Tuesday, June 30, 2009


WOD was snatches and a killer row. Snatches were mentally challenging while the row was physical. I feel better about my first pull but I don't feel like I am getting any power now out of my jump. Need to work on that b/c I'll be needed that for my cleans as well. Row sucked and I tried as hard as I could but Sarah still wouldn't get me a nut. She beat me by 2 f'in meters. Who does that? J/K girl that means we are both on the same page...nice work today!

5am-fish, nuts
8am-eggs, raspberries, nuts
1pm-Turkey burger, a solid salad, added veg and nuts
3:30-A handful of hard candies
7:30-Pizza and a piece of garlic bread

Monday, June 29, 2009


It's the last Monday of June...I can't believe it. So the weekend was good and I got much needed sleep, finally! Did pretty well on the diet, except over did it on the PB on Friday and Saturday. That stuff is so addicting especially with apples. Pauly knows what I'm talking about. However I feel better and like I'm on my way back down with the scale. I'd like to be close to my competition weight 150-153lbs-by the time I go on my road trip-Aug. By the way chatted with one of my girl's on that yesterday and I am getting so excited! Kacy is planning the route since she's done this trip a million times. She is totally getting me excited for the vacation of a lifetime....It is going to be amazing. I have to pick up a stellar pair of hiking boots and a camelbak for water. These hikes are going to be intense. Anyone have any ideas of where to go in Ft. Myers. Is there an EMS store around? She's also working on canyoneering for us in AZ. I am sooo hoping that pans out, that would be awesome.
Crossfit-WOD was 3 rounds of 10 front squats at 83lbs, 20 push ups and then run 800m at the end. My push ups got better as the rounds went on...my shoulder is killin me and not getting any better. I could hardly do the extra work which was bench press with dumbbells. I had to go to the 25lbs just to get the L arm up. Probably not good that I even did them. I have a tendency to go on injuries until I break. I think I'm going to try and back off on the shoulder b/c it's already affecting my sleep. I've been there done that with my shoulder in college and it's no fun. Shout out to Liz this am for killin the wod and for S to do clapping push ups. Nice work girls!!

IF today
12pm-Hamburger, pepper, salad, nuts
Can't remember what I ate the rest of the day but i know I once again got into the PB late last night. Not so good on the tummy!

Friday, June 26, 2009


Didn't get much sleep last night as I didn't get home from work until about 10:15 or so. Glad it's Friday--need to rest and recover. This morning was 400m runs with 2min rest-5 rounds. Much slower today then normal. 50 burpees for time. Under 4 min which I was happy with, shaved a min. off my old time. Glad I was doing them next to Sarah as she didn't stop so I tried not to. Last time I remember doing sets of 10 and resting too long so thanks girl for the push! Extra work was deadlifts. I haven't tested the back until today. Heavy sets of 1-6 sets. 175, 185, 195, 205, 205, 205. Felt super strong and clean with all of my lifts. Thought about putting on more weight but decided against it. Small steps nice and clean= big results. I'll get there.

5am-Italian sausage, nuts
8:30am-eggs, veggies, nuts and lots of coffee today!
12pm-Italian Sausage, salad with plenty of veggies, nuts
4pm-Egg, veggies ,nuts

Thursday, June 25, 2009


WOD was push jerks. Stayed at 115 across the board. Some were better then others but still a push at the top. I need to get down like 1 more inch when I receive the bar. Extra work was ring dips...not so much. Shoulder was sore and I couldn't get down all the way. Did them on my tippy toes, some box dips and a few scull crushers later-My f'in shoulder is sore as hell. Nice. Headed to the sauna with S and pulled a 1.5 nap before heading to work. Yeah girl, thanks for the advice. I needed the sleep for sure.

12pm-Omelet, veggies with hummus, little fruit, nuts
3:45pm-Turkey burger, salad, nuts, little fruit mix
7pm-Italian sausage, zucchini squash soup
8pm-Egg and all of my nuts from dinner

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I never get enough sleep during the week! WOD today was interval rowing and thruster work. Row was good kept the split times within 2 seconds. Played with the damper on a row towards the end made a 2 second difference almost had a fowl! Worked on some thrusters probably around 75 total. Just read on the CF site they will be testing for steroids at the 2009 games. I think that's awesome!!

5am-Hamburger, 1/2 apple, nuts
7:30am-Turkey Burger, apple, nuts
12pm-Hamburger, Summer squash soup, veggies with hummus, nuts
3:30p.m.-Hamburger, veggies with hummus, nuts
7:30pm-Basil Spinach, hamburger on a portabella mushroom, nuts

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Up with pretty good sleep after all of the workouts yesterday!! WOD today was Nancy-Totally one of my least favorite girls b/c of the OHS. Seriously I can not wait to the day when I am strong at these! Tried to stay tight and focus, as this was my first attempt at OHS in a few months. Good news is my chest was up and form was better. Depth was questionable on a few for sure. Extra was hang power cleans. Did sets of 3 on the min every min for 10 min. Stayed with 95lbs.

8am-Omelet, nuts, veggies with hummus
12pm-Out to lunch at Vasari-Salmon, asparagus, fruit-No idea how much fat as I asked for steamed but the veggies and Salmon for sure had lots of butter or oil
3pm-Turkey burger, veggies with hummus, nuts
7pm-Hamburger and fries
8:30pm-Ice cream and cookies

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday!!!

This is me pushin the fake sled in the WR :)

What a fabulous Monday! First wod was Shoulder Press at 75lbs- sets of 3 every min on the min for 10 min. A little cranky about this one as my shoulder still hurts :( Got over it and headed to Cindy-5 pull, 10 push, 15 squats. Just under 12 rounds which is no stellar performance since last time I got 15 rounds. But hey this is where I'm at. I'm in the rebuild process so I am going to be happy with whatever I turn out right now. (I am just going to keep telling myself that-over and over again) I know I pushed as hard as I could. Shout out to Sarah who is just slammin' everything comin' her way right now. Rock on sis!

I am so looking forward to being where you are at I can taste it!!!!

12:30p.m.-Turkey Burger, salad, nuts-Some side veggies with hummus
3:30-Turkey Burger, veggies with hummus, nuts
8pm-Chicken, basil spinach with tomatos, nuts

Endurance WOD seriously kicked my butt. Not sure if it was because it was after a long day or work or I am just that out of shape...It's a tough one but I am going to go with the out of shape :)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What a Gator Weekend!

This was a great weekend for me! Sarah and I headed up to Gainsville Friday afternoon for a Florida Gator Women's football Clinic. I am not even a Florida fan but I sure felt like one. The energy was unbelievable Gator Fans are the real deal. Got to go behind the scenes and check out lots of cool stuff. The weight room is amazing!! Sarah is the true push up champ no matter what anyone says...Rock on sis!! Good times with a great friend :)
Have been pretty darn clean all weekend and right now I'm at work. One more meal to go and I think i'll be good.

So I tried as best I could....I had an array of items at work-I craved just a little to the pressure from my residents to try all of the amazing dishes they brought in. No dessert but did sample a few naughty things.

Came home to some nuts and an apple

Friday, June 19, 2009


Didn't sleep worth a shit last night. Yuck. I didn't feel very good this morning, rather pretty darn heavy going into the wod. 2 things-Pms and total indulge last night with pb and zone bars. I was craving the whole salty and sweet thing but it got out of control. IF today.
WOD was 750m row for watts, 21 DL at BW, 21 KTE, 500m row, 15 DL, 15 KTE, 250m, 9DL, 9KTE. Felt good with the deadlifts-slow and controlled-the KTE sucked I haven't done those in forever. But I can't lie if I didn't love the feeling I got from Crossfit, I wouldn't do it!
Looking forward to my road trip with Hip Kitty as we head to the Football Camp. A little bit of anxiety as I am not where I want to be physically. Maybe that's what the indulge was about last night....not sure. Anyhow it'll be fun and b/c I'm sharing this experience with my girl, it makes it even better!!!

12pm-Steak, Salad, peach, nuts-So glad it's peach season again-The white ones are the best!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


WOD was Bench Press on Stability with dumbells. 45lbs, 50, 50, 50,50 set of 5 and 6. Handstand holds 1 min, 2:29, 2:29. Front Squats-45, 65, 65, 65,85-2, 65. Kind of a shocker with the front squats. As soon as I put 85lbs on my form was crap and I was leaning forward. I feel like my quad strength and the muscles around my hips are pretty weak. It's going to be a long road back to the heavy squats. But I am looking forward to building muscle with the correct form. Shout out to the 6am crew for pushing it this morning. The sweat was flying.

5am-Fish, nuts, 2 slices of apple with a little pb
8am-Eggs, fruit salad, nuts
12pm-Very large salad, chicken, egg, fruit, nuts

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


Crappy sleep last night :( WOD today was row 3k for time. Killer for me to hold a 2 min split time with the damper at 5. Almost, but came in at 12:02. Back tonight for more love with sarah!

IF today-
12pm-Chicken, a bit of prime rib, salad, fruit salad, nuts
3pm-2 eggs, veggies
4:15pm-2 eggs, veggies and some nuts
7:30pm-Chicken, a little steak, salad, nuts, Apple
9pm-1/2 zone with pb

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Day 2 of the 3 week cleanse! Slept hard last night! WOD was 50 muscle snatches, 50 lunges, run 1 mile. I feel bad for any class after us today. It was hot at 6am I can't imagine how brutal it will be later on. Felt good to run it's been a while. Extra work was high pulls. Stayed at 70lbs for 5 sets of 5. Tried to really focus on not lifting the heals drive with the hips. I'm still a work in progress. Shout out to S for killin both WOD's today...you are a machine girl!

5am-fish, nuts
8am-eggs, apple, nuts
12pm-Fish, fruit salad, salad, nuts
3:45pm-Fish, celery, cauliflower, nuts
7pm-Chicken, veggies with hummus, salad, nuts
8:30pm1/2 zone bar with pb and a few extra nuts

Monday, June 15, 2009


Back to the grind already? The past few days went so fast with my parents in town. It was great to see them, relax and take my mind of reality for a bit. WOD today was pull ups 1 min, run 200m, row for calories 1 min. 3 rounds. I got a total of 107. So disappointed with my pull ups still. Back in the day I could get 15 in a row today it took me all i had to get 15 in one minute. I was consistent and got that each round but it was a struggle for sure. Rower was 20, 21, 21. Extra work was shoulder press 5 sets of 5. Stayed at 75lbs the entire time and tried to stay tight. My L shoulder has been sore today was no exception. I am still uncomfortable right now with my weight and it seems the harder I try to take it off, the worst it gets. I have given myself until July 4 weekend, which is 3 solid weeks to shape up. I know it's not going to come off overnight and I am really going to try and focus on eating clean the next 3 weeks. I need to stop stressing and getting upset about it because I don't think that helps either!

IF today
12pm-A little fruit salad, tuna, salad, a few sticks of celery, nuts
3:30pm-eggs, celery, fruit salad, nuts
7:45pm-fish, salad, nuts


On Friday I attempted deadlifts for the first time since I hurt my back. Started off super slow and with light weights worked my way up to 175lbs for a set of 10. I was super happy as I haven't put any weight on the bar is so long and I feel as though I am losing major muscle. Worked on form and figured out how to use less of my lower back and more of my entire body!!
The weekend was fun with my parents. Can't say I was clean but I did have a good time. Friday saw the movie hangover. OMG it was the funniest movie I have seen in so long. I highly recommend it. Saturday we headed up to Siesta Key and boy was it beautiful. I really should do that more often. It wasn't that bad of a trip a hour and a half or so. The water was clear the sand was white it was awesome! Hit Tim's place for some drinks and not so clean food. Sunday was a recovery day and that's about all we did. Again not clean at all.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


The back is feeling good and I am starting to feel like myself again. My WOD today was rowing! 5 min row, 5 min off, 4 min row, 4 min off, 3 min row, 3 min off, 2 min on, 2 min off, 1 min on and 1 min off. Trying to work on keeping the damper at 5 and trying to keep my SPM at 28 and lower. This is pretty darn challenging for me but I guess the more I practice the easier it will be.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So yesterday was Death by 10 yards and today was Death by Rower! No just kiddin' it wasn't that bad. 250m sprints 8 rounds had to stay with in 5 sec. on each round. added the 9th round as the first one felt like a warm up and I was too worried about staying under 28 strokes per min. On the real set of 8-Stayed with in one second of each other..sweet. Moved the damper down a half a notch on each round to figure out my technique. Found a rhythm a lot lower down then I thought I would. I have always wanted to play with the damper so it was perfect! Shout out to the 6am crew who just rocks it out every day!

If today

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So we almost had the full 6am crew there this morning all but one. But we'll let Liz slide as she has a big test today! Good luck girl..study, study, study. WOD was death by 10 yards. Boy was it ever. 10 yard sprints on the min. every min until failure. It seems so easy at first and of course it was one of those creepers. Got to 14 and that was it. I wondered how many I could get totally fresh..probably twice that I bet. Extra work was upright rows with S. Sets of 5 we creeped up to 65lbs which I was happy with.

5am-fish, nuts
8am-fish, eggplant with ff cheese, veggies, nuts
12pm-Tuna, salad, nuts, a few eggplant slices
3:30pm-Fish-2 bk, eggplant, veggies, nuts
7pm-Omelet, veggies with hummus, salsa, nuts
9pm-Zone bar

Monday, June 1, 2009


WOD was 10-40 yard sprints, Shoulder press sets of 5. Stayed light on the shoulder press and worked on staying tight, protecting my back, and adjusting my hand grip. Felt good. I didn't IF this morning but I did it over the weekend.

8am-Fish, veggies, nuts
12pm-Ground Turkey, Salad, nuts, veggies
3pm-Fish, veggies, nuts
7pm-Omelet, veggies with hummus, salsa, nuts

The weekend

Got up Saturday and did a little yoga and hit the sauna for a few minutes. I have been good with my diet the last 4 days-Just over did it on the natural pb and apples on Saturday. Otherwise all clean. I'm excited to get back, I know I keep saying it but this is for real. J has come up with a stellar program for me so I don't keep re-injuring my back. I have a lot of goals I would like to achieve so it's time.