Sunday, August 31, 2008


Got a great night's sleep and am feeling better this morning. Muscles are a little sore and tight from yesterday's WOD!

9:45 a.m.-Eggplant, salsa, cheese, cauliflower, hummus and grapes
1:30pm-Egg, 1/2 apple, nuts
3:30p.m.-Chicken, green peppers, celery with hummus, 1/2 apple, strawberries
7:30pm-Chicken speedies, asparagus, salad, almonds, strawberries-Close to a 4 block dinner
9pm-Few speedies-They are so good!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


So yesterday was my last day at VeronaWalk. I am just coming to the realization that for the last month I have been an emotional roller coaster. I've been really stressed, not sleeping and just not mentally together. This morning after our WOD I seriously had a emotional breakdown. I was upset that my body gave out right at the end and that I couldn't stop cramping on the double unders. I didn't get the RXD which really made me depressed and disappointed. I just wasn't myself and didn't perform the way I wanted. When I got home, I just had a good cry. I know I sound crazy, but I think that is what I needed. I feel better now and am really ready to turn the page in my life. I'm scared, I'm nervous but I know I can get through it. From today on I am going to focus on my diet (cause that always suffers when I'm stressed) and getting enough rest. Everything else will fall into place. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Got to give a shout out to my girl Sarah who kicked butt on the filthy fifty and to Liz for totally stepping up her game. Nice job girls, you both rock!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Got some good sleep last night yeah! WOD was killer and I'm still recovering. My hands and shoulders are shot and my thumbs are still tingly! I think it's b/c I've had some shoulder issues with volleyball and the blood flow is just not up to par. Something to remember.......
AMRAP- 100ft. walking lunges with 33lbs bar, 7 burpees, 1 rope climb. 5 rounds plus 1 done.

5:10am- Chicken, strawberries, almonds
7:30am-3 eggs, strawberries, peach, 1/2 apple, almonds
12:15pm-Spinach salad with chicken-Out to lunch with a few residents
5pm-Strawberries, chicken, almonds
7pm-Eggplant, chicken, salad, grapes

So the tingling has now gone away but my thumb still doesn't feel right. I know I have circulation issues! Shoulders are fine but I'm sure my muscles will be sore. One more day at VeronaWalk and then next week I start my new job!!! So excited except I am a little nervous.....They are having a huge going away party tomorrow after work for me. Of course I have a killer WOD Saturday morning that I'm not missing- Filthy Fifty. I'll do my best to stay in line! YIKES!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So i've been out of the loop for a little over a week now on vacation. I did really good my first 3 days and then it was all down hill after that. Didn't get in any workouts after Friday a few good walks and that's about it. Back in FL late last night and to Crossfit this morning. WOD- 1500M row, 40-30-20-10 KBS 16kl and weighted sit-ups. 14:00 minutes not too shabby for the first day back.

5am-1/2 zone bar
7:30a.m.-Egg beaters, nuts, apples
12:15pm-Summer salad with chicken
4pm-Peach, cheese, walnuts
7:25pm-Grapes, chicken speedies, salad, slivered almonds
9pm-Peach, almonds, egg

Totally tired today....Only got 4.5 hours of sleep last night. Our plane was delayed. Looking to go to bed by 9pm but have lots to do before I get there.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Up early for a run-a little over 3 miles. I do not miss the hills around here, killer. Took me longer then normal but I got it done. Did a little blueberry pickin' with my friend and now me and the parents are headed kayaking!

8:15am-Fish, fruit mix, slivered almonds

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Slept in until 8am, no alarm ahhhh how sweet it is to be on vacation! Going to try and catch a walk in with mom and dad and then hopefully hit the gym! Made it to the gym WOD-Deadlifts- 6 sets of 5. Started with 135 worked up to 215lbs. Would've like to had someone watching my form but I did my best. Had to break up the last few sets of 5. Went for an hour hike around Taughannock Park with my girl from high school it was great. Spent some time at the park swimming in the lake (OH MY GOD how cold!)and then headed home for dinner. What a beautiful day! That's Taughannock Park we hiked the rim trail all the way around. It's 5 minutes from my house and the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi. (not the largest just the highest!)

8:30am-Fruit, chicken speedies, almond slivers
12:30pm-Fish, salad with almonds, grapes, apple slices
4pm-Salad with almonds and grapes
6pm- Zone Lasagna 2 or 2.5 block
9pm-Glass of wine, side salad, mahi mahi, green beans
and pineapple

Waited too long to eat today feel really tired and out of it! Only had a snack and then lunch. I'm sure that's what it is. Headed out with a few girls tonight so we'll see what happens!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Made it home safe and sound!! So nice to be in upstate NY, the weather here is perfect. Slept in, hit the Jacuzzi, got my hair did and headed to the gym for my own WOD. Decided that I'm on vacation so burpees are not on the agenda..sorry coach! Clean -65lbs-10 rounds of 10 with about a 20 break, KBS-45lbs 10 rounds of 10 with 20 second break, 12 pull ups, 20 push ups 200 sit ups. 15 minute run by the lake sooo beautiful!

8:30am-3 eggs, fruit mix, almonds
12:30-3 almonds
1:30pm-Grilled ck from McDonald's-(just the chicken), 1.5 apples, 9 almonds
5pm-1/2 apple, slivered almonds, 3 chicken speedies
Out to dinner with the parents.....
7:00pm-side salad, green beans, sea scallops, a few almonds
9pm-Hungry! 2 block fruit salad, 6 almonds, 3 chicken speedies

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday-Fay Hell!

So the storm is here, no crossfit and I still don't know if we are going to fly out today, YUCK! Did get to sleep in which was a bonus! Been trapped inside all day but was able to do a bunch of cleaning and chores done before I hopefully hop on a plane to go home! Keep your fingers crossed for me you all! I am seriously worried about staying on track while I'm at home. But I'm going to try and just focus on being Zone and not too much about Paleo. Working out is going to have to be a must even if it's just getting a run in. I know going one week without doing something will kill me!! Love you all and see you soon!

8:30am-Salmon, Eggplant with a little salsa, fruit mix with 12 almonds
12:30pm-Grouper, eggplant with a little salsa, salad with almonds-Wonderful Lunch!
4:30pm-Grouper, salad with almonds and grapes, strawberries
8pm- Fish, cheese, grapes, 1/2 apple-to block snack at airport I came prepared!!
2am-Fresh picked blackberries, 6 almonds

Did get a little workout in with my girl. We hit the road for a little run 25 minutes or so. It was an adventure to say the least! The wind starting pickin' up and there was a nice stretch where I thought I was going to get blown away! A little resistance running never hurt anyone right?? Anyhow, thanks sarah for getting that in with me before I left.

Monday, August 18, 2008


Did not feel good this morning, it was probably the ice cream with PB i ate last night! Anyhow today's a new day. WOD was killer and I felt really shaky after. Tabata nightmare!
SDLHP, Wallballs, box jumps, push press. 8 rounds-20 seconds, 10 rest in between. Lowest score counts. total 38.

5am-ck, 1/2 apple, nuts
8:30-Salad, ck, 1/2 apple, nuts
1:30pm-salad, ck, apple, nuts
4pm-1/2 apple
5pm-cheese, nuts, fruit mix
6:30- FRESH grouper, mixed veggies, salad with almonds

Had a wonderful day out on the water with Liz. We had so much fun and I caught 2 grouper and landed a tarpon! First tarpon ever and I struggled to get him on the boat, thank god for liz coaching my ass!! Did a bunch of running around and then enjoyed a much needed massage. AHHHH. Overall great day!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Last day at work before VACATION!! Pretty excited about that, I have a pool party for the kids with games and give aways. Should be fun!

6am-Chicken, grapes, almonds
9am-3 poached eggs, 4 slices of tomato, Fruit bowl-Not bad for a restaurant meal!
11am-12 almonds
12:15pm- Chicken, salad, apple, nuts and a few grapes
3:30-1/2 apple, ck, nuts
6pm-ck, eggplant, salad, nuts-did not hit the spot...
7:30-Apple with lots of almond butter
8:00pm- Ice cream with PB , almonds and syrup

A total spin out of control again! I have realized a pattern..When I'm tired I can not satisfy my hunger. I crave junk food and totally give in until I'm sick. Not sure how I am going to conquer this down fall. It keeps happening when I work that extra day in the work week. Normally I'm fine but when I'm tired it's like my brain becomes out of control. Must get my sleep!! SCREAM!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Got up nice and early to catch a morning run with Sarah. So glad I did, feel wide awake and ready for the day! Ran about 35 minutes, which is the longest run I've ever been on in my life. For sure going to add this into my regiment here and there!

9:30-3 eggs, eggplant, 1/2 apple, grapes and 12 almonds
1:30-Chicken, apple, grapes, almonds
4:30pm-Tomato, cauliflower, balsamic vinaigrette, chicken, almonds
8pm-Glass of Pino Noir, Hummus with cucumbers, curry?, yogurt with pita bread, salmon, steamed broccoli

What a HOT day! Went to the causeway to catch some sun and I ended up sweatin' my butt off! There was no breeze! But enjoyed the time to myself, finished the Paleo book and learned a lot. Would like to do zone/paleo from now on. Last few days have been playing with it and feel better. Went out to Bar Louie for dinner. Got this appetizer and it was delicious (cheat though).

Friday, August 15, 2008


Was in bed at 9:15pm but got sucked into the Women's Vball for a bit...still asleep by 10pm which was an improvement! WOD Cindy (Kicked my butt) . 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, 15 squats AMRAP in 20 minutes. Getting better at the pull where near to the chest like Sarah she's an animal and totally smoked my ass. Nice work girl! Going to try the 3 block again today and add some more fat at lunch.

4:45am-ck, 1/2 apple, nuts
8am-Fish, apple, eggplant, nuts
12:15pm-Waldorf Salad with grapes, raisins, nuts, oranges side of fruit...Not Paleo at all but still in the zone. Might be more than 3 blocks...I'm pretty full.
3:45pm-Egg, grapes, almonds
6:30pm-Chicken, salad, 1/2 apple, nuts
7:30-Bud select
9:30pm-Egg, grapes, pb

I took my volunteer assistant out to lunch today. It's been pretty hard the last few days as my time at VW is getting shorter. Adele works with me everyday and I'm certainly going to miss her. She has been the closest thing to family I have down here for the past 2.5 years. It's going to be really sad leaving her at the end of the month.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


Only got about 5.5 hours of rest...I know I'm killin' myself. My goal for tonight is to be in bed by 9pm!! WOD-5 rounds-2 minute break repeat 5 rounds for time... Power Clean, 3 squat cleans, 2 push jerks- 85lbs. run 200m-- 9:12 was my time. Gotta love those short and sweet workouts!

5am-Egg, 1/2 apple, 3 nuts
7:30am-Chicken, grapes, 1/2 apple, nuts
9:45am-Egg, blueberries, 3 nuts
12:15pm-Grouper, salad, nuts, grapes--Tried the 3 bk lunch maybe a few too many grapes...
3:30pm- Turkey pepperoni, grapes, almonds
7:45pm-Chicken, salad, cauliflower with hummus, grapes

I felt really tired today at 2:30-3pm. Got a cup of tea, and tried to hold out until snack time. But totally feel out of the zone for a little bit. Trying to keep up with J and did an afternoon WOD Annie-10:30 Nice! Iit was the double unders and sit-ups

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So glad I stayed in control yesterday. I felt really good this morning except my left glute muscle is tight which makes everything on that leg tight. Gotta work it out tonight! WOD was 400M run, 50 wall balls with 14lbs ball, run 400m, 50 GHD sit ups, run 400m, 50 KBS with 24k, 400m Run. Was huffin' and didn't feel like I had enough juice to sprint it out on the last run, tried to keep up with Sarah... props to her on the strong finish.

5am-Hard boiled egg, blueberries
7:45am-2 hard boiled eggs, grapes, nuts
9:45am-2 hard boiled eggs, apple, nuts
12:30pm- Grouper!, salad with nuts, fruit. Packed a 4 block protein and tried to not finish the entire thing, same with the fruit-left a little bit
4pm- Red pepper, dressing, fish, almonds
8pm-HUNGRY! fish, broccoli, green beans, almonds, egg plant-Tried a 3 block but was snacking a little while cooking. Waited too long to eat.

Enjoy breaking up the breakfast. I was having a hard time eating the entire 4 block right after my workout..I was feeling really full. 2-2 blocks seem to be better in the morning. Was kind of sad when I looked at my grouper... Only 4 oz but ate everything and feel ok. Glad I am going to bed soon, cause I'm sure I'll get hungry shortly!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Have got to stop watching the Olympics at night and go to bed! Another night without enough sleep. WOD- 4 rounds of-- 400M Row, 20 burpees, 100m Lunges :24:24? Something right around there I'll double check when coach posts the times. It was such a killer I didn't get my b-fast down until 5:20 or so and I thought it was going lose my cookies.

5:20am-Fish, raspberries, nuts (1)
8am-Fish, grapes, 6 nuts (2)
10am-Fish, blueberries 6 nuts (2)
12:15pm-Chicken, salad with low carb dressing, nuts, 1 block strawberries
4pm-Veggies, cheese and hummus
5-6pm-2 block maybe 3 in fruit
8pm-Snapper, huge salad with nuts

So I had a mini victory today! There was a meet and greet with the new Activities Director at my job desserts, cake, cookies all over the place. Since I was in charge of shopping for the event I picked up a ton of fruit as well. I kept telling myself no sweets, no sweets and I remember coach saying this morning "Michelle you don't need that stuff". When I thought about cheating I kept thinking about what coach said. He was totally right. Although I snacked on fruit to hold my temptations I didn't eat any sweets. Even while packing up all of the leftovers. This might seem easy to the average joe, but for me it's a challenge. I can become so WEAK and talk myself into cheating when I am around goodies, that's why I just try to stay as far away as possible and not temp myself.

Monday, August 11, 2008


This morning up at 4:15am, took my sister to the airport. Visits are just never long enough....Miss her already. We get to see each other like 3 times a year and it's never for more than just a few days. Love ya Ange! WOD was Power Snatch 5-5-5-3-3-3-1-1-1. Got up to
103lbs although my last rep was not so pretty, still got er up. Must work on getting under the bar. It was like slow motion as I see the bar in front of me and just look at it instead of getting under it. Another one to add to the list...

4:15am-Chicken, raspberries, nuts
7:30-2 hard boiled eggs, grapes
10am- 2 Block zone chicken lasagna
12:15pm-Salad with veggies, chicken and low fat dressing, 2 block fruit salad, almonds
4pm-2 eggs with hummus
7pm- Snapper, salad with nuts, fruit salad

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Slept in this morning which was awesome, totally needed it. Feel so much better than yesterday already. It is night and day when I don't get my sleep. I really need to watch that as it has a huge effect on how I eat, think and function throughout the day. I become very weak and tend to crave junk when I am tired!! So from today I will do better :) Going home in a week....gotta clean it up!

10:45am- Egg beaters with red peppers, broccoli and a little salsa, blueberries, nuts and oatmeal
2:15pm- Salad with boca burger meat, veggies and hummus
5pm-Raspberries, nuts, little tuna
8pm-Zone Chicken lasagna

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Headed to work this morning. Up at 6:15am to take the dog for a walk, just not getting enough solid sleep.

7:30am- Egg beaters, ground turkey, eggplant, salsa, blueberries, nuts and almond butter
11am-Turkey roll up with cheese and lettuce, Raspberries with slivered almonds
1pm-Hungry--1/2 zone bar little pb
3pm-Fruit salad with almond butter and nuts
5pm-Zone Bar
Later on that night-Totally out of the zone Chinese food, ice cream, enough said- Going to bed feel super sick!

Friday, August 8, 2008


So my sister's plane was delayed until midnight! I didn't get to bed until 1am so my normal workout time was out of the question. Make it for the 8am class those guys are a lot of fun. We'll all miss Kaitlyn and Jordan as they head off to college! WOD 4 rounds of 500M for time. My over all time was under 6:57 I think. I was a little upset b/c I did the worst on the 4th round but not by much. Rowing always kicks my butt.

7am-Strawberries, egg beaters, almonds
10am- Egg Beaters with peppers, broccoli, cheese and salsa, Oatmeal, and almond butter
2pm-Turkey, spinach and mustard roll up, raspberries with almonds
5pm-Ground turkey, 1/2 apple, almond butter
7pm- Eggplant with marinara, ground turkey and cheese, salad with FF dressing
9:30- 1/2 zone bar, mic ultra

Got to give a shout out to Sarah. Never had almond butter before and am really diggin' it!! Although I'm going to have to watch it, it's easy to eat more than what is allowed!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


I am just whipped. This morning going into class I was totally feeling exhausted. What's up with that? Yuck! WOD short but not so sweet-total killer. 5 rounds of deadlift @185 and 10 burpees. I was a little nutty with it and got 6:40 which about killed me. Felt great when I was done though, I love that natural high. Good one coach!

5am-Strawberries, egg beaters, almonds
7:30am-Oatmeal, applesauce, with 14 grams of protein powder, almonds and turkey bacon
12:15pm-South Beach Diet-Kung Pao Chicken, salad with low carb dressing
3:30pm-Eggplant pizza!
4:30 hungry b/c I'm tired, and I know that's it...Zone Bar
7:30-Turkey chili with a little side salad

Maybe my body is fighting something b/c I am just mentally and physically drained. Decided to take a zycam sp? hopefully that'll help. Picking up my sis late tonight but am going to make it to CF tomorrow at some point, at least that's my goal. 3 days with out gum, it's amazing, I didn't think I'd ever see the light!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Better shape now than my wedding!

So today is my 3 year wedding anniversary and until a few weeks ago, I always thought I was in the best shape of my life at my wedding. I was totally WRONG :) I am in better shape now and am still working towards more. Felt good to get back into the zone this morning after b-fast I finally feel better. WOD was 800M run, 21-18-15 Push Press 55lbs, box jump 20inch, 400M Run 12-9-6 push press, box jump, 200M run. Only 3 seconds behind my girl, YEAH!!!! I think I sweat out all of the toxins from last night and the foot detox tonight with help as well!

5am- Cottage cheese, strawberries, almonds
7:30am-Egg beaters, turkey bacon, oatmeal, applesauce, almonds
12:30pm-Little steak little fish, large salad with oil and vinegar, 1/2 apple with pb
4:15pm-Broccoli with hummus little dip, 1 oz cheese

Oh yeah going on day 2 without gum. It's a killer.....I have realized just how addicted I was to chewing gum, WOW eye opener. Detoxed all of the toxins out feeling much better!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


WOD-400m Row, then 4 rounds of 25 KBW 24k, and 400 m Run. 15.11 I think was the time and I was suckin' some major wind let me tell you! Loved every minute of it...when I was done that is! So far so good on the gum thing. Lunch is where I am going to struggle. Opened my b-fast this morning and came to the realization is was almost all processed. But it was darn good!! I'll try to work on this next week when I go to pack it up.

5am-Strawberries, egg beaters, almonds
7:30am- (van) Protein powder, 2/3 cup oatmeal, strawberries, nuts. I thought I had some applesauce to mix with the protein but I was wrong. Note to self-Mix the protein with the oatmeal before the oats get cold. Although it was a nice topping on the strawberries.
12:15pm- 4 oz of steak, large salad with veggies, low fat dressing
5:15pm-Eggplant with salsa and cheese
7:15pm-1/3 zone bar, 1/2 SB meal bar
745-9:15pm-Cheese fondue with a few tortillas, cauliflower, celery, and a few pieces of the pumpernickel bread, maybe 3 pieces of white, chef salad with oil and vinegar, Lobster, shrimp, 1 piece of chicken and 2 pieces of steak, lots of veggies, Flaming turtle dessert. Totally stuffed!

Oh the melting pot, how I love this place so much. We celebrated our 3 year wedding anniversary tonight (chad's out of town tomorrow) and boy did we ever. I did not hold back if I wanted it I ate it. I wasn't going to let this meal get away! It should probably count for all of my cheats for the week and I'll try... but my sister is coming in on Thursday so that's probably out the window. It was nice to have a romantic evening eating awesome food. I am ok with that and know that I will be right back in the zone in the am. You've gotta treat yourself here and there.
Not looking forward to getting my butt kicked but if you play hard you workout harder!!

Monday, August 4, 2008


TABATA something else! It was tough but a nice push. Actually glad I started with push ups this morning I think I was able to rep more out having those first. Pull ups are still my hang up got killed on numbers with that one. Push ups, pull ups, sit ups and squats. 20 sec on 10 off, one minute in between.

5am-Cottage cheese, blackberry/strawberry mix, almonds
7:30-2/3 cup oatmeal, 1/3 cup applesauce, 1/2 cup egg beaters, 5 turkey bacon, almonds-4,3,7 going to try and stick with that ratio every morning.
12:15pm-6 oz of snapper, large salad with dressing, almonds
4:30pm-Broccoli, hummus, cheese and a little dressing-Hot tea from Sarah so good! Thanks girl! 7:30- 4 oz snapper with tequila lime salsa and slivered almonds, eggplant with salsa and cheese, spinach and few veggies with dressing. probably a 4 block meal all around.
9:15pm-Strawberry smoothie

Ok my goal for the next few days is going to be to stop chewing gum. I have an addictive personality and right now I am addicted to stride! I've got to stop I think it's making me bloated and really gassy. I hope to try and not chew any gum tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

One Month Already!

It's been a month since I've been on the zone and I love it! I am a total yo-yo dieter but I finally think I've found something that I can do for a lifetime, YEAH! Down to the lightest weight I can remember 157-lost 10lbs so far. Goal by labor day 150. Not sure if that's a good body weight for me but we'll see. Slept in a little this morning which was nice. Does anyone know if you are suppose to subtract the Dietary fiber from the carbs and count only the remaining? I haven't been doing that but thought you were suppose to????

9am-Strawberries, cottage cheese, almonds
11:30am-Zone Bar
2:30pm-Little broccoli/cauliflower with hummus, Eggplant mini pizzas-Cut it round which works much better, turkey wrap.
7:45pm- 6 oz snapper, 2 block veggies with olive oil and spices, salad with almonds

I love it when my husband goes on company fishing trips and brings back snapper and grouper! I get all the good eats, he doesn't do fish :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008


So this morning I was feeling like I should go work out. Why...I don't know I'm crazy. My sister is coming in next week so I know I'll be a slacker a few days I guess that was the main reason. WOD was-20sec. on 20 sec. off for 4 rounds- 10 stations. Sprint 400 M. It was really hot this morning and we were outside the entire time. YUCK!

8am-Cottage Cheese, strawberries, almonds
10:30am-3/4 cup egg beaters, cheese, veggies, 2 tsp. Salsa, 2 block fruit salad, 7 block almonds
2:30pm-Spinach salad with veggies, chicken, almonds, a few cooked veggies
6pm-Cheese, veggies, almonds
8pm-2 boca burgers, salad, spinach, new favorite-Eggplant with salsa and cheese-cut egg plant kind of think, broiled both sides tiny bit of olive oil, added salsa and cheese and broiled a few more minutes-

I never thought I would like eggplant as much as I do. I'll have to remember that for a snack. Nice creation!

Friday, August 1, 2008


TGIF for sure! Although I have to work a few hours tomorrow I'm still glad it's Friday. What a week!! WOD today was Power lifting- the choice-Squats. I maxed out at 165 for five. Out of all of the lifts I think that my squat is my weakest. It's always been that way, not sure why. I can do a little over my body weight and then I start to struggle. It might also be the different way of lifting. Before we would work down to a max weight with 1 rep, this was 5 which is a big difference. I could feel myself start to have negative thoughts towards the end. With one or two reps at a heavy weight the adrenalin just takes you to that next level...does that make sense? Either way I didn't fell as though I reached my goal. So I decided to workout my frustration afterwards!!

5am-Cottage Cheese, applesauce, almonds
7:30am- Protein and water, Oatmeal (3 block) and 15 almonds
12:30pm- Waited too long hungry! Soup-3/4 of the can 1 carb, 1 protein-almost, Shrimp, turkey pepperoni, little cheese, peppers, broccoli, strawberries, 12 almonds- Probably worked out to be a solid 4 block meal-will try 3 carb at dinner