Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday--Black Friday

Up at 4am to catch a few good deals :) I love it when my family is in mom is all about the good deals too! Picked up all of my x-mas presents from my parents, got chad a few things for his b-day and we headed home by 6:15am. Checked out the WOD this morning-OUCH is all i can say. Shout out to everyone who showed up! 25 cnj, 800m run, 50 pull ups, 100 push ups, 150 squats, 800m run, 25 cnj. I went with 95lbs on the cnj. I am so happy with my pull ups and my hands didn't even rip today...yeah! I was actually getting my chest to the bar--finally!

4:30am-Turkey, veggies, nuts
9:45am-Omelet, cheese, left over zucchini and squash with a little cheese, orange, nuts--Had a lot of protein this morning!

Headed out to captiva for the day in a few minutes and then off on a sunset cruise, should be a good day!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

It's thanksgiving and the whole family is in town. I woke up when chad left for work and couldn't go back to sleep!! Out of bed by 7am, how disappointing.

Omelet, orange, veggies, nuts
12pm-2 blk veggies, chicken and nuts
Turkey dinner-I made the cauliflower mashed potatoes for myself...not to shabby! Did end up eating a little too much and had sugar free ice cream with pb, raspberries and a few nuts....SO good! Oh yeah and course almost a whole bottle of wine--how could I forget!!
Over all it was a great day with the family!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Only got about 5 hours of sleep last night if that. So tired as I got up today. WOD was 1000m row, 50 snatches at 65lbs, 30 burpees. Just under 16 minutes which was all I could handle. The snatches starting catching up with me big time at the end. Ran 2 miles with S post wod and did a little biking with liz as well. First time running in a while felt good for the first 1.5 miles and then I could feel the calf. Not bad though, it was just telling me it was still there. Can't wait to get back to where I was with the running. Went to the Doc today. MRI results are good, the knee is normal-YEAH. But the frustrating part is that he doesn't have a good explanation why my calf is not relaxing. He's thinking I have a pinched nerve that keeps flaring up. I'm going for a test next week...ahhhh. It's more annoying then anything, it just won't go completely away! He told me to keep running and doing what I'm doing, so i'm gonna until I can't.

no snack today...
8am-chicken speedies(my parents brought them in from NY!), orange, nuts
11:30am-Hungry-Mixed veggies, speedies, nuts, hummus
3pm-Cheese, orange, nuts
snacking on nuts
Out to dinner-House salad, Filet not sure how many ounces, spinach, zucchini-I'm sure they smothered in butter and oil I could tast it. Just happy I didn't eat any bread or mozzella sticks-yeah!
Snack later on- 1/2 orange, chicken, nuts
I have been eating a lot of nuts the last few days, and they are the salted kind. I think that's why. Man do I miss the salted nuts. It's been hard to keep with my zone while my parents are here. But i'm doing the best I can. Went out shopping for the Paleo pumpkin pie stuff and ended up getting frustrated b/c I couldn't find everything I needed! So I can't even make the pie :( I decided to pick up sugar free ice cream and some raspberries for my dessert.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


WOD-400m run, 40 KTE, suicides, 40 box jumps at 24in, Run 400m, 40 hypers, suicides, 4 rope climbs, run 400m...something like that. It was good and I finally did the running today. It's been a while and I could tell on my breathing! So I tried the big girl rope after all was said and done and I think I'm going to have to start climbing that from now on. Sarah was right I've gotta step it up :) Next time girl I will!

5am-Chicken, nuts
8:30am-b-fast with the parents! omelet with peppers and broccoli, salsa, orange, avocado
Stayed in the zone all day. Overate at dinner and ended up having 2 bananas with PB tonight. I haven't had a banana in a long time I think that's why I ended up eating almost 2 of them. Oh well it was good and I stayed away from the ice cream that everyone else was eating!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Slept in until 10:30am totally missed my morning crew on the WOD. Ended up hitting the gym at 4pm and did push press 5-5-5-5-5. Ended up getting 120lbs. Was so close on the 125 but just couldn't get there. Went for a 1/2 hour walk and called it a day. The parents flew in today and are here for 10 days. YEAH! Always good to see family especially around the holidays. The sis flys in on Wed for the weekend. Can't remember exactly what time I ate but did good today!

Chicken, peppers, mixed veggies, avocado
Cheese, peppers, nuts
extra nuts peppers
chicken, salad, nuts, eggplant and salsa

The Weekend

Saturday-FGB championship-5 rounds of craziness. Everyone that showed up did a great job. I totally kept a goal in my head for each round and pretty much accomplished it. I really wanted to finish strong and I think I can say I did that. Very happy with Saturday's performance. Did good with food until we went over to a friends house for football. A few becks, hamburgers, bread with dip, veggies, and a few apples with PB.
Sunday-UP early for a long day of work! Ended up drinking and not eating so good again. Hot dogs, cookies, beer, chips you know the usual tailgate foods. Got home and was hungry but now thinking about it I think I was just tired. Ended up having chocolate chip cookies with Ice cream.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Woke up late today, well actually just didn't want to get out of bed. I rowed 1500m for time. 5:45 was my time, which came out to be a 1:55 split. Not too shabby. Went for a mile walk with Sarah after, thanks girl. I am very sore all over from this weeks wod's. Going to have to hop in the hot tub tonight or something-tomorrow's gonna suck!

8:30am-Eggs, 3 bl fruit salad, nuts

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So I wasn't going to have a snack last night but the PB kept calling my name. I think that jar was evil because I couldn't put it down all week! So I did have another apple with pb before I went to bed ahhhh. Up early this am for a workout. I was the only one for the 5am crew. It's a whole new ball game when you are alone I tell ya. Tough. I decided that I've been doing men's weight on the wod's all week so what the heck. I used 95lbs for AMRAP 20 minutes 10 power hang cleans, 20 push ups. 5 reps short of 7 rounds but that's ok. My cleans felt good and strong so I was happy with that. Went to get my MRI this morning at Health Park. No real news until next week but the tech did say he saw fluid around my knee cap. Strange? Who knows what's going on in there. I'm feeling good and the calf is settled down, so hopefully it's nothing to worry about.

9am-Eggs, black berries, raspberries, mixed veggies ,nuts
12:30pm-Snapper, salad, veggies, dressing, nuts
3:30pm-CHeese, celery, nuts
5:30pm-Boca burger, cheese, salad, veggies, nuts
9pm-Chicken with cheese, celery

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This morning's WOD was 50 kbs at 24kilo, 150ft walking lunges, 800m row, 35 kbs, 100ft walking lunges, 400m row, 20kbs, 50ft walking lunges, 200m row. The rower killed me. I couldn't couldn't catch my breath after the rowing so it made me suffer on the swings. Good push today for sure.

5am-egg, nuts
8am-eggs , blackberries, raspberries, nuts

Went out to lunch at stir fray the new restaurant at coconut point. It was wonderful but cooked in probably a lot of fatty oils. I just had chicken with veggies but i'm sure it wasn't the best for me. Zone snack
Dinner-Salad with veggies, nuts, hamburger, apple with PB-Over in blocks but I was just craving the apple with pb--no snack tonight!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Little chilly this week, which makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning :) WOD was 800m row, 50 thrusters at 43lbs, 800m row, 50 WBS with 20 lbs, 800m row. The second 800m row kicked my butt. Gosh I would much rather of ran but one more week of being good on the calf and hopefully i'll be good to go. After class 15 min on the row and a few I mean a few pull ups. I don't feel as strong with my weighted pull-ups as before, but it could've been I was tired. Not sure.

5am-Salmon, nuts
8:30am-Egg beaters, 2b raspberries, 1b blackberries, nuts


Slept in again this morning! Hit the gym in the afternoon, I don't know how people do it at that time. Tabata pull ups, push ups, sit ups, air squats. Did much better on the pull ups but my push ups seemed to suffer. Was within one or two on the sit ups and squats. Overall beat my score by 1 and I'll take it and run!

Stayed in the zone can't remember exactly what I ate but it was all good. Work is crazy and I don't have a lot of time to blog right now. It's going to be even worse during season! I packed all of my meals for the entire week, I've got to start doing that again on Sundays. It really helps me not have to think durning the week, just grab n go.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Slept in today it was so nice!

10:15 Apple with pb, cheese, nuts
12:15pm-Egg beaters, veggies, raspberries, salsa, nuts

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Headed to work today, stinks b/c the weather is beautiful!

9am-Egg whites, salsa, celery, broccoli and cauliflower with hummus
2:30pm-Boca Burger, cheese, salad, veggies with sbdressing, nuts, apple with pb
6:45pm-Chicken, a few bites of ribs with bbq sauce, salad, a few bites of coleslaw, a few sodas
8pm-Apple and pb, cheese
11pm-Apples and pb

Need to go for a bike ride or something tomorrow, haven't worked out as much lately. Thinking about staying away from pb for a bit I tend to go over board with the pb!

Friday, November 14, 2008


This mornings WOD was squats 5-5-5-5-5. Started with 165, 170, 165, 165, 165. Happy on the 170 didn't want to push the leg it's still pretty tight. Went to PT this morning and the swelling is down, sweet...however she thinks I have fluid behind the knee that should be looked at. So I'm going to have to schedule an MRI and find out what the big picture here is. I'm hoping it's nothing to worry about and if that's the case they can drain it and I'll be good to go.

5am-Cheese, nuts
7:30am-Protein Shake, nuts
12:15pm-Celery, Cauliflower, boca burger and almost a half, nuts, 1/2 apple, SBdressing
3:30pm-1/2 of boca burger, veggies, dressing, nuts
6:30pm-Chicken, salad, veggies, nuts
9pm-Apple with extra PB, a little ck

I was over for sure today on blocks. Especially at the end of the day. Probably should start measuring again as I have just been eyeing everything and it seems the portions have been growing! :) Had a good week though and feel better.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


WOD was 1150M row, 75 sit ups, 50 hypers, 25 KTE, 1150M row. The second row was a killer! Just over 16 min for the WOD. S and I for extra work did a few pistols, and some wall sits.. My goal with my calf is to be pain free by next Saturday which is our championship 5 rounds of FGB. I don't even care how I do I just want to be feeling good going in. So I'm going to focus on taking care of it until then.

5am-Salmon, nuts
7:45-Egg Whites, salsa, apple, a few grapes and nuts
12:00pm-Salmon, spinach, zucchini and squash, salsa, nuts
3:15pm-Salmon, celery, cucumber, nuts, SBdressing
6:30-Salmon, celery, cauliflower, apple, nuts, sbdressing
9pm-Cheese, grapes, nuts

Feel much better with the diet as I have been pretty darn good all week. Hopefully will continue through the weekend and into next week!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hit the gym this morning. WOD was 5 cleans, 5 push press, 5 burpees, 200m row - 20 minute AMRAP. Went with 80lbs felt good. My push press turned into pretty much a shoulder press at the end. I could feel my calf on every jump so I decided to back off a bit. Almost got 8 complete rounds missed it my 15 or 20meters on the rower. Shout out to Sarah for killin' it this morning, nice work girl! Keep it up!

5am-egg whites, grapes, nuts
8am-egg whites, apple, nuts
12:30pm-Chicken, veggies, strawberries, nuts a little cheese
4:30pm-Tomatoes, lettuce, crumbled blu cheese, nuts
7pm-Salmon, greens, veggies with salsa, strawberries a few grapes nuts
9pm-Apple, pb a little salmon

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So I decided to give myself a break this am and sleep in. My calf was pretty tight when I got home from work last night and I could use the rest. Thank you too all of the Veteran's out there for keeping our country save.

9:00am-egg beaters, salsa, raspberries, strawberries, nuts
12:30pm-Salad with lots of veggies, nuts, strawberries/raspberries
snack and Dinner were zone
Snack-Strawberry smoothie

Haven't been doing well on the blog, work is a little crazy right now.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Blues

So this morning I woke up and my calf felt the best it had in weeks. Started the WOD and bam it snapped up again. I am just so frustrated with the entire situation and am sick of it being an issue. I need to learn just to take time off, heal and then get back in action. Somethings never change.

7:30am-Fish, strawberries, raspberries, nuts and veggies
12:30-Cheese, chicken, salad, strawberries
4pm-cheese, tomato, celery, nuts
6:30-a little fish, cheese, salad, raspberries and strawberries

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Went to PT yesterday and the good news is my calf is starting to loosen up. The bad news is I can't hit it hard for the next few days or it'll just tighten back up. So this morning had my own WOD- 250M row, 10 DL@ 165lbs. 8 rounds plus one row in 20:08 seconds. I was so close with my plus 1 on that last row and finished strong. Went for a nice bike ride with Sarah after WOD to finish up our extra work for the week.

5am-Chicken, nuts
7:30-3 eggs a little chicken, apple, nuts
12:30pm-Stuffed Tomatoes, veggies, nuts
4:30pm-Chicken, veggies, nuts
7pm-Boca burger chili mix up, salad, veggies, nuts
Snack-shrimp, veggies, nuts and 4 sugar free nips

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Triple Modality in full effect! 30 thrusters @ 30lb dumbell, 800m run, 30 pull-ups, 60 KBS at 24kl, 30 pull-ups, 800m run, 30 thrusters. Just over 25 minutes of pure wonderfulness this am. My pull-ups are so much stronger without the tape but my hands are paying the price. Nice and bloody once again. I must find a happy medium!! Just happy that I finally have my confidence back with my pull ups. Thanks coach!

5am-chicken, nuts
7:30-eggs, apple, nuts
12pm-Stuffed tomatoes, a few veggies, apple, nuts
4pm-Salad, fish, nuts, ff dressing
6pm-Salmon, 1/2 apple, veggies, nuts
8pm-Cheese and pepperoni, veggies, nuts and a few blackberries

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So this is me with Dark hair on halloween!!

Feeling much better today as I woke up. Still have a few days of super clean eating to get the extra weight off but one day at a time. My calf has started to loosen up from the massage, ultra sound and muscle stim. It'll probably take a few more days to be back 100%. But there is light at the end of the tunnel! WOD was 750m row, 50 hypers, 100ft walking lunges, 5 rope climbs, 100ft walking lunges, 50 burpees, 750m row. 22:02 wow that was a good one. I am feeling much better about the rope climbs these days. I would love to try the one with no knots but am a little scared of falling!! Go Sarah for getting up and down that 5 times!

5am-Chicken, nuts
7:30-4 eggs, apple, nuts
12:15pm-Eggplant, chicken, salad, x-tra veggies, nuts, FF dressing
4pm-Veggies with dressing, nuts, chicken
7pm-Salmon, a little kielbasa, mixed veggies, nuts, blackberries, hummus

Went out after work and lines how nice.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Back at it, not feeling so good as I got up this morning. WOD was The Bear- 7 sets-for 5 rounds up in weight each round.-Power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press. Started with 65, 70, 75, 80, max at 95lbs. Really wanted that 95 and powered through. It was a good test of the mind not to set the bar down. The last 2 sets at 95 really had me telling myself I could do it, and somehow I did. Tuff!!

7:45am-Eggs, veggies, blackberries, hummus
11:30-Fish, veggies, nuts
2pm-veggies, hummus ,nuts
6:30pm-Chicken, eggplant with salsa, mixed veggies with hummus, a few blackberries, nuts

Nice 40 minute bike ride and then a little foot detox to clean out the system with sarah. Boy did my foot detox get out some shit...actaully it was nasty! Probably need another one this week. Went to the doc today about the calf. I have a really bad stain and need to let the darn thing heal. Got some muscle stim, ultrasound and a little massage. No running and am on a dosepack for the next few days.

The Weekend

Saturday was Crossfit total and my goal going in was 600 lbs between 2 lifts, squats, shoulder press and deadlift. I missed my goal by 30 lbs which was pretty disappointing. My squat wasn't there and really bummed me out. I know I can do that weight my mind wasn't there for me. Overall it's an outstanding total for the first time. I absolutly have something to work towards now!!! This weekend I totally trashed my body. Drinking, eating and just not taking care of myself. I feel like shit right now and have to detox my body of all of the crap I put in it.