? Well that was me last night. So out the window on 12 blocks yesterday. I couldn't figure out why and then when I was going to bed I looked at my pill pack. I'm PMSing! That always gets me, I swear. There usually is one day where I am ko ko hungry and yesterday was it for me. Today my chest is so sore it feels swollen. Can that happen? Shoot I could barely move my right arm to put my dress on this morning. I should've scheduled myself a massage and now I have no time for one. CRAP!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Thanks for the Love guys! I am pretty sore all over today but tomorrow is rest...YES! Decided to do the CFFB WOD today. 6 rounds- 3 HPC at 115, 3 shuttle runs 5-10-5 rest 45 sec between rounds. 40 secs on all out efforts was right up my alley this morning. (that's about how long it took me for each round). Meeting Jenn tonight for Swim lesson number 2. Kind of excited about the swimming thing. Right now I am like a tad pole struggling in the water and some day I would love to be a shark like Jenn. Get em' girl!
*Nutrition Note* I am really going to try the 12 block thing for 2 weeks to see if I notice a difference in weight. I was going to start this it a little bit ago but life got in the way. That'll put me right at Feb. 1 and just in time for the Paleo Challenge. I hope you all commit and buck up to the plate. Just think it's only 2 months of your life. Let's say you are 30 years old right now that means you've have 360 months to eat the way you just try 2 the Paleo way. You can do it. It's not like you'll never be able to eat massive amounts of sugar's just for 2 months. Of course no one is perfect and cheats will happen. But you do the best you can and go from there. COME ON PEOPLE we are in this together!! YOU CAN DO IT :) The end results will just amaze you, I promise.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

I survived!

This morning was my final wod. I prepared myself for the chipper from last year's dirty south regional. There's always a chipper as the final WOD. But it was competitors choice today...which sometimes for me is even worse. 2k row or 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1, PC, Pull ups and KBS. Normally, I would've gone with the harder WOD b/c I like a challenge, but I was beat up from Murph. I felt guilty choosing the row (I know I'm sick)....So Jenn and I left it up to the gods to choose. Heads was row, tails was PC. The gods were with me this morning b/c it turned out to be HEADS!! 2k row for time. This still wasn't easy but I felt like it was a blessing. 7:537. I was super happy with my time. Every muscle in my body is sore but it's a good sore. Not like last year where I couldn't function b/c I was so drained. After today I feel like I can handle the sectional. This weekend was just what I needed to get my head straight. Thanks Coach!!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Murph...What the F??

That is exactly what I said when I walked in the gym tonight at 4:30 p.m. Coach is pretty lucky he wasn't there when I walked in and saw the board b/c some swear words came out of my mouth :) I have never been able to complete Murph rxd under an hour. Usually my hands tear so bad I resort to jumping pull ups. Around the 4th round I came down from my pull ups and twisted my other ankle. Then and there I wanted to start crying and give up. Both ankles in one day...are you kiddin' me. After the initial scream and pout, I told myself I'm not a quitter and pushed on. On my final mile run my hamies starting spazing out, my calf was close and I seriously thought I wouldn't make it home. It's amazing what you can accomplish if you don't let your mind get the best of you. After all was said and done 1mile, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 air squats and another mile I made it just barely under an hour with all kipping pull ups. They were pretty good by the way!! Push ups...not so much. But I must say coach knew what he was doing when he put that wod on the board tonight. It made me dig deep into my inner strength that I haven't been able to find lately. It was just what the doctor ordered and best of all RXD.

2 down-2 to go!

This weekend I'm running 3 wods on Saturday one on Sunday. First wod Squat Clean and Jerks at 105lbs, 200m sprint, 10scnj, 100m sprint, 5scnj, 50 meters. I was shooting for under 10 min and if I didn't roll my ankle on round 2 at the turn around, I know I would've made it. 10:16. WOD 2 was On the minute every minute until failure 1 DL, 5 burpees. Starting weight was 185lbs, up by 10lbs each round. Made it to 265 failed at 275. I felt pretty sad after the 2nd wod b/c I thought I could finish all the rounds. But after getting home and revisiting my efforts....It is what it is. I am happy with both performances and I'm going to stop beating myself up! I put myself through this because I choose to. It's not life or death so I need to start building myself up instead of critiquing the shit out of my efforts. There it's done!!! Positive thoughts from here on out. 2 months to on!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


The shoulders are a little tender today...Ouch! CFE wod on the rower. 3 rounds of 7 min on-3 min rest. Being on the rower for 21 min is no joke. Then a little snatch practice and 8x200m sprints rest 3:1.

Eggs, veggies, nuts
Veggies, Salad with grassfed roast, avocado, nuts.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

130lbs Overhead Squat...WHAT?

Is this Mk's Blog? No way...
That's right people you are on the right page and tonight I got 130lbs for 1 rep on overhead squats. Just think less than a year ago I could barely do 95lbs. AMAZING!! Super excited and a special thank you to Diane for sticking around and being a positive cheerleader while set a new 1 rm. The shoulders are finally getting strong. This morning did 5 rounds for time-20kbs at 24kl, 10 broad jumps. 9:31. Food has been clean today for the first time in 3 days and it felt good. C u guys tomorrow!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday-Everything hurts in the cold

Holy crap it is cold and I can not remember the last time my quads were this locked up. It's now the end of day and waking down stairs, going to the bathroom, or basically moving hurts like hell. Damn yesterday rocked my legs! This morning PCnJ at 95lbs, burpee pull ups. 15-12-9. Then Jenn and I did 2 min on 1 min off-6 rounds in the wind and rain. It was lovely :) Food was ok today I had chicken wings and a few fries for dinner. I was craving it sooo very bad. However I can not wait until tomorrow. I have been making soup all day and it's finally ready. Yum, yum.

Friday, January 8, 2010


It doesn't feel like a Friday but I am happy it is! SWOD today was back squats 1 set of 20. First time EVER trying this lovely endeavor. I was overly nervous but cleared 155lbs. WOW that was mentally tough. Then it was Karen-150 wallballs for time at 14lbs. 7:04. My legs are done! Played around a little with ring dips, skin the cats and band handstand push ups. Shout out to Sarah for killing it this morning as usual!! Go girl.

Chicken, Avocado, veggies and a few nuts
Chilli, salad, avocado
veggies, nuts
Ground turkey, salad, avocado, nuts

Thursday, January 7, 2010


What a fabulous morning! I was able to sleep in or shall I say not get out of bed until 7:15 a.m. this morning. I think hopping in the hot tub right before I go to bed helps with the REM sleep :) Have I mentioned I love having days off during the week, that's 3 more hrs of sleep. Sometimes it stinks working out on the weekend but I have found it tends to keep me in check....which is what I need these days. I only have 9 weeks until the sectionals, which isn't a lot of time! It'll be here before I know it.

Protein shake, spinach, nuts

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wednesday-NY Cold

Am I home in NY on Christmas break again?? What's up with the cold weather in SWFL?

I had to do a CFE this morning. I just rowed my butt off on Monday and knew I had rowing in the WOD today. I decided that I needed to do a running WOD. Going in, I knew it was going to be a battle with the 30 something degree weather, but it's good to train in all weather conditions right? Needless to say my times were not stellar :( TT 1 mile run 8:15, rest 3 min and then 3-400m runs: 1:40, 1:38, 1:38. WOD was 3 rounds, rest between rounds. 1,000m row, 30 burpees, 3 rope climbs-9:35, Round 2-500m, 20 burpees, 2 rope climbs, Round 3-250m row, 10 burpees, 1 rope climb. I enjoyed the last round the best :) So nice to have a few days of training with Sarah again!! Nice work girl.

IF today
Turkey burger, veggies, avocado
Salad, nuts, avocado, Chili
More chili- yum yum good!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Man I am tired today. Strength wod was Power Cleans 5 sets of 2. 130 ATB. Then the WOD was 20 min AMRAP of 400m, 10 HPC @ 85lbs, 10 Pull ups. 5 rounds and got to 8 pull ups. SO close to having 6 rounds I could taste it. It was probably b/c the bar was so stinking cold I couldn't hold on :) The weather here in SWFL has been sick. It's like record lows for this time of year. Didn't I just leave upstate NY or did it follow me down here.....

Monday, January 4, 2010


I must say yesterday was probably the best football game I have been to down in Florida. It was perfect football weather. You can't beat a few beers, peanuts and cheering on your team in jeans, a hoodie and gloves! Although it was a 14.5 hour day of work it went by kind of fast :) I slept in this morning and made it to the gym by 9am. What a great crew in there this morning and welcome back to Alex! WOD was back squats-set new 5rm. 5sets looked like this 175, 180, 185 new PR, 180, 180. Back tonight for bench and a CFE wod. Bench-Speed work- 10 sets of 3 @ 95lbs every 30 sec. CFE- 1 min on, 1 min off for 10 rounds on the rower-Must get 3,000m or burpee pull ups for every 5 meters under. That would be 41 burpee pull ups for me.

IF today!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday-Happy BIrthday Hip Kitty!!!

I felt like I could've slept until noon this morning. The alarm went off at 7:15 and I reset it for 8:15, but really wanted to make it never :) Got to the gym for 20:10 wod which sucked ass. AMRAP 20:10 of 20 d/u's, 1- 75lb thrusters, 20 push ups, 10 sdhp at 75lbs. 4 rounds and 18 d/u's. I've got to get my d/u's they are killing me. Seriously I will be practicing with Buddy Lee every week from now on!! Met Jenn and Kary for a 10 mile bike ride, which was awesome. It was so good to outside on such a beautiful day!! Thanks girls, good call :) Shout out to hip kitty for turning one year older today. Girl you are awesome!!

Food has been pretty clean the last 2 days. However i have gone to town a few apples and all of my almond butter in like 24 hours. Such is life. Atleast it wasn't a 24 pack of beer!