Saturday, February 28, 2009


Oh how nice it is to sleep in! Walked the dog and pretty much got ready for work. I have a casino party tonight, so I hope that goes well!

10:30am-eggs, egg whites, a little broc in my omelet, greens, blackberries, nuts
2:15pm-Lean ground turkey, a little chicken, salad, nuts
4:30pm-Chicken, veggies, nuts-hungry!
8pm-Ground lean turkey, salad, nuts some veggies 2 diet cokes
11-1-a few glasses of wine, ground turkey in marinara with cheese, baked layes,veggies and nuts. Don't even know how many blocks one can only guess!

Total cheat again tonight. I was so tired from work I went out for a few drinks and then came home and was hungry. Bad combo. Looks like I'll have to clean it up starting sunday and all into next week. I'm less then 2 month away now so no time to start getting loose on the diet. My goal is still to drop 10 pounds but keep my muscle. I'll keep you all posted on my progress. Next weigh in is March 9.

Friday, February 27, 2009


So glad it's almost the weekend! WOD was CINDY! Did this a long time ago and really suffered on the pull ups. Today that was probably the easiest part of the work out. One of these days I would like to see how many I can get in a row-fresh. 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats AMRAP 20 min. 15 rounds-new PR! Shout out to Sarah for making me keep up. Nice work today got 17 next time I know it!

5am-Chicken, nuts
8am-Chicken, all sorts of veggies, nuts
12pm-Chicken, salad, extra veggies, nuts
4pm-Chicken, veggies, nuts
8pm or so-Fillet, scallops, salad, asparagus, a little mango salsa
10pm a few nuts

Went back for a double wod of heavy squats 1 rep. Warmed up and then hit 135, 155, 175, 185,195, 205-New PR at 205 which is awesome considering I am worn out. That was all I wanted yesterday. Shout out to Sarah who got a new PR on squats as well. Awesome work girl!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


WOD was row 800m, 21 push press @55, 21 KBS @ 24kl, 18pp, 18kbs, 15 pp, 15 KBS, 12pp, 12KBS, 9pp, 9 KBS, run 800m. Sub 17 thought I was going to pass out. It was a killer this morning but good. I do enjoy those MW days. Extra work was Squat cleans, Set of 5 45, 55, 65, 75, 85 for 3.

If is over!
12:30pm-Salmon, salad, veggies, nuts
4pm-Chicken, veggies, fruit, nuts

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Up with not enough sleep. WOD was 1 set of-50 wbs at 14lbs then 7 SDHP, 7 Burpees, 200m run Amrap for 20 min. Did the SDHP at 95lbs which was a challenge but glad I did it when it was over. I got 8 rounds in and that about killed me. Shout out to S for spankin' it with 9!

5am-Chicken, nuts
7am-A little picnic @ CF with S while watching the sunrise-1/2 of my salmon, veggies and nuts
8:30-The rest of breakfast
12pm-Fish, salad, a few extra veggies, nuts
3:30pm- Chicken, veggies nuts
8pm-Chicken, salad, veggies, nuts

I know I need to start cooking my meals. They are getting boring but man if I only had 2 more hours a day all of the things I could get done. Maybe next week!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


It's only Tuesday morning, this is going to be a long week. WOD was 400m run, 2 rope climbs, 50 hypers, 100 ft lunges, 750m row, 100ft lunges, 50 curb push ups, 2 rope climbs, 400m run. So happy as I went up the smooth rope today. That's right people no knots! Finished sub 20 which was sweet! Extra work was push press sets of 3. 5 set at 105lbs. That's all I could handle today.

5am-Chicken, nuts
8am-Salmon, veggies, fruit, nuts
12pm-Fish, salad, nuts, veggies
3:30p.m.-Chicken, veggies, nuts
8pm-Fish, veggies, salad, a little marinara with hamburger

Super hungry when I got home from Yoga tonight. I know I always over eat when I'm tired. Got to work on this tomorrow. I'll try and go to bed a little earlier tomorrow night, todays out of the question.

Monday, February 23, 2009


WOD was deadlifts and power cleans sets of 8-8-8-8 (5 DL, 3 PC). Started with 155 DL, 105 PC, 165 DL, 115 PC next 4 sets. Only missed one PC so that was good. I wasn't aggressive and it was silly. Extra work was renegade rows. 50 with 20 lbs dumbbells push up in between each row. Good lord I am tired.

Nothing to eat yet :(
12:00p.m. Chicken, salad, nuts-4 bl of chicken
3:45pm-Chicken, salad, nuts, celery-4bl chicken
6pm-Veggies with hummus, nuts
7:30pm-Fish, salad, nuts, a litte organic marinara with hamburger

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Ate good all day until i finally had the chance to let go and celebrate Valentine's Day. We went to the Melting pot. OH how I love that place. A few glasses of wine before dinner, a few crossfit drinks at dinner, total cheat meal. I didn't have any dessert at the melting pot. I was doing so well until I got home and saw the brownies calling my name on the counter. I was not in the right state of mind and totally indulged in some brownies and mint chocolate chip ice cream. I think if I would've just had a little bit of dessert at the restaurant I would've been satisfied and not gone nutty at home. Oh well, it's been a while :)
Sunday-Up with spotty sleep. Bfast was 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, greens, blackberries, nuts
Lunch-Chicken, salad, nuts
Dinner-egg plant, veggies with hummus, nuts

Got all my blocks in by 7pm tonight. This will be the first time I am trying IF. We'll see how it goes!

Friday, February 20, 2009


So glad it's Friday. This week's been a B****. My body is pretty sore and I just have one more work out to complete and then I'm done. Only have to work 1/2 day Saturday so I'll finally have some time to rest. WOD was back squats sets of 10 heavy. These were no joke. I started with 135, 145, 155, 160. Last time I did heavy back squats I injured my back so I was very conscious about it. Feels pretty good thus far. I was so excited about getting my body fat measured this morning b/c I feel like I am trimmer than a month ago. Lost 2 pounds so I was happy about that, but my body fat was higher. What the heck. I don't think his pinching system is to dead on, and it kind of pissed me off. I'm just going to gage it my how my cloths fit and how I feel. Screw the other crap! I know I am leaner than I was a month ago.

5am-Chicken, nuts
8am-eggs, veggies, nuts
12pm-Chicken, salad, veggies, nuts
4pm-probably 2 block of chicken, veggies, nuts
8pm-Starving-veggies with hummus, salad, chicken, nuts

Back tonight for a double wod. Used the same weights for heavy sets of 10 with deadlift.
I ate a little bit more for snack and dinner but with a double wod I figured it's all good.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


WOD was 50 burpees, 400m run, 50 curb push ups, 400m run, 50 handstand push ups, 400m run. Finished 38:15 but was good with that. I did handstand push ups today for the first time in a work out so I was excited to be moving forward with those. Extra work was TGU's. 50 total 25 on each side went up in weight every 5 on each side. 20, 25,30, 35, 40-set of 10 on each side. I'm pooped. TGU's always get me, especially when you do 50 of them! Shout out to S for a great workout.

5am-Chicken, nuts
8:30am-Eggs, veggies, nuts
12:30pm-Fish, salad, veggies, nuts
3:30pm-Egg white, veggies, nuts
6pm-Veggies with hummus
7pm-Fish, salad, nut, veggies

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Oh how we love those triples! I remember this WOD from Sept and it sucked! Today I started on the rower and my gosh does it make a difference. It's hard for me to recover, catch my breath, and move on. Still beat my score from last time but boy was it a mental challenge for me today. Rower, thrusters at 55lbs, box at 20 in. one min. at each station. One minute rest between rounds. 5 rounds. 275 Done!

5am-Chicken, nuts
8am-2 eggs, egg whites, veggies, salsa, a few eggplant, and nuts
12:15pm-Eggs, salad, veggies, nuts
3:30pm-Chicken, veggies, nuts
6pm-Chicken, eggplant, veggies, nuts
8pm-CHicken, veggies with hummus, nuts

Got home from work at 8pm and was hungry. Ended up having a snack to hold me over until morning. Didn't chew any gum today which was like torture :)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


WOD was 5 rounds- Max bench press, max pull ups. I can't remember my numbers but the total was 129. Some how I got better as the rounds went on..not typical at all. I think I should've gone a little higher on the bench press but I wasn't sure on the stablility ball. It took me a little bit to get comfortable. Extra work was front squats which I struggle at. 95, 95, 105, 105, 105 5 sets of 5.

5:40-6 almonds
8am-eggs, veggies, nuts
12pm-Fish, salad, veggies, nuts
3pm-2 block of chicken, veggies, nuts
8pm-Ground Turkey, veggies with hummus, salad, nuts

Monday, February 16, 2009


Met con! My quads are killing me from Saturday's thrusters. WOD was 800m 3 times for time with a 4 minute rest in between rounds. Best time was 2:58 and I'll take it. Extra was hang power cleans 5 heavy sets. Started with 85,95,105,105,115, 95. Felt good and clean towards the end!

5am-chicken, nuts
8am-Greens, blackberries, protein powder, nuts
1:30pm-Chicken, salad with greens, grapes, apple, veggies, nuts
5pm-Steak, veggies with hummus, nuts
7pm-Ground turkey on a beautiful salad, eggplant, nuts

Went out fishing today on the HIGH seas! It was fun caught lots of little fish but it was rough out there. I think I'll be in bed early tonight. Still feeling the seas3 hours later!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


up at 8am and couldn't fall back asleep. Lots of running around today to get ready for the week. Still time to get a pedi and massage though.

1200-Ham, salad, portabella mushroom, nuts

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Up with hardly any sleep. I am no good when I don't get my SLEEP!! WOD was a laundry list and I don't have the brain power to remember. Under 40 that's all I care about!

10:30am-Eggs, veggies, nuts
4pm-Chicken, salad, veggies with hummus, nuts, diet coke
8pm-Chicken, salad, more diet coke, nuts
10pm-chicken, veggies with hummus, more soda to stay awake
11pm-1/2 a burger with cheese

Work killed me. I was on my way home at 11 or so and forgot something. I had to drive all the way pissed. So much for Valentine's Day I didn't get home until after midnight. Poor chad no love.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Freaky Friday

Not good sleep last night and man could I have used some. Heavy Push Jerks. Felt good until I got to the 125 range. Missed at 135lbs and it kind of shook me up if you will. I wrenched my back and I can feel it now a few hours later. Went back down in weight and still felt shaky. Did some extra work on squats build up and then 6 sets of 5 at 135lbs. My body is spent and right now I am drained. I've got a long day at work tonight and tomorrow. Sunday will be my sleep day for sure.

5am-chicken, nuts
8am-Greens, strawberry and a little protein, 2 eggs, nuts
2pm-Starving!! Chicken, salad, veggies with hummus, nuts
6-11pm-Turkey, cheese, sausage, cheese, veggies with ranch dip, wine, peanuts diet soda x3

So pissed I totally forgot my dinner for the bus trip in my fridge at work! I had to eat the buffet so it was hard to pick and choose my meals. But I did as good as I could.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


WOD was Helen-3 rounds for time 400m run, 21 KBS with 24 klo, 12 pull ups. 11:01 so close yet so far!!! My last round of pull ups killed me. Next time boys and girls next time. Shout out to Sarah for pushing it and getting some on the swings. So much stronger girl!! Extra work with S on deadlifts lighter weight more reps YES!!

5am-Chicken, nuts
8am-Greens with blackberries, 2 eggs 2 egg white omelet, nuts
1pm-Chicken, veggies with hummus, eggplant, nuts
4pm-Chicken, veggies, nuts
8pm-Starving! Chicken, 2 eggs, salad bar at Jason's Deli-love it!

Went to Yoga again 2nite, that's twice this week! I must say I do love my yoga, stretching feels soo good these days:)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Gosh my week is messed up by having no WOD on Monday:) Tired today as work is killing me right now. WOD was a pain in the butt!! 800m Row, 50 curb push ups, 40 KTE, 600m row, 40 curb push ups, 30 KTE, 400m row, 30 curb push ups, 20 KTE. 3 min. rest between sets. I know I'll be sore from the push ups but I almost like doing them on the curb. I know I'm nuts but I don't allow my lower back to sag as much really focusing on the chest and core. A little extra work with Sarah but after the 40+ min wod I was beat.

5am-Steak and nuts
8am-Eggs, blackberries, nuts
12pm-Salmon, salad, nuts mixed veggies
4pm-Chicken, veggies with hummus, nuts
6:15pm-Tall glass of wine, 2 strawberries and a few cubes of cheese
8pm-Little steak, Ham, salad, veggies, nuts

I can feel the soreness coming on already. Oh No!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Good sleep last night! WOD was power cleans sets of 3. PC always get me, my form is just never correct and it drives me nuts. I know once I get it and feel it I'll be able to kill it with weight.

5am-Steak, nuts
8am-eggs, blackberries, nuts
1pm-Salmon, salad, nuts
4pm-Chicken, veggies with hummus, nuts
8pm-Chicken, a litte bit of pork chop, salad, nuts

Monday, February 9, 2009


Didn't do much this morning a little cardio nothing to hard.

7am-Greens, blackberries, omelet
12pm-Salmon, Salad, nuts maybe a few veggies we'll see
3:30pm-Chicken, veggies with hummus, nuts
6pm-Chicken, salad, veggies with hummus, nuts
7pm-1 block of chicken
845-Just got home from work had a small side salad with a little chicken and some nuts

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Good sleep last night. No vball today as I am still being careful with the back. Again it's feeling better but not 100% yet. I have never had this last this long. Usually it'll be sore for a few days and then it goes away..nothing to complain about. This time it's lasting a while! Did a bunch of chores today and got my meals ready for the week!

10:30am-2 eggs, 2 whites omelet, greens with blackberries, nuts
2pm-Steak, veggies with hummus , nuts
4pm-Apple with pb
7pm-Salmon, some roast that chad made (yummy), salad, nuts and some more pb!

Saturday, February 7, 2009


Up this morning early with the husband, fell back to sleep for a little while. Headed to yoga for some good stretching. Got a massage and foot detox and have done nothing since!

12pm-Omelet, greens, strawberries, nuts and salsa
4pm-chicken, veggies, nuts
6pm-Chicken, salad, veggies with hummus, nuts
snack-1/2 apple with pb

Friday, February 6, 2009


WOD was Barbara-Didn't remember doing this before but now that I have had time to reflect I remember it sucked!! Over a huge hump today and completed RXD in 36:10. Almost sub 36. Last time I didn't even finish in the time alloted, (4 rounds, 10 pull ups) so i'm really happy with that. Accomplished a goal of mine which I set back in October which was 15 consecutive pull ups without breaking. Got that on the first round...Yeah! Push ups are still holding me back so I'm going to have to put some time in on those. Shout out to Sarah for killin' it this am!! The lower back is still not 100% I don't think I'll be playing vball on Sunday to get it healthy again.

5am-chicken, nuts
8am-eggs, veggies, nuts
12pm-Salmon, Salad, nuts-a few extra veggies
4pm-Chicken, veggies, nuts

Thursday, February 5, 2009


Up with good sleep today! WOD was Power cleans-thrusters 7, 500m row 3 rounds. Really tried to focus on form with the cleans, it seems to be getting better and better each time. Went from 95lbs, 105, 105 for the 3 rounds. Stayed after to work on form with s.

5am-chicken, nuts
8am-eggs, veggies, nuts
12pm-chicken, salad, nuts
3:#0pm- chicken, nuts, asparagus
7pm-Chicken, eggs, salad, veggies with hummus, nuts

Work has been a pain in the ass lately. I am working right now and on my break doing my blogg. I can't wait for the weekend!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Up with not good sleep. Didn't check the WOD until I got to the gym. Crap d/u's I knew they were coming this week. I haven't been practicing like I said I was going to but now I have no choice. Every minute on the minute for 30 minutes. We bumped it up to 8's so it went like this....8 burpees, 16 KBS at 24kl, 24 d/u's but I ended up doing 120 singles. I missed the first round by 5 seconds and the second round I missed by a lot so I went to singles. Props to Sarah for getting all of her d/u's. Nice girl! Felt really strong with the burpees which is not like me!

5:15am-Chicken, nuts
8am-Eggs, veggies, fruit, nuts
12pm-Chicken, salad, nuts a few veggies
4pm-Egg, veggies, nuts
7pm-Jason's Deli!! Salad bar with a side of chicken and a egg, x-tra veggies with hummus

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The back is feeling better this am not 100% but getting there. I was consistant with the Ice yesterday so I'm sure that helped. Woke up this morning to coin the phrase "where the F is my car". Oh yeah, love it when that happens. Found out my car was towed by my community for not have updated tags. These communities down here are so flippin' anal and I work for the builder, AHHH! Some days are better spent just laying in bed. Good thing Chad was still home and I drove him to work so I could still work out. Made it class late but was fueled with anger so it helped. WOD was 5 rounds 400m run, 20 box jumps, 1,3,5 walking lunges- 2,4 400m row. Extra work was handstand stand push ups. I have never been able to just steady myself against the wall until today. Nice. Started off just holding myself for the first few and then going down a tiny bit and back up. Now that I know I can do it, I'm pumped about going all the way down like Sarah--nice work girl!

5am- Salmon, nuts
8am-Omelet, veggies with hummus and nuts
12:00 pm- Salmon, salad, nuts and a few veggies
3:30pm-Veggies, a few left over green beans, nuts
6:30p.m.-Salmon, veggies, nuts, hummus and asparagus
8pm-Breakdown-Ice cream and cookies

I know, I know I am disappointed in myself as well. Sorry coach.

Monday, February 2, 2009


Up after a so-so night of sleep. Stayed up until the end of the game and a little bit after that. Lower back has been tight all weekend. I think I did something to it on Friday. Anyhow deadlifts were in the WOD ouch! WOD was 3 deadlifts at 210lbs 10 burpees--amrap 20 min. I got 10 rounds a 1 deadlift. Sarah kicked butt this am, nice work girl...way to keep pushing me!!Extra work was bench press with dumbbells on ball. Felt good at 40lbs for 3 sets went to 45bls for the last 2 and needed some help.

5am-Salmon, nuts
8:00am-Omelet, veggies with hummus, nuts
12pm-Chicken, veggies with hummus, nuts
3pm-Chicken, veggies, hummus, nuts
5pm-1/2 zone bar with pb and a few nuts
7pm-Ground beef with salsa and spices, salad

Went to Dr. Mike's this am for the back. And yes It's messed up. Lots of cracking and adjusting, IB profin and Ice on and off all day. I was hungry all day. Sat around the house and watched a movie and tv it was sooo nice!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday!!

Nice sleep last 2 nights which always helps. Up to play vball down at the beach for a few hours. Not feeling the best today kind of bloated!

9:30am-Big Boca Burger, veggies with hummus, nuts
12pm-1/2 zone bar
3pm-Chicken, salad, veggies, nuts
6:30pm-Lobster, a little salmon,veggies with hummus, nuts, diet soda
7pm-2 slices of summer sausage with cheese