Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

Wanted to get up this morning and go for a walk or something but my morning did not end up the way I thought. I didn't get out of bed until 9:30 a.m. b/c I have to work super late tonight with my NYE party at work. My phone was ringing off the hook which is a good thing about our condo so I was running around trying to get ready super fast and show the condo to 2 people. Keep your fingures crossed we might have a renter! Anyhow so no exercise today for me again. Must do something tomorrow!

B-fast-Omelet with peppers, salsa, veggies with hummus and some nuts
Lunch-Salad-lots of veggies, nuts, 1/2 apple, 1/2 zone bar
hungry or maybe stressed about tonight-1/2 zone bar a few nuts

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Tuesday-Back in the saddle!

So I didn't end up working out anymore over vacation and my diet went to crap the 2nd leg of the trip. Got on the scale this am which I probably shouldn't of, but I did. And yes I gained a few extra pounds! But that's ok I am looking for a fresh start in 2009 and to get on track! Today was my first day back and boy could I tell! WOD was Run 400m, row 400m, 30 box jumps, 30 Pull ups, 30 Thursters at 65lbs, row 500m, 30 burpees with tire, 30 SDLHP, run 400m. It was hard but I'm glad I got up and went to class. It was good to see the 6am crew with a few additions. Great work everyone.

5:30am-a few nuts
7:45am-Eggs, Apple, nuts
Rest of the day went like this..:
Lunch Salad, orange, eggs, nuts
Salad, nuts, egg
Apple and 1/2 with pb, Salad, nuts, chicken

Did well but became weak when I got home from work. Ended up eating too much pb and apple slices. Overall good day though. Hoping I feel better by the end of the week!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Yeah it's here! Just wanted to hop on for a second and wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I haven't been too bad with the diet not perfect either but it's all good. No more workouts thus far hoping to get one more in before I head back to FL. I've been able to catch up on some much needed sleep and family time. I just love being home for Christmas, couldn't imagine it any other way. Love you guys! See you back in FL soon!!

Saturday, December 20, 2008


Hit the gym this am for a few power cleans. Not very happy with the weight but that's ok. Did a bunch of warm up sets. 95, 105,115,125 back down to 95 for 2 sets of 5. Only cleared 125. Not sure if it was the mirror. Kind of funny watching myself do the lifts instead of feeling it. I was trying to concentrate on not jumping too soon and actaully watching the bar go up my legs. Anyway finished with a 2 mile run on the treadmill. Off to chad's house so I won't be bloggin for a bit. Hope everyone had fun last night at the x-mas party!!

9:30am-Eggs, eggplant, apple, nuts and some salsa

Friday, December 19, 2008


Got up and went to the local gym it was crowed!! Here's my crazy WOD- 3500m on the rower, 15 of biking (if that's what you want to call it, more like just zoning out), then came the fun.....KBS and push ups- 21-18-15-12-9-6-3. Fun fun. The largest KB they had was a 45lb it was kind of nice to use that weight again! We are suppose to get 8-10 inches of snow today. Holy Crap people that's a lot of snow. Chad went home to go help plow so he'll be working all day and night i'm sure. I'm at my parents for one more night then off to chad's. I usually do good while I'm at my parents house b/c they try and help me eat good. His house is another story. I'll be packin' some goodies to take with me:)

Egg whites, salsa, eggplant, fruit, nuts
Salmon, Salad, nuts, fruit
nuts, Zoned Lazana Yummy! My parents enjoyed it too!
Cheese stick, apple, pb
a few more nuts!


Caught the 5am class yesterday and S came to join me. She of course killed the WOD. The Double unders gave me a lot of trouble. What the heck?? Need to practice. Anyhow wod was 3 min row for calories...Angie- 50-40-30-20-10 DU and sit ups. After I took off the calories I was around 11 or 12 min.

Ate a solid b-fast before I hopped on the plane- eggs, fruit, nuts
Apple, nuts, cheese stick, 1/2 zone bar-gave the other 1/2 to chaddy-Thanks S you saved me!!
Salad, tuna, nuts, fruit
Ck,eggplant, salad, little broccoli, nuts
Veggies, nuts, ck

So did pretty well. We went to my grandma's for her birthday of course there was cake. They gave me a piece b/c they are Italian and are always trying to feed you. I took it and played with it but decided not to eat it :) Drank 2 cups of coffee instead. I did however go a little overboard on the nuts. My parents are really into those yummy salted mixed nuts that I can not put away. So my fat intake for the day was pretty darn high!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Up at 5am in such a good mood. Could it be b/c it's my last day of work before I leave for 10 days or just the fact that I'm going home??? I think it's the combination!! So excited to hit upstate NY for a change of weather and family. I'm going to freeze b/c I always do but I love to see snow at Christmas. Talked to my dad on the way into work and they are suppose to get 2 inches tonight!! WOD was 60 air squats, 400m run, 25 push press--3 rounds for time. 80 lbs on the push press about killed me! It was short and sweet. Shout out to S for bumpin up the weight and doing great!

5am-Salmon, nuts
7:30am-Salmon, blackberries, a few left over veggies, nuts
12:30pm-So we had an employee luncheon...They ordered appetizers--I ate 2 shrimp (jumbo) Cantaloupe with brochette, mozzarella with tomato and pesto, Chicken salad which I took most of it home. Wasn't exactly what I was going for but I was happy with my choices--No dessert :)

Long Tuesday

Yesterday was a long day for me. I ended up getting home at 10pm from work totally exhusted! I did well staying in the zone all day but when I got home ate 1/2 apple with pb, veggies and hummus, cheese and a few nuts. Don't think I needed the extra snacks but I had to stay up and finish some last minute things around the house before I could go to bed!

Monday, December 15, 2008


Met Con monday. Run 800m, row 800m for time 3 rounds rest 4 minutes between rounds. 6:35, 6:47, 6:47 really pumped about my 3 times being so close. It was a tough WOD.

8am-eggs, greens, blackberries, veggies, hummus, salsa
12:30pm-Boca burger, stir Fry a few shrimp, nuts
3:30pm-Mixed veggies, hummus, chicken, nuts
6pm-Salmon, salad, broccoli, asparagus, 1/2 apple nuts


Worked on Saturday and did well all day unti around 10pm. Ended up having a glass of wine at the restaurant at work and then caught up with Chad at a house party. Lots of vodka and about 5 hours later we hit denny's for some sober me up food. Needless to say it wasn't good and I ate wayyy too much. Sunday did well getting back in the zone although I ate little bits of Chad's Chinese food. Overall good day.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


So glad it 's Friday. Just have two more days of work until rest...yeah! WOD was 25 DL, 400 M run, 50 pull ups, 50 KBS, 50 Burpees, 400m Run, 25 DL. Man I was doing so well with my pull ups until around 48 or 49 when my palm busted open with blood everywhere! I thought I was going to lose my cookies for a minute. The blisters are pretty nasty I know I need to figure something out. But my pull ups are soooo much better without tape.

Zone all day-
Dinner-Out to outback for a few cocktails, salad, streak, veggies and mushrooms. Didn't do too bad.

I can tell I've been doing well with my diet the last few days, I'm starting to feel much better.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


So I haven't been checking the WOD's lately and I need to! It was a weight lifting day and I totally didn't bring my new shoes! Push Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1. Got up to 125lbs this morning. I wasn't happy with my lifts today. I don't have the correct form down and it's keeping me from going up in weight. I've got to work on opening up my hips and getting under the bar.

5am-Fish, nuts
7:30am-Salmon, Orange, Nuts-Big piece of Salmon I didn't measure this morning!
Stayed in the zone today did well but need to cut back on the gum chewing.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


WOD was MG this am. Row 500m, 50 push ups, 50 rack rows, run 400m, 50 GHD sit ups, 50 box jumps at 24, row 500. I thought my push ups were quality but the rack rows kicked my butt. Overall happy with the workout. Today was a fun day for me out on a fishing trip with my residents. Gosh do I miss being out on the water, I forgot how relaxing it is. Caught lots of little fish today nothing to write home about, but what a great day of work!

5am-Chicken, nuts
7:30am-Salmon, raspberries, blackberries, nuts
12:30pm-Chicken, Salad, nuts, Celery, few slices of orange
4pm-Mixed veggies, hummus, chicken, x-tra nuts
6pm-Fresh fish :), soup, salad, nuts


So I haven't been good about getting on and bloggin' b/c I've been working so freakin' much. I was totally tired this weekend and ended up eating like crap Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I worked all weekend and haven't had a full day off since Thanksgiving weekend. I should know better that when I'm tired and cranky I don't eat well, but some things are just so hard to break. Old habits are so easy to fall back into! When I'm tired I crave everything sugar and carb. When I don't get my rest and stress sky rockets; everything I've been working so hard to change goes out the window. Everyone struggles with things in life and mine for sure is my diet :(

Friday, December 5, 2008


Got home late last night from work and thought I would be able to sleep for days. Too bad that's not what happened. I tossed and turned up at 3:00 and every 1/2 hour, ended up going to the gym with Chad this am. Didn't push myself that's for sure, kind of just went through the motions. Lifted bench press, tri-ceps and some shoulder work. Ended with 5 minutes on the rower. Not sure I really even broke a sweat but glad I did something!

6:30am-Made breakfast for Chad and I-How nice!
Omelet, blackberries raspberries, nuts, a few veggies
10am-Hungry-Chicken, nuts a few veggies

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Woke up and didn't want to get up. But decided I needed to! Long day ahead of me as I will be at work until very late. Didn't grab a snack before WOD which I should've. Was feeling full from last night. WOD was heavy deadlifts. New PR today at 285, very excited. I am starting to second guess my abilities as the weight is going up and up. The numbers are a little intimidating for me. I need to block it out and just focus on the lift. But all went well and I pulled the weight I set out to get today. NICE! Shout out to Sarah for breaking her PR as well...225 nice girl!

7:30am-B-fast at home for once! Egg beater omelet, veggies, black berries and raspberries, nuts
12:30pm-Salad, chicken, raspberries, some extra veggies

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I think coach is trying to kill me this week with all of the triples! WOD was 750m row, 70 sit ups, 60 WBS at 20lbs, 50 jumping pull ups, 40 kbs at 24k, 30 burpees. I didn't feel as though I had the drive this morning that I usually do. Normally I can push myself through it and today I found myself breaking more than normal. I'm probably just overly tired and not up to my normal craziness. I tried to run a mile after class but ended up walking part of it. I could feel my calf coming on, not sure if the weather has something to do with it. But I listened and ended up walking most of the way back.

5am-chicken, nuts
7:30-eggs, mixed fruit, nuts
12:45-Salad, veggies, mixed fruit, nuts
Zone snack
Dinner-Salmon, veggies, hummus, salad
2 apples with PB-

I know I was tired and weak. I could not satisfy my hunger and I know it's b/c I am tired and cranky. I ended up having wayyyy tooo much pb even after the apples were eatin'!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Still really tired and trying to catch up on much needed sleep. WOD was AMRAP 20 minutes starting with 10 squats, 200m run, 10 push ups--up by 10 each round on the BW movements. I completed 4 rounds and got to 29 push ups before time expired. Not too bad....push ups still a weakness. Ended with 25 pull ups, 1 mile run and 200 sit ups.

5am-Chicken, nuts
7:30am-eggs, apple, nuts
12:30pm-Huge salad, eggplant, raspberries, nuts


Up to see another Triple workout! 3 rounds 1.5 minutes each station, 1.5 min. break between stations. Rower for calories, box jumps, clean into a thruster at 85lbs. Scored a 159 which was great. I actaully did the best on the rower which was a surprise since I started with that. I remember feeling aweful after the why did I do this to my body!!!

Entire day was zone friendly--Can't remember what all I ate but it was good.


So I was doing really good saying no and being strong for the holiday weekend...until Saturday and Sunday came along. It's just so easy to get sucked back into old habits I hate it!! I tend to do this too...when there is a change in the schedule I am good for the first few days and then fall into old ways. Drank, ate a lot, birthday cake, ice cream you name it and felt like poop when the weekend was over. But the good news is Monday is a new day and the key is to get back on the wagon. So I will!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday--Black Friday

Up at 4am to catch a few good deals :) I love it when my family is in mom is all about the good deals too! Picked up all of my x-mas presents from my parents, got chad a few things for his b-day and we headed home by 6:15am. Checked out the WOD this morning-OUCH is all i can say. Shout out to everyone who showed up! 25 cnj, 800m run, 50 pull ups, 100 push ups, 150 squats, 800m run, 25 cnj. I went with 95lbs on the cnj. I am so happy with my pull ups and my hands didn't even rip today...yeah! I was actually getting my chest to the bar--finally!

4:30am-Turkey, veggies, nuts
9:45am-Omelet, cheese, left over zucchini and squash with a little cheese, orange, nuts--Had a lot of protein this morning!

Headed out to captiva for the day in a few minutes and then off on a sunset cruise, should be a good day!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

It's thanksgiving and the whole family is in town. I woke up when chad left for work and couldn't go back to sleep!! Out of bed by 7am, how disappointing.

Omelet, orange, veggies, nuts
12pm-2 blk veggies, chicken and nuts
Turkey dinner-I made the cauliflower mashed potatoes for myself...not to shabby! Did end up eating a little too much and had sugar free ice cream with pb, raspberries and a few nuts....SO good! Oh yeah and course almost a whole bottle of wine--how could I forget!!
Over all it was a great day with the family!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Only got about 5 hours of sleep last night if that. So tired as I got up today. WOD was 1000m row, 50 snatches at 65lbs, 30 burpees. Just under 16 minutes which was all I could handle. The snatches starting catching up with me big time at the end. Ran 2 miles with S post wod and did a little biking with liz as well. First time running in a while felt good for the first 1.5 miles and then I could feel the calf. Not bad though, it was just telling me it was still there. Can't wait to get back to where I was with the running. Went to the Doc today. MRI results are good, the knee is normal-YEAH. But the frustrating part is that he doesn't have a good explanation why my calf is not relaxing. He's thinking I have a pinched nerve that keeps flaring up. I'm going for a test next week...ahhhh. It's more annoying then anything, it just won't go completely away! He told me to keep running and doing what I'm doing, so i'm gonna until I can't.

no snack today...
8am-chicken speedies(my parents brought them in from NY!), orange, nuts
11:30am-Hungry-Mixed veggies, speedies, nuts, hummus
3pm-Cheese, orange, nuts
snacking on nuts
Out to dinner-House salad, Filet not sure how many ounces, spinach, zucchini-I'm sure they smothered in butter and oil I could tast it. Just happy I didn't eat any bread or mozzella sticks-yeah!
Snack later on- 1/2 orange, chicken, nuts
I have been eating a lot of nuts the last few days, and they are the salted kind. I think that's why. Man do I miss the salted nuts. It's been hard to keep with my zone while my parents are here. But i'm doing the best I can. Went out shopping for the Paleo pumpkin pie stuff and ended up getting frustrated b/c I couldn't find everything I needed! So I can't even make the pie :( I decided to pick up sugar free ice cream and some raspberries for my dessert.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


WOD-400m run, 40 KTE, suicides, 40 box jumps at 24in, Run 400m, 40 hypers, suicides, 4 rope climbs, run 400m...something like that. It was good and I finally did the running today. It's been a while and I could tell on my breathing! So I tried the big girl rope after all was said and done and I think I'm going to have to start climbing that from now on. Sarah was right I've gotta step it up :) Next time girl I will!

5am-Chicken, nuts
8:30am-b-fast with the parents! omelet with peppers and broccoli, salsa, orange, avocado
Stayed in the zone all day. Overate at dinner and ended up having 2 bananas with PB tonight. I haven't had a banana in a long time I think that's why I ended up eating almost 2 of them. Oh well it was good and I stayed away from the ice cream that everyone else was eating!

Monday, November 24, 2008


Slept in until 10:30am totally missed my morning crew on the WOD. Ended up hitting the gym at 4pm and did push press 5-5-5-5-5. Ended up getting 120lbs. Was so close on the 125 but just couldn't get there. Went for a 1/2 hour walk and called it a day. The parents flew in today and are here for 10 days. YEAH! Always good to see family especially around the holidays. The sis flys in on Wed for the weekend. Can't remember exactly what time I ate but did good today!

Chicken, peppers, mixed veggies, avocado
Cheese, peppers, nuts
extra nuts peppers
chicken, salad, nuts, eggplant and salsa

The Weekend

Saturday-FGB championship-5 rounds of craziness. Everyone that showed up did a great job. I totally kept a goal in my head for each round and pretty much accomplished it. I really wanted to finish strong and I think I can say I did that. Very happy with Saturday's performance. Did good with food until we went over to a friends house for football. A few becks, hamburgers, bread with dip, veggies, and a few apples with PB.
Sunday-UP early for a long day of work! Ended up drinking and not eating so good again. Hot dogs, cookies, beer, chips you know the usual tailgate foods. Got home and was hungry but now thinking about it I think I was just tired. Ended up having chocolate chip cookies with Ice cream.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Woke up late today, well actually just didn't want to get out of bed. I rowed 1500m for time. 5:45 was my time, which came out to be a 1:55 split. Not too shabby. Went for a mile walk with Sarah after, thanks girl. I am very sore all over from this weeks wod's. Going to have to hop in the hot tub tonight or something-tomorrow's gonna suck!

8:30am-Eggs, 3 bl fruit salad, nuts

Thursday, November 20, 2008


So I wasn't going to have a snack last night but the PB kept calling my name. I think that jar was evil because I couldn't put it down all week! So I did have another apple with pb before I went to bed ahhhh. Up early this am for a workout. I was the only one for the 5am crew. It's a whole new ball game when you are alone I tell ya. Tough. I decided that I've been doing men's weight on the wod's all week so what the heck. I used 95lbs for AMRAP 20 minutes 10 power hang cleans, 20 push ups. 5 reps short of 7 rounds but that's ok. My cleans felt good and strong so I was happy with that. Went to get my MRI this morning at Health Park. No real news until next week but the tech did say he saw fluid around my knee cap. Strange? Who knows what's going on in there. I'm feeling good and the calf is settled down, so hopefully it's nothing to worry about.

9am-Eggs, black berries, raspberries, mixed veggies ,nuts
12:30pm-Snapper, salad, veggies, dressing, nuts
3:30pm-CHeese, celery, nuts
5:30pm-Boca burger, cheese, salad, veggies, nuts
9pm-Chicken with cheese, celery

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This morning's WOD was 50 kbs at 24kilo, 150ft walking lunges, 800m row, 35 kbs, 100ft walking lunges, 400m row, 20kbs, 50ft walking lunges, 200m row. The rower killed me. I couldn't couldn't catch my breath after the rowing so it made me suffer on the swings. Good push today for sure.

5am-egg, nuts
8am-eggs , blackberries, raspberries, nuts

Went out to lunch at stir fray the new restaurant at coconut point. It was wonderful but cooked in probably a lot of fatty oils. I just had chicken with veggies but i'm sure it wasn't the best for me. Zone snack
Dinner-Salad with veggies, nuts, hamburger, apple with PB-Over in blocks but I was just craving the apple with pb--no snack tonight!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Little chilly this week, which makes it hard to get out of bed in the morning :) WOD was 800m row, 50 thrusters at 43lbs, 800m row, 50 WBS with 20 lbs, 800m row. The second 800m row kicked my butt. Gosh I would much rather of ran but one more week of being good on the calf and hopefully i'll be good to go. After class 15 min on the row and a few I mean a few pull ups. I don't feel as strong with my weighted pull-ups as before, but it could've been I was tired. Not sure.

5am-Salmon, nuts
8:30am-Egg beaters, 2b raspberries, 1b blackberries, nuts


Slept in again this morning! Hit the gym in the afternoon, I don't know how people do it at that time. Tabata pull ups, push ups, sit ups, air squats. Did much better on the pull ups but my push ups seemed to suffer. Was within one or two on the sit ups and squats. Overall beat my score by 1 and I'll take it and run!

Stayed in the zone can't remember exactly what I ate but it was all good. Work is crazy and I don't have a lot of time to blog right now. It's going to be even worse during season! I packed all of my meals for the entire week, I've got to start doing that again on Sundays. It really helps me not have to think durning the week, just grab n go.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Slept in today it was so nice!

10:15 Apple with pb, cheese, nuts
12:15pm-Egg beaters, veggies, raspberries, salsa, nuts

Saturday, November 15, 2008


Headed to work today, stinks b/c the weather is beautiful!

9am-Egg whites, salsa, celery, broccoli and cauliflower with hummus
2:30pm-Boca Burger, cheese, salad, veggies with sbdressing, nuts, apple with pb
6:45pm-Chicken, a few bites of ribs with bbq sauce, salad, a few bites of coleslaw, a few sodas
8pm-Apple and pb, cheese
11pm-Apples and pb

Need to go for a bike ride or something tomorrow, haven't worked out as much lately. Thinking about staying away from pb for a bit I tend to go over board with the pb!

Friday, November 14, 2008


This mornings WOD was squats 5-5-5-5-5. Started with 165, 170, 165, 165, 165. Happy on the 170 didn't want to push the leg it's still pretty tight. Went to PT this morning and the swelling is down, sweet...however she thinks I have fluid behind the knee that should be looked at. So I'm going to have to schedule an MRI and find out what the big picture here is. I'm hoping it's nothing to worry about and if that's the case they can drain it and I'll be good to go.

5am-Cheese, nuts
7:30am-Protein Shake, nuts
12:15pm-Celery, Cauliflower, boca burger and almost a half, nuts, 1/2 apple, SBdressing
3:30pm-1/2 of boca burger, veggies, dressing, nuts
6:30pm-Chicken, salad, veggies, nuts
9pm-Apple with extra PB, a little ck

I was over for sure today on blocks. Especially at the end of the day. Probably should start measuring again as I have just been eyeing everything and it seems the portions have been growing! :) Had a good week though and feel better.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


WOD was 1150M row, 75 sit ups, 50 hypers, 25 KTE, 1150M row. The second row was a killer! Just over 16 min for the WOD. S and I for extra work did a few pistols, and some wall sits.. My goal with my calf is to be pain free by next Saturday which is our championship 5 rounds of FGB. I don't even care how I do I just want to be feeling good going in. So I'm going to focus on taking care of it until then.

5am-Salmon, nuts
7:45-Egg Whites, salsa, apple, a few grapes and nuts
12:00pm-Salmon, spinach, zucchini and squash, salsa, nuts
3:15pm-Salmon, celery, cucumber, nuts, SBdressing
6:30-Salmon, celery, cauliflower, apple, nuts, sbdressing
9pm-Cheese, grapes, nuts

Feel much better with the diet as I have been pretty darn good all week. Hopefully will continue through the weekend and into next week!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hit the gym this morning. WOD was 5 cleans, 5 push press, 5 burpees, 200m row - 20 minute AMRAP. Went with 80lbs felt good. My push press turned into pretty much a shoulder press at the end. I could feel my calf on every jump so I decided to back off a bit. Almost got 8 complete rounds missed it my 15 or 20meters on the rower. Shout out to Sarah for killin' it this morning, nice work girl! Keep it up!

5am-egg whites, grapes, nuts
8am-egg whites, apple, nuts
12:30pm-Chicken, veggies, strawberries, nuts a little cheese
4:30pm-Tomatoes, lettuce, crumbled blu cheese, nuts
7pm-Salmon, greens, veggies with salsa, strawberries a few grapes nuts
9pm-Apple, pb a little salmon

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So I decided to give myself a break this am and sleep in. My calf was pretty tight when I got home from work last night and I could use the rest. Thank you too all of the Veteran's out there for keeping our country save.

9:00am-egg beaters, salsa, raspberries, strawberries, nuts
12:30pm-Salad with lots of veggies, nuts, strawberries/raspberries
snack and Dinner were zone
Snack-Strawberry smoothie

Haven't been doing well on the blog, work is a little crazy right now.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Blues

So this morning I woke up and my calf felt the best it had in weeks. Started the WOD and bam it snapped up again. I am just so frustrated with the entire situation and am sick of it being an issue. I need to learn just to take time off, heal and then get back in action. Somethings never change.

7:30am-Fish, strawberries, raspberries, nuts and veggies
12:30-Cheese, chicken, salad, strawberries
4pm-cheese, tomato, celery, nuts
6:30-a little fish, cheese, salad, raspberries and strawberries

Thursday, November 6, 2008


Went to PT yesterday and the good news is my calf is starting to loosen up. The bad news is I can't hit it hard for the next few days or it'll just tighten back up. So this morning had my own WOD- 250M row, 10 DL@ 165lbs. 8 rounds plus one row in 20:08 seconds. I was so close with my plus 1 on that last row and finished strong. Went for a nice bike ride with Sarah after WOD to finish up our extra work for the week.

5am-Chicken, nuts
7:30-3 eggs a little chicken, apple, nuts
12:30pm-Stuffed Tomatoes, veggies, nuts
4:30pm-Chicken, veggies, nuts
7pm-Boca burger chili mix up, salad, veggies, nuts
Snack-shrimp, veggies, nuts and 4 sugar free nips

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Triple Modality in full effect! 30 thrusters @ 30lb dumbell, 800m run, 30 pull-ups, 60 KBS at 24kl, 30 pull-ups, 800m run, 30 thrusters. Just over 25 minutes of pure wonderfulness this am. My pull-ups are so much stronger without the tape but my hands are paying the price. Nice and bloody once again. I must find a happy medium!! Just happy that I finally have my confidence back with my pull ups. Thanks coach!

5am-chicken, nuts
7:30-eggs, apple, nuts
12pm-Stuffed tomatoes, a few veggies, apple, nuts
4pm-Salad, fish, nuts, ff dressing
6pm-Salmon, 1/2 apple, veggies, nuts
8pm-Cheese and pepperoni, veggies, nuts and a few blackberries

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So this is me with Dark hair on halloween!!

Feeling much better today as I woke up. Still have a few days of super clean eating to get the extra weight off but one day at a time. My calf has started to loosen up from the massage, ultra sound and muscle stim. It'll probably take a few more days to be back 100%. But there is light at the end of the tunnel! WOD was 750m row, 50 hypers, 100ft walking lunges, 5 rope climbs, 100ft walking lunges, 50 burpees, 750m row. 22:02 wow that was a good one. I am feeling much better about the rope climbs these days. I would love to try the one with no knots but am a little scared of falling!! Go Sarah for getting up and down that 5 times!

5am-Chicken, nuts
7:30-4 eggs, apple, nuts
12:15pm-Eggplant, chicken, salad, x-tra veggies, nuts, FF dressing
4pm-Veggies with dressing, nuts, chicken
7pm-Salmon, a little kielbasa, mixed veggies, nuts, blackberries, hummus

Went out after work and lines how nice.

Monday, November 3, 2008


Back at it, not feeling so good as I got up this morning. WOD was The Bear- 7 sets-for 5 rounds up in weight each round.-Power clean, front squat, push press, back squat, push press. Started with 65, 70, 75, 80, max at 95lbs. Really wanted that 95 and powered through. It was a good test of the mind not to set the bar down. The last 2 sets at 95 really had me telling myself I could do it, and somehow I did. Tuff!!

7:45am-Eggs, veggies, blackberries, hummus
11:30-Fish, veggies, nuts
2pm-veggies, hummus ,nuts
6:30pm-Chicken, eggplant with salsa, mixed veggies with hummus, a few blackberries, nuts

Nice 40 minute bike ride and then a little foot detox to clean out the system with sarah. Boy did my foot detox get out some shit...actaully it was nasty! Probably need another one this week. Went to the doc today about the calf. I have a really bad stain and need to let the darn thing heal. Got some muscle stim, ultrasound and a little massage. No running and am on a dosepack for the next few days.

The Weekend

Saturday was Crossfit total and my goal going in was 600 lbs between 2 lifts, squats, shoulder press and deadlift. I missed my goal by 30 lbs which was pretty disappointing. My squat wasn't there and really bummed me out. I know I can do that weight my mind wasn't there for me. Overall it's an outstanding total for the first time. I absolutly have something to work towards now!!! This weekend I totally trashed my body. Drinking, eating and just not taking care of myself. I feel like shit right now and have to detox my body of all of the crap I put in it.

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Had a deep tissue massage last night and noticed that my ankle was starting to swell! At about 8:30 it was very noticeable. I slept with my foot elevated and it seemed to make the swelling go down. My flippin calf is still a problem and I'm debating on going to the Doctor on Monday. This is the leg that I fractured my tibula with maybe 3 years ago now. I reference that b/c it starts in my high calf almost behind the knee and down. The outside of my knee tingles when I lay down and stretch my leg towards my head. Any ideas guys of what is going on? My hamstring and calf tend to get tight easily but this has been 2 weeks of serious tightness into pain. I'm at the point of it being an issue and just wanting it to go away. AHHH. It's putting a cramp on my workouts. I rowed for 800m, biked for 15 minutes and rowed for 15 minutes-a little over 4500m rowing for my met-con Friday.

5am-Chicken, nuts
7:30am-eggs, apple, nuts
12:15pm-Salmon, squash, tomato, cucumber, nuts, 1/2 apple

Thursday, October 30, 2008


Another cold morning. I thought it was going to warm up today, but not so much! WOD was 30 Power Cleans @85 lbs, 45 box jumps at 20 inch, 60 Pull ups. Stayed with the prescribed weight today b/c of total on Saturday. I know I could've bumped it up but I don't want to be too sore for Saturday. My calf is still an issue still. It's pretty much running the course of my leg from behind. All tight back there. Anyhow I was really excited with my pull ups today. I went at it with no tape and was able to hold onto the bar and bang a lot more reps out at once. Although I have a good size gouge in my hand it was worth it. They felt better, looked better and overall much higher over the bar. FINALLY. Ran 2 miles with S after the WOD. Shout out to her for killin the WOD this AM.

5am-Salmon, nuts
7:30-4 eggs, huge apple, nuts
12:15pm-Stuffed tomatoes, some mixed veggies, some grapes and raspberries, nuts
3:30pm-Veggies, tuna, nuts
7pm-fish, squash, veggies with hummus, grapes
9pm-ck, grapes n raspberries, nuts

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Oh man I did not want to get out of bed this morning! Hooked it up with like 4 layers of clothing before I headed to the gym. WOD was one minute on the minute for 30 minutes! 6 burpees, 15 KSW at 24kl, 50 singles. My burpees were outstanding in my book today, felt stronger than I have on those in a while, the swings started catching up to me at the end. But 150 of them at 24kl will do that to you! Shout out to my big dogs this morning way to step it up girls! Ran 2 miles with Sarah after the WOD felt good to run again. Going to hold onto that feeling and do it more.

5:15am-Chicken and nuts
7:30-3 eggs, 1/2 apple, nuts
9am-other egg and the rest of my apple, 3 nuts-Although my apple was HUGE probably the size of 2 normal ones :)
1pm-Stuffed Tomatoes, a few veggies, apple, nuts
4pm-Stir fry with chicken
7pm-Salmon, salad, veggies with hummus, grapes

So I've decided that I'm going to start being zone again. I find myself not being as happy as I was with my diet and grumpy at times. I have noticed I am thinking about eating too much and kind of obsessing at times. My cheats are really overboard and I feel out of control. To me that means my mind and body are trying to tell me something. It's partly my fault for not cooking Paleo and trying new things but I think for me right now more zone less paleo is the way to go.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


What's up NY State weather!! Wow it was like waking up at home this morning. WOD was row 1,000M, 7 rounds of 7 snatches, 7 OH Squats @ 53lbs, run 800M. 17:51 was my time. Felt good on the overhead squats a lot more confident in my posture. On the run the calf flared up again. I was fine all day yesterday not sure what's up with it. Going to go back to my old kicks and see if that helps for a week.

5am-chicken, nuts
8:30am-4 eggs, apple-large!!, nuts
12:30pm-Out to lunch with the girls-Salad with grilled chicken, got back apple and nuts
4pm-Salad, egg, nuts
7:30pm-Egg salad-sooo good, veggies, nuts, grapes, 1/2 apple

In the hot tub feels soooo good when it's cold out. Calf is tight tried massage on it hopefully that'll help it.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Today's WOD was named and those always kick my butt. My pull ups are still giving me trouble. 20 pull ups, 30 push ups, 40 sit-ups, 50 air squats 40 minute time limit. I only got 4 rounds and 10 pull ups. Sarah killed it this am, way to go girl! 50 OH squats with 33lb bar for extra work.

8:00pm- eggs, raspberries, grapes, nuts and some veggies
12:15pm-Sweet tomatoes with Sarah-Salad with lots of veggies, nuts, grapes, chicken.
3pm-Egg, chicken, veggies with hummus, nuts
5pm-Apple with PB
7pm-Salad, grapes, nuts, ground beef, 1/2 apple with PB
8:30 apple and a 1/2 with extra PB!!

Don't think I ate enough at lunch b/c by 2:30 I was hungry!! Had an early snack maybe 2 block to hold me over. While my husband had his cookies I snacked on apples and PB all night. I didn't Cheat on the cookies liz, no worries, but I for sure overate big time. Need to watch it!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Got up really late! So nice sleeping in. Headed down to the swamp buggy races for the first time. It was a lot of fun, good thing we took liz's was muddy!!

10:30-Chicken, grapes, veggies with hummus, nuts
5:30pm-eggplant with salsa, cheese, chicken, veggies with hummus, grapes, nuts
8pm-Grapes, nuts

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Saturday-Pumpkin Patch

Today I am at working for my kid's pumpkin patch. I had almost 50 kids plus their parents and grandparents. It was nuts but a wonderful time. Lots of good feedback from everybody which was nice. The darn kids were so cute all dressed up. I just love Halloween!!

8:15-Chicken, apple, nuts
1:30pm-Salad, tomato, peppers, nuts, eggs and a little chicken
5:30-Veggies with hummus, salad, eggplant with salsa & cheese, chicken, nuts
7pm-Fruit Salad with nuts
8:30-apple w/pb
9:30pm-blackberry smoothie

Friday, October 24, 2008


WOD was a little nutty this AM. I'm sure I'll be sore over the weekend. 5 thrusters, 7 hang cleans, 10 SDLHP at 85 lbs AMRAP for 20 Min. 7 complete rounds + 2 thrusters. Used the thumb grip as I got tired and it really helped me hold on for the cleans and deadlifts. So proud of Brennan this am as we worked out together and he held his own. Plus Sarah for going HEAVY, girl way to be!!!

5am-Chicken, nuts
7:30-4 eggs, apple, nuts
12:30pm Salad, tomatoes, pepper, celery, nuts, chicken
3:45pm-Veggies, dressing, fish, nuts
8pm-Salad, 2 peppers, celery, nuts, grapes, chicken
9pm-Raspberries, blackberries, grapes, nuts

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Calf is still tight, hopped in the hot tub before the WOD. WOD was 3 rounds one minute one 30 sec to move stations. Air squats-due to the calf, row for calories, KTE, Hypers. Still feel like I am cheating on the KTE I continue to struggle with these. Worked my butt off on everything else though. Extra work was 50 GHD sit up hand overhead, 50 dips from the box, used a ball on the feet for extra work thanks to Sarah who is always looking out for me:)

5am-Chicken, nuts
7:30-eggs, apple, nuts
12:30pm-Fish, salad with tomatoe and pepper, cauliflower, celery & eggplant with Balsomic dressing, nuts
4:15pm- chicken, nuts, veggies
7:30pm-Fish, salad with extra veggies, 1/2 apple, nuts
9pm-1/2 apple, chicken, nuts

Very hungry today at like 10:30 am and for lunch.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


WOD today was 800M run, 800M row, 50 Wb at 16lbs, 50 push ups, 50 KBS 24kl, 400M row, 400 Run. Did so well until the final run when my L calf spased out. I was so pissed, almost made it through the work out without it bothering me!! AHHH. Anyhow I feel like I need to start sucking it up and moving onto the 20lb ball for the wallballs. It's the only way I'll get stronger. Added 5 rope climbs at the end for extra work.

5am-chicken, nuts
7:30am-eggs, pepper, tomatoes, nuts
12:00pm-Red pepper, celery, tomato, broccoli, left of squash and zucchini, chicken, nuts
5pm-Mixed veggies, chicken, nuts
7pm-Eggplant, pepper, cauliflower, tomatoe, celery, fish, 1/2 sausage link, nuts

I was all over the place with dinner but I liked the mix of veggies for sure.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Crashed when I got home from work last night asleep by 9:20pm...Nice! WOD today was 50 jumping pull-ups, 5 rounds of DL @185, 10 burpees for time. 8:59. Right under 9 minutes love it when that happens. Extra work was 50 handstand push ups with 3 and 4 tires, 1 mile run. Calf is still bothering me, which is starting to irritate me a bit. Ice on and off today for sure. Back to basics with the zone, life is good. Going to focus on me for a bit and not let outside events derail my progress.

5am-Chicken, almonds
7:30 am- Eggs, apple, nuts
12:15pm-Chicken, celery, apple, nuts
4:15pm-Cauliflower, celery, ck, nuts
8pm-Chicken, zucchini, peppers, squash, eggplant, nuts, salsa

Monday, October 20, 2008


Slept in until 6:45 this am, however I was up late to watch the Rays clinch it over the Sox. Victory Florida! Went for a ride with Liz and we made a pack. No cheats until CF total or 75 burpees. Ouch but I am hoping this will keep me motivated for 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure it will as I hate burpees. Great morning of cardio and hangin out with my buddies, as I popped in at Sarah's for a bit. Didn't have to show up for work until 12 so I had time to play this morning.

8:30am-eggs, nuts, apple
12:30-Salad, chicken, veggies, nuts
5:30pm-Cauliflower, broccoli, chicken, salad, nuts, ff dressing

Already feel better and motivated to kick butt for the next 2 weeks. At work late tonight, mondays stink!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


For some reason I could not sleep in! Woke up at 6am and couldn't fall back to sleep. Got up at 7:30 on a Sunday, what's up with that!! Headed down to the beach for a few hours with Liz and her crew. Got some color, road on a jet ski and enjoyed the beautiful day.

8:15am-4 eggs with pepper and broccoli, eggplant, nuts and salsa
1pm-Salad with veggies, nuts and steak
4pm-veggies, dip, cheese, nuts, apple with PB
7pm-Chinese buffet, ice cream

I know I stink at being strick. I am so dedicated with my workouts but when it comes to my diet I am not. Something I have always and will always struggle with.

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Got a good night's sleep last night, awesome! Spartan 300 this am was a killer. 25 Pull-ups, 50 deadlifts, 50 push ups, 50 box jumps 24 box, 50 wipers, 25 pull ups. It took me a little over 32 minutes. I'm happy with my work today. The first round of pull-ups went well, 2nd round struggled to get a bunch in a row but stuck it out and finished RXD. My L calf is still a mess. I even had a massage yesterday. I'm going to try and ice on and off all day. I have hurt this same muscle a few times and it does take a while to go away. Gotta start taking care of my body and stretching more before and after workouts. It was so nice to see the turn out this morning and of course have Sarah back in action. Nice work Crossfit Ft.Myers!!!

7am-Steak, nuts
11am-Salad, nuts, strawberries, grapes, steak
3pm-Tuna fish, salad, nuts, eggplant, a few strawberries
7:15pm- steak a little tuna fish, salad, strawberries, nuts-diet coke
11pm-Veggies, dip, grapes, nuts and 3 slices of cheese

Got home from work at 10:30pm, what a long freakin' day. I was tired and hungry so I had a nice snack while watching the baseball game.

Friday, October 17, 2008


So I just noticed I'm 100 posts in....WOW. Time sure does fly. This morning was just practice for our Spartan 300 tomorrow morning. I worked on some wipers with 95lbs bar and the Clean and Jerks at 16kl. A little nervous about tomorrow my calf is not better yet! Ended up bringing my bike this morning and road for about 35 minutes.

5am-Steak, nuts
7:30am-Steak, strawberries, celery, nuts
12:30pm-Mahi Mahi and a little steak, salad, celery, tomato, nuts
7pm-Salad, chicken, strawberries, grapes, nuts
9pm-Steak, celery, nuts

Thursday, October 16, 2008


WOD was 30 push press at 73lbs and 4 rounds of 21-15-12-9 KBS at 24 kl, 400M run. I slammed the push presses and didn't break. My overall time was 11:02. Weights and running are my best days by far. My calf muscles have been tight all week and I pulled or strained my L calf on my last run. It's killing me right now :(. Needs to heal fast as we have a big WOD on Saturday.

5:15am-Salmon & Nuts
8:00 am- Eggs, cooked veggies and celery, nuts
1pm-Salad, mahi mahi, celery, nuts
4pm-Steak, tomato, nuts
6pm-Ground Turkey, salad, cooked veggies, nuts

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Feel really full/bloated and all around yucky. WOD was for time- 800m row, 40 KTE, 40 squats with 63lbs, 40 ghd sit ups and 800m row. Kicked but on everything but the KTE. Didn't break on the squats which really helped my time. Pads of the hands still a little sore from the pull ups yesterday. Going to be really strict today as I feel like crap. Very much upset about yesterday but I have to let it go and start with a clean slate. No extra work for the rest of the week in the mornings going to take it easy since I've been killing myself!!

5am-Salmon, nuts
7:30am-eggs, strawberries, nuts
12:30pm-Salmon burger, salad with extra veggies, strawberries, nuts
4pm- Cauliflower and celery, ff dressing, steak, nuts
6:30pm-steak, strawberries, grapes, salad & veggies, nuts,
8:15-grapes, strawberries, steak, nuts

Really hungry all day today. must be the full moon or something!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


WOD was AMRAP 20 minutes- 200M run, 10 pull ups, 20 push ups, 30 squats. 4 +1 rounds complete. Much happier with my pull ups they are coming along nicely! It helped that it was only 10 at a time. Push ups are getting better as well, still slowing me down. Extra work was 2 mile run so now I am done for the week with the extra running..Yeah!

5am-Salmon, nuts
7:30- 4 eggs, strawberries, nuts
12:15am-Mahi Mahi, salad with extra veggies, strawberries, nuts
3:30pm-Steak, tomatoes, nuts
4:30pm-Mental breakdown!!! Started with a few pieces of Halloween candy and ended with Taco Bell! I know way out of the zone and I am paying for it. YUCK

Monday, October 13, 2008


WOD-Clean and Jerk 5-5-5-5-5. Started with 65bs and got up to 115. Really happy with my progress with my clean but overhead I am still struggling. My L shoulder is just not as strong or it actually hurts going overhead with a lot of weight. Not sure if I need to warm up longer with my shoulders or what. Towards the end it was getting better/looser but it did not feel good with the Jerk. Extra work was 2500M row-9:55 was my time. Got in 2miles of my extra running for the week, only 2 more to go!

5:15am-egg, nuts
7:30-3 eggs, nuts
10:30am-Egg beaters, spinach, little fetta cheese, 4 slices of tomato
2pm-Salad, grapes x 2, strawberries, 2 eggs
6:30pm-lean steak, a little mahi mahi, salad, strawberries, nuts
8:45pm-Strawberries, nuts, salmon

I went down to VeronaWalk today to take my old volunteer assistant out for b-fast. It was so nice to see everyone again. I miss my old residents.

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Did not want to get out of bed this morning. Debating on going for a run or just being lazy today. Finally at 9:30 I decided that I would feel much better after a run. Went about 3 miles, thought my calf muscles were going to cramp up. They are sooo stinkin' tight from the combination of the run on Friday and wearing heals at work yesterday. WOW.

10:30am-Chicken and lots of nuts
1pm-2 block salad with nuts
4pm-3 eggs, strawberries, celery and nuts
6pm-Out to carrabbas-1/2 cup of tomato basil soup, house salad, 1 slice of bread, shrimp and scallops with broccoli and cauliflower-Yummy!!
8:45pm-Grapes, apple, egg, a lot of peanut butter

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Saturday-Off to work

Slept in this morning until 7:15 a.m. so nice! At work all day which stinks but I have Monday off so it works out!

8:30am-Chicken, peach, raspberries, nuts
12:00-Ground Turkey, 2 eggs, salad, nuts, apple
3pm-Raspberries, ground turkey, nuts
4:30-Celery, cauliflower, cheese square, apple and Pb
7pm-Chicken, Salad, nuts, cheese and tortilla chips, coolers light
9pm-Fruit Salad, nuts

Did pretty well today. Had a few cheats but much better than last weekend.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fast Friday!

This mornings WOD was the 5k run. It's been a long time since I've clocked it in crossfit but I have been practicing my runs with Sarah. I had a PB today getting it done in 24:01. I am so happy with my performance as I have come a long way with running. Extra work was 50 overhead squats. Did 2 sets of 10 with the woman's bar, 3 sets of 10 with the regular, and 6 singles with plates. Focused on engaging all of my shoulder and back muscles, this seemed to help a great deal with my balance. I wanted to weigh in this am to see where I'm at. Still at 157lbs, darn it! For some reason I was good with that, I feel as though I have trimmed down even though the scale isn't my friend today.

5am-piece of a burger, nuts
8am-4 eggs, peaches, nuts
12:30pm-Salad, burger, nuts, peach yummy!
3:30pm-Peach, burger, nuts
6:30pm-Salad, celery with hummus, peach, ground turkey, mixed nuts
9pm-chicken, apple and PB-atleast 2 tablespoons-soo good!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008


WOD was AMRAP 15 minutes: 10 power Snatches @ 53lbs, 10 Burpees. 70 snatches and 64 burpees later I caught my breath. Form on the snatches felt better but I still want to focus on getting the bar a little closer to my body. Extra work was 10 TGU's on each side with a 16kilo Kettle bell. The body is banged up this week, not getting enough sleep at night is not helping the situation either.

5am-Salmon, nuts
7:45am-2 white peaches :)
9:30-4 eggs, peach, nuts
12:15pm- Salad, burger, veggies, peach, nuts
3:15pm-Chicken, peach, nuts
5:30pm-Salmon, veggies, salad, nuts, raspberries
8:30pm- 2 block snack of fruit salad, burger, nuts

Just trying to leave work and it's almost 8pm. Tired, and yes I am ready for the WEEKEND!!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So I'm pretty sore all over. I've decided that I'm not working hard enough if nothings sore. I can't remember the last time I wasn't sore to tell you the truth...Gotta love Crossfit! WOD was 50 Double Unders, 400M Run, 100ft. Walking Lunges, 400M Run, 60 Wallball Shots 14lbs, 400M run, 100ft walking lunges, 400M run, 50 Double unders. Time was 16:16. Sarah smoked me on the double unders, nice work girl! I've got to get that extra jump out and I'll be right where I need to on those suckers. 10 TGU's on each side for extra work. 5 with the bar 5 w/o. The bar is a killer and very challenging.

5am-Salmon, nuts
7:30am-3 eggs, peach, raspberries, walnuts and pecans
12:30pm-Salad, salmon, peach, walnuts and pecans-
4pm-Salad, chicken, nuts
7:30-Chicken, salad, peach, apple, nuts
9pm-Chicken, peach, peanut butter

Employee birthday today pizza and cake. Showed up with my own and stayed in the zone! But I heard it for not trying the birthday cake. It's all good people I can stand up to peer pressure and am proud of myself for not caving.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Worked late last night and feeling it today. WOD was 750M row, 5 rounds of 12 deadlifts, 8 hang power cleans, 4 push jerks @ 83lbs. Right around 12:30 minutes. The power cleans got to me as I couldn't hold my grip. Still need to work on fast elbows, I tend to get lazy arms as I get tired. Ended up with a little extra work of 50 weighted lunges on each leg. I have been eating 4 eggs at B-fast lately and I like it. In my head I would rather be over in protein than that ok? hmmm I'll have to look into it.

5am-London Broil, almonds
7:30am-2 huge peaches probably 2.5, 4 eggs, walnuts
12:15p.m.-Peach, huge salad, walnuts, lean ground beef
4:30pm-Egg, cauliflower, walnuts
6:30pm-Chicken, salad, veggies, walnuts and pecans
9pm-Grapes, salmon, mixed nuts

I think I pulled a muscle in my R arm between my bicep-forearm area. Ouch. It was on the last set of cleans I dropped the bar b/c I couldn't hold on and bam that's when I must of pulled something in there. You never realize how much you use that muscle until it hurts.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Today kicked my butt! Angie 100 pull ups, 100 push ups, 100 GHD sit ups, 100 air squats. I almost had the Rxd but couldn't hold it together on the pull ups, had to resort to jumping. Although I feel as though they are getting better, YEAH! Walked a little 5k route with Sarah to measure a good track after class. Working late tonight so had some time to play in the morning.

5am-Chicken, nuts
8:30am-4 eggs, 2 peaches, nuts
12:30pm-Chicken, salad, apple, walnuts
4pm-Celery, chicken, walnuts and almonds
6pm-Lean ground beef patti, huge salad, 1/2 apple, walnuts and almonds
8:30pm-Chicken, a little steak, nuts, peach-Over on protein for sure

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Went for a walk with Liz this AM marked off the long running route. Need to figure it out but it was 23,500 feet!

8:45-London Broil slice, nuts
11am-Egg beaters, eggplant, red pepper, salsa, 1/2 apple, nuts

Ok so you know when I don't blog it's usually because I've fallen off the wagon and just don't want to post it. Yeah that's how I feel better about it. I've got to come clean and move on. Saturday and Sunday I had Ice cream and cookies. Not sure what came over me, but I got it in my head and then it was over. Sometimes I let words or other people interfere with my goals and I self destruct or become weak. I'm going to try to focus and reach my goal of a 600 at crossfit total. Little goals every month or so I hope will help me focus on the big picture.


WOD was back squats 3-3-3-3-3-3. I started with a few warm up sets and then started at 135lbs I got up to 195 today which was amazing for me. I feel as though I am not confident with my back squat so it is one of my weakest events. I still need to work on drive up out of the squat with the hips. My hip flexors are weak so it's tough to get that initial pop in the beginning for me. With that being said I have improved a great deal with my squats and was very happy with my performance today. Extra work was 2 mile run, 25 stability ball pass throughs and a few handstand push ups.

5am-Chicken and nuts
7:30am-Eggs, chicken, apple, almonds
10am-strawberries and grapes, nuts
12:30pm-Salad, 2 tomatoes with cheese sticks, 2 fruit sticks, 3 samples of different ck selections and a slice of ham. Strawberries and grapes with nuts for dessert
3pm-Strawberries, grapes and nuts
7-8:30-veggies with a little cheese, 1 tortilla chip, spinach and mushroom salad, lobster tail, 4 cubes of salmon, strawberry and banana slices, 1 rice crispy square, 1 brownie square, 1 bite of cheese cake with chocolate, 2 ultras

It was hard to stay in the zone today as I was in a meeting all day and had to go with the food that was provided. My husband surprised me with dinner at the melting pot which is my favorite restaurant. I was happy with staying in control and just taking samples of what I would normally eat a lot of. I still enjoyed a beautiful meal but didn't indulge in the goodies, NICE!

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Definitely feeling tired from the week as my legs felt heavy on the runs today. WOD was 400M run 30 KTE, 30 Mountain Climbers, 800M run, 30 sit ups GHD, 30 Mountain Climbers, 800M run, 30 hypers, 30 Mountain Climbers, 400M run. Under 17 min, not to shabby. Knees to Elbows slowed me down but I find myself not getting so frustrated with my weaknesses. I think b/c I have a plan and a goal I am in a good place going forward! Extra work-50 rack rows. So pumped I had 25 more KTE but since we had those on the WOD I can scratch that for the week, yeah.

5am-Chicken, nuts
7:30- eggs, apple, nuts
12:15-Salad with veggies, broccoli, fish, nuts
5pm-Pepper, tomatoes, fish, nuts, hummus
7pm-Salad, egg plant, collard greens, shrimp a little taco meat, nuts, grapes
9pm-Grapes, chicken, nuts

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Triple Mo day today. WOD-AMRAP 20 minutes- 200m run, 10 kbs 24kl, 10 pull ups. Tried to work on pull ups today and get my rhythm. Felt really good towards the end. Focused on kicking the feet out in front and really popping the hips. Still having trouble hanging on the bar but i'll get there. At least I feel as though it's getting better. Only completed 5 rounds but that's ok. Extra work today was 50 perfect push ups, 25 pass through with stability ball.

5am-Chicken, nuts
7:30am-Chicken, apple, nuts
12:00-1 block chicken
12:30-eggs, salad, veggies, extra veggies, nuts
3:30pm-Chicken, salad, nuts
7pm-Fish, a little chicken, broccoli, green beans, grapes, nuts
9pm-Chicken, nuts

Tuesday, September 30, 2008


So my long weekend is over and of course it went by way too fast! Yesterday was nice I got a lot of stuff done around the house! WOD this morning was Power Squat Clean thruster, burpees 21-15-9 for time. 10:15? Something crazy like that. My quads were burning! My L shoulder was feeling it. I'm going to have to try and do some band work on it or something. I've noticed it becoming weaker. X-Tra work today was 50 handstand push ups with assistance from the tires-not comfortable on the wall just yet, 25 KTE.

5am-Chicken, nuts
7:30-Eggs, apple, tons of nuts-per my talk with S this morning
12:15pm-Salad xtra veggies on side, a few grapes, chicken, extra nuts
4pm-Chicken, veggies with hummus, nuts-Feeling tired probably b/c of the rain!
7pm-Taco meat, salad, grapes, nuts, veggies and hummus while cooking

Monday, September 29, 2008


Slept pretty hard last night which was great. Mornings wod kicked my butt-Row 250m, 500m, 750m, 1000m for time all out sprint. 2-3 minute rest between each session. Don't remember my exact times but I know I faded. Wasn't happy with my 1,000m thought I feel out of it for a bit. I know I could've beat my previous time if I stayed focused. Not bad over all though. So I am starting my 30 day regiment on focusing on my weaknesses.
x-tra work: 50 OHS with only 33lbs
200 sit ups on the ball
2-1 minute planks

5am-Chicken, nuts
8:45-Chicken, raspberries, eggplant, 12 nuts
1pm-Salad, eggs, nuts, fruit
6pm-Slice of london broil, slice of turkey at grocery store
7pm-Salad, chicken, 2 eggs, nuts, grapes
9pm-Chicken, veggies, hummus

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Recovery Sunday

Last night was a lot of fun hangin out with some great friends. I totally drank myself silly and didn't realize it until the way home. We ended up stopping for a few more drinks and a little 24 hours McDonald's on the way home. Needless to say I didn't get out of bed until 12 today and enjoyed every minute of my much needed sleep. I got up and told Chad, see this is why I don't drink anymore :) My goal for the next few month's is to really focus on my nutrition and be accountable for what I "binge" on. Maybe staying as strict as possible during the week and allowing myself to be zone on the weekends will help me out. I still don't have my diet under control and if I try to be "too" good I end up feeling guilty for the littlest cheat and then it snowballs from there. Let's try that for a few weeks and see how I do.

Game Plan-
Paleo during the week-Mon-Fri every meal
Sat & Sun-Zone/Paleo-Hopefully I can knock this back to just Sunday-but let's see
Crossfit 5 days a week
Set goals each week with coach on improving weaknesses and do allotted reps of each exercise by the end of the week
No 1 day binges
Re-Cap in 30 days-October 29

If I can stick to my goals I should see results in 30 days, no excuses! Now that I've posted it, I've got to hold myself accountable.....

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fight Gone Bad Saturday

Holy shizzzznick!! Fight gone bad today was awesome. We could not have asked for better weather here in Florida. The Temp. was just right and it was cloudy. Perfect conditions to kill yourself for a great cause! I have had anxiety all week about this workout. I knew I set the bar really high for myself on the first go at it and this time I really wanted to beat my score. My goal going in today was a 320 and I ended up with a 330!! So flippin' happy. I felt great the first round and just went balls to the wall, next time I might want to pace myself just a tad b/c it for sure caught up to me. Overall though really proud of myself and my performance. Got to send my love to my girl Sarah who totally killed it today. I am soooo f'in proud of her commitment to her diet and crossfit. She is seeing amazing results from being just so disciplined. She beat her score today by like 60 some points and hit a 318 today which is just nutty. YOU GO GIRL!! Love working out with you!!!
Today all day is a total cheat as I am celebrating so no food posting will occur :) YEAH!!

Friday, September 26, 2008


So it's the day before the big event and I'm nervous, excited and anxious all at the same time. I really want to beat my old score and have a great showing tomorrow. I'm going to try and focus on positive thoughts and do my best tomorrow. Headed to the gym for a walk and stretch with Sarah at 7am. It was kind of nice to just lay in bed for a bit this am.

6:15am-Chicken, nuts
8am-Chicken, egg, peach, strawberries, nuts and grapes
12:00-Eggs, salsa, salad, nuts and a few grapes
3pm-3 nuts
4pm-egg, veggies, ff salad dressing, nuts
5pm-3 nuts, frozen grapes
7pm-salmon, salad, side veggie mix, nuts

Thursday, September 25, 2008


So today I am committed to staying clean! WOD was 3 rounds, deadlifts-21-15-9 at 135lbs, 800M run. Sarah and I killed it. It was such a good push and we both helped each other get through it. Nice! Was really happy with my performance when all was done.

5am-fish, peach, nuts
7:15am-4 eggs, nuts, peach a few strawberries
1pm-Starving but just got the chance to eat-Salmon, salad, nuts, peach, lots of veggies
4:45pm-2 eggs, nuts
5-7-2 diet cokes
7:20pm-Pickin' on fruit, veggies, slice of meat
8:30pm-Salmon, cheese, a few slices of pepperoni, veggies with dip, nuts, peach and a few strawberries

Have a welcome party for me at work tonight. Going to stay clean, going to stay clean. If I keep telling myself that, I think it might just work :) So pretty happy with how the evening turned out. Stayed away from the goodies! Was starving while I was packing up the left overs so I snacked a bit, same with dinner. Good evening over all though!


Ok it's been a little crazy in my life but to recap-Tuesday night-Mental meltdown. Not sure what happened but chad and I went a little nutty with cookies and ice cream after I was already way over blocks for the day. I know it was crazy.Woke up Wednesday and thought I was going to die at the WOD but ended up doing pretty well. I was surprised that my body didn't give out with all of the sugar I took in the night before. Shocking actually. WOD was Rower 500m, 50 WBS 16lbs, 50 hypers, 50 double unders, 50 KBS 16K, row 250M 25 WBS, 25 hypers, 25 double unders, 25 KBS. Breakfast was normal, out to lunch scallops, salad, out for an after noon meeting, side salad with chicken, peach, nuts. Dinner-left over zone lasagna, huge fruit salad with PB. So that's 2 days in a row of major cheats. Not good. Not sure if I am having anxiety attacks for FBG on Saturday or what. But once my mind starts going I just want to eat. YUCK.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This morning was a killer. I don't think there was a dry spot on my t-shirt or pair of shorts!! WOD was 25 minutes AMRAP- Sprint, walking lunges, sprint, 25 sit ups, 10 burpees. 8 rounds-It was all good until the burpees starting catching up with me. Thank god Sarah kept keeping me motivated to finish!!

5am-Chicken, peach, nuts
7:15am-Eggs, apple, nuts
12pm-Salad, celery, fish, peach, nuts-Over on gum quota already today!
3pm-Peach, egg, nuts
6:30pm-Starving-Strawberries, peach, salad, salmon, walnuts with grapes.

I'm pretty tired from this mornings workout. Hungry all day I'm sure it's because I was tired. So I picked up some walnuts at costco and it might have been a mistake! They are so good with grapes I couldn't stop eating them. Even after I was full. Maybe 2 or 3 extra blocks of carbs so no snack for me today. YIKES!!

Monday, September 22, 2008


Feeling a little full after the weekend but it's all good. Today is my day off but still up early to go workout. WOD was power cleans 1-1-1-1-1-1. Pretty happy with the amount of weight, the last rep felt good, just need to work on bringing my arms around faster. Wanted to give Sarah a little shout out for her performance today. She stuck with it and reached her goal of 115lbs, so PROUD of her strength and determination.

5am-chicken, peach, nuts
8:30am-chicken, peaches, veggies, nuts
12:30pm-Huge Salad with peppers, broccoli, cucumber, celery, x-tra nuts, 1/2 peach
3pm-Peach, chicken, nuts
6:30pm- Chicken, mixed veggies 2 block, celery, 1/2 peach
9pm-chicken, peach, nuts

Went to see J today with Sarah. So glad I did I am hoping we lifted his spirits a little bit. Praying for a speedy recovery for him! Much love J.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Up late, laid in bed until 8:30-9:00am, just didn't want to get up and clean!! Hosted an awesome baby shower with lots of great food. Mostly all zone friendly, benefits of being the hostess. Couldn't even tell you how many blocks I ate but I know it was a lot. Again all good food but no measuring today.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Up this morning at 7:15am finally got 8 hours of sleep, felt like I still need more but hey not to shabby. Went for a 5k run with Sarah and it felt good. We ran it in about 24 min not sure if it was a true 5 k though. At work today but off Sunday and Monday!

9:30am-Turkey, peach, apple, grapes, little cantaloupe, nuts
1:30pm-Tofo, salad, nuts, veggies, peach
4pm-Turkey pepperoni, peach, cheese, 1/2 apple, nuts
10pm-like a 3 block meal after I got home from work-All good not sure what was up could not stop eating!

I was at work today and didn't prep my meals adhead of time. Had to grab and go out of the fridge not the best choices but not bad.

Friday, September 19, 2008


This morning was a 2.5 mile run. Not really happy with my time as it was 21:53? I felt like I was running at a good clip but hell I guess not! Maybe b/c I haven't been running everyday like before or the double WOD yesterday not sure but would like to do better next time for sure!

5am-chicken, peach, nuts
7:30-chicken, 2 peaches, nuts
11am-2 nuts
12:30pm-Applebees-Tilapia, broccoli, mixed veggies-salsa topping, little fruit
4:30-Fruit salad, chicken, nuts-2 block
7:45pm-Rib City Feast for 2-Ribs, chicken, turkey, taste of beans and coldslaw, salad, broccoli
8:15pm-Peach- 6 almonds

So I am counting today as a major cheat. Dinner was excellent, ate too much but stayed in control which is key. I need to have a clean weekend to be where I want to come Monday. Will try and be super strick tomorrow. I need to start measuring portions again, have not been doing that and feel like I"m eating more than normal. It's all good still very happy with my diet.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Long one this AM! My L deltoid is still killin' me. I must have pulled it or something. WOD was 25 KBS, 50 rack rows, 25 KBS, 100 push ups 12/16"box, 25 KBS, 150 squats, 50 KBS. WOW. The push ups and the rows slowed me down. I only did the 20kl KB which normally I should be doing the 24, but I was taking it easy on my shoulder and glad I did.

5am-Ck, peach, nuts
7:30- 4 eggs, peach, strawberries, nuts, cantaloupe
12:30pm-Salmon, salad, nuts, cantaloupe
3:45pm-Ck, peach, nuts
8pm-Pretty darn hungry-Not sure how many blocks this was but it was a little bit of everything....Chicken, a little cheese, asparagus, broccoli, eggplant, peppers, italian dressing, nuts and a fruit salad for dessert-peach, canteloup, apple, nuts-portions of each.
10pm-Chicken, peach, nuts

Double WOD today. Got my 150 burpees in tonight. 20 min. it took me YUCK! I was sweatin' like a mofo. glad I did it in one shot-bam done. That was 250 push ups for the day and I'm beat and my shoulders are toast.


So feeling better about my crossfit after our WOD this morning, it was awesome. WOD: 500M row, 30 push press @53lbs, 30 box jumps at 20", suicides, 20 push press, 20 box, suicides, 10 push press, 10 box, row 500m. What an excellent push for the day. My shoulders are both tight today from all of the upper body work over the last few days. I am liking the 4 block protein after my workout and think I am going to stick with it for a while.

5am-Chicken, peach, nuts
7:30-4 eggs, 2 peaches, nuts
11:30am-Chicken, salad with the works, nuts, fruit
4pm-Chicken, peach, nuts
8pm-Salmon, salad with a little ck, eggplant with little salsa, peach

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


WOD-Nancy- 5 rounds of OHS at 65lbs and 400M run. Around 16 min. this AM. Not very happy with my OHS. I couldn't get my shoulders stable after the first round. It took me over 2 min. just to get my last set of 15. Not a happy camper on this one, need to practice holding the weight overhead. I know I am strong enough in the shoulders, I think that's why it was so frustrating. I'll just have to practice!!

5am-Chicken, nuts, peach
7:30-eggs, nuts, 2 peaches
12:30pm-Fish, egg, salad, nuts, peaches, a few celery stocks
4pm-Peach, 2- chicken, nuts a few grapes
7pm-I was hungry! a little chicken with cheese, salmon, salad, aparagus, peach, nuts. I was for sure over on blocks at my snack and dinner today.

I was pretty hungry but stayed in the zone which was good. Left shoulder is pretty sore-mid-delt.

Monday, September 15, 2008


So this morning got up at 5am and my body was sore all over. I ate my snack hoping that would help and it didn't. I laid back down only for a few minutes but it ended up being another 3.5 hours of sleep! My body was trying to tell me something and I listened. It's probably for the best as I will be at work LATE LATE tonight. No WOD for me today. Sorry 6am crew for ditching you all. I know you rocked it out without me though.

5am-Chicken, peach, nuts
10am- 4Eggs, peaches, cantaloupe, nuts
2pm-Fish, nuts, salad, cantaloupe
5:30pm-Chicken, salad, 1/2 apple, peach, nuts
snackin' on fruit and nuts
9:30pm-Peach, chicken, nuts

Left work at 8:30p.m., just got home and am pooped! See you all in the AM!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


Did a little boot camp at the beach this AM. Really wasn't pushing myself hard as I"m pretty beat from the week. Hit the beach for a few hours which was most needed.

8am-Salmon, grapes, nuts
Chicken, apple, grapes, nuts
Chicken, Salad, grapes, apple nuts
Peach,nuts chicken-Picked on grapes too!
Dinner-Fish, peach, cantaloupe, asparagus, nuts, and a few green beans
9pm-Peach, nuts, chicken, 1/4 apple

I'm feeling really happy about my weekend. It's the first time in a few weeks that I didn't binge at some point. I went over on blocks but still stayed pretty darn clean. I am starting to feel like I did before vacation which is huge! Hopefully by the end of this week, I'll be back for good.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Oh how I love Saturday workouts....not really:) Hard one for me today Badger- 30 squat cleans, 30 pull ups 800m run- 3 rounds. Can't remember exact time like 44 or 45 min. I got smoked on the pull ups, but felt really good with the squat cleans. I'm pooped! Nice work 8am crew you guys are awesome!!!

7am chicken, peach, almonds
10am eggs, grapes, peach, nuts
2pm-chicken, grapes, nuts, peach
3:30pm-nuts and a few grapes
6:15pm-Salmon, salad with lots of veggies, nuts and greenbeans
8pm-6 shrimp, nuts, veggies with dip, cheese, one beer

Went to Jane's house warming party. What a great new house, I love it Jane!! So cute and unique it's perfect for you.

Friday, September 12, 2008


Thank goodness it's Friday! I was wondering why I was so tired and I forgot this was a super long work week for me as I worked last weekend and didn't take a day off during the week, NO WONDER!! WOD was heavy lifting Shoulder Press 1-1-1-1-1-1. I was happy that it was upper body b/c my quads are still lead weights. PB at 95lbs. Really focused on keeping legs totally straight and all muscles engaged.

5am-Chicken, 1/2 apple, nuts
7:15am-eggs, strawberries, apple, nuts
12:15pm-Chicken, almonds, broccoli, strawberries
3:30pm-2 block snack-turkey, peach, nuts, tomatoes
7:45pm-Chicken, nuts, veggies, grapes, green beans

Very hungry this afternoon but it's related to being exhausted. Didn't leave work until almost 7.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Wow I totally got smoked this morning! I am sore in the quads and back and just felt exhausted after the WOD this am. Body is spent! WOD was 400m Run, 40 box jumps at 20", 800M Run, 40 KTE, 800M run, 40 walking Lunges, 400M run. I would've normally done the 24" box but I couldn't jump up there this am, tried to focus on my KTE-still suck at those, lost a lot of time there- I am in need of practice practice practice on a few items. I still stink at body weight exercises!!!

5:15am-Chicken, peach, nuts
7:30-3 eggs, raspberries, nuts
9:30 hungry-3 nuts a few bites of an apple
12:20pm- Salmon, Salad with lots of veggies, broccoli, nuts
4:30pm-Eggplant, nuts, chicken
6:30pm-Broccoli, chicken, nuts, mix of veggies, pickin on fruit
8:30pm- Strawberry smoothie

Overall today I ate more than normal as far as blocks but still stayed in the zone. My body is totally spent. I think it's both physical and mental. Can not wait for the weekend, need rest!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


So glad the workweek is half over and I don't even have to work this weekend, yeah! The hubby is out of town starting on Friday at ND vs Michigan so it's me time, love it. My lower back is feeling pretty tight from yesterday but only on the right side. Most not of had the best form with the right arm on the SDLHP. I'm a lefty what can I say :) WOD this morning was brutal...50 cal on the rower, 50 wall balls, 50 sit ups GHD, 50 Thrusters for time.

5am-Turkey, peach, nuts
7:15am-Turkey, peach, apple, nuts
12:15pm-Hungry! Salad, salmon, nuts, 1/2 apple, a few grapes and a peach
3:15pm- Egg, raspberries, nuts
6:15pm- Turkey, salad with veggies and nuts, broccoli
9pm-egg, raspberries, nuts

Really sore!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Note to self: Do not eat a hard boiled egg for a snack before work out! I tend not to feel good after the WOD if I eat a hard boiled egg.... WOD was: 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 Single Arm SDLHP 20kl, burpees. The burpees kicked my butt this morning. Shout out to Sarah who killed it this AM.

5am-Hard boiled egg, raspberries, nuts
7:30-3 eggs, peach, strawberries, nuts
12:30 p.m.-Salmon, Salad-lots of veggies, nuts, peach
4pm-Salmon, peach, nuts
7:15-Turkey Breast, salad, broccoli/Asparagus, peach, nuts
9pm-Turkey, peach, nuts

I think I ate a peach at every meal today. There I go again---addicted to peaches. What can I say, they are delicious!

Monday, September 8, 2008


Pretty tired from the weekend and work. Feel much better after my WOD which was: row 500m, 100 singles, run 800m, 200 singles, 400m run, 300 singles, 200m run. Finished 12:35 then 1 mile run not timed.

5:15am-Egg, raspberries, nuts
8:30am-3 eggs, peach, strawberries, nuts
12:30pm-Salmon, Salad, cantaloupe, nuts
5pm-Salmon, grapes, nuts
7:30pm-Salad with lots of veggies, veggies with hummus, Boca burger meat,cantaloupe, nuts

I love clean mondays, feel so much better. Weekends have been my devil lately, finding myself being really weak. Will try and focus on the diet for the next few weekends. I would like to have a good showing at FGB.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Out of the zone last night and today. Too much wine last night but it was a much needed to say the least. Just fixed my meals for the week so we should be good to go. Weekends always go too fast.

Saturday, September 6, 2008


Up early this morning as Chad headed to work. Went for a run with Sarah same track as Monday. However today I was up so early that I ate a one block snack. Not sure if it was the snack or that I ate pretty clean this week but I could for sure tell a difference and felt much better this time around. Enjoyed a much needed massage and detox and ran a ton of errors.

6:30am-Chicken, strawberries, nuts
12:15pm-Chicken, 2 peaches, strawberries, nuts
3pm-Chicken, peach, strawberries, little bit of cantaloupe (thanks S!) and nuts- 2 block

Friday, September 5, 2008


Gotta love those Fridays! Feeling really tight and sore in the quads from the thrusters yesterday. Lots of stretching today and this weekend! WOD was- AMRAP 20 min. Snatch 53lbs and 200M run. Killer! 8.5 rounds complete. Focued on flat back- feel like I did pretty well with that. So it's Friday and I thought I cooked enough protein for my meals but no luck as I went to grab my breakfast out of the fridge. Had to resort to protein n water for breakfast...not so lovely.

5am-Shrimp, strawberries, nuts
7:30am-Protein and water, apple, 1/2 cups grapes, nuts
12:15pm-Lunch meeting-Mushroom soup 1/3 of cup, salad with flank steak, a few bits of chocolate mousse. Delicious!
6pm-Nuts, chicken, grapes
7:15pm-Chicken, asparagus, eggplant, grapes nuts- More than 3 block on the protein.
9pm- apple, chicken, 2 tbs of pb

Feel like I finally have things under control at work yeah! Working on Sunday so by Monday I should feel good to go. Thank you to my peeps for the encouraging words, it has really brought a smile to my face as I read them. Thanks for the support y'all, I needed it!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So decided that today I would have a much better attitude at work! One day at a time. YEAH!
WOD was a killer, but I've got to say I just love those 1 min. on workouts, I know call me crazy. I can get in that zone and stay mentally strong when it's short and quick. Almost accomplished my goal which was hitting 50 + reps on every round (consistency). The last round I missed it by ONE!!! WOD- 5 rounds- 3 stations-Thrusters 53lbs., box jumps, rower for calories-1 min. rest between. Scored 263!

5am-Shrimp, strawberries, nuts
7:30am-Breakfast of Champions! Peach, 1/2 cups strawberries, 1/2 cups raspberries, 1/2 cup grapes, 3 eggs, nuts
12:15pm-Salad, fish, 1/2 peach, 1/2 strawberry, 1/2 raspberries, nuts
4:15pm-Salad, nuts, turkey pepperoni-totally forgot to pack a protein-pepperoni was great though.
7pm-Peach while cooking! grouper, salad, asparagus, nuts a few grapes

I am already feeling the thrusters! My quads are for sure stiffening up. YIKES! Better do some stretching.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Nice sleep last night, yeah needed it for sure. WOD this morning was a good one! 4 rounds for time-400m Run, 20 perfect push ups, 35 sit-ups, 50 squats. The push ups set me back a bit but I really focused on good form. Going to really try and focus all on form this month and not worry about time. I want to improve all movements and technique.

5am-shrimp, strawberries, nuts
7:15am-3 eggs, peach, strawberries, raspberries, extra nuts
12pm-Salad, fish, extra nuts, 1/2 peach, grapes
3:15pm-Shrimp, strawberries, nuts
4:30pm-Mental breakdown :) Turkey pepperoni, cheese, 2 sodas
7pm-Fish, salad, asparagus, grapes, nuts
9pm-Peach, nuts, fish

I am not going to lie work is killing me already. Just so frustrating and mentally draining. I knew it was going to suck for a bit and I keep telling myself it'll be worth it come season. Life is just full of ups sand downs. I can't wait for mine to go back up people!!! It's coming soon I can feel it :)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Tuesday-Fresh Start!

So today is my first day on the new job and of course I couldn't sleep last night. I was up at 4am and just could not go back to sleep. So got up and ate rather early this morning! WOD was great...gotta love those deadlifts. Set a new PB today which I am so happy about. Actually almost the whole class did. So proud of Sarah who hit the 200 club yeah girl and to Liz who is soooo close!!

4:30 a.m.-Shrimp, strawberries, nuts
7:30am-2 eggs, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, nuts
9am-egg, peach, nuts
12:15pm-Salad, grapes, nuts, peach, chicken speedies
4pm-egg, strawberries, nuts
7pm-HUNGRY- while prepping-broccoli with hummus, little Ck, and 3 nuts
7:20pm-Fish, eggplant, salsa, spinach, small salad with nuts- It actually worked out to be a 3.5 block with the snack while prepping
9:15pm-Peach, nuts, 2 speedies-To bed!!

Mentally drained-enough said......

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Feeling great and energized after my run with Sarah. I was totally dying in the humidity and heat but what a great feeling when I was done. We ran for about 40 minutes which is a new personal record for me. Holy crap that was a great run! Thanks Sarah for getting me back on track and getting my head right.

9:30am-Chicken speedies, peach, 1/2 cup strawberries, 1/2 cup raspberries, 1/2 cup grapes, 15 almonds
12:30pm-Salad-spinach, tomato, peppers, mushrooms, broccoli, chicken speedies, nuts, peach and a few strawberries
6:30pm-shrimp, nuts, fruit
7:25pm-Grouper, salad with veggies, nuts, eggplant and peach for dessert-delicious! close to 4 block
9pm-chicken, grapes, nuts

I got caught up on lots of stuff today it was great. My husband has decided to get motivated again and head to the gym! I joined him for a bit of biking, stretching and abs while he pumped the iron. I'm excited for him to get back in the swing. When he works out he tends to eat better, which will ultimately help me stay on track as well.

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Got a great night's sleep and am feeling better this morning. Muscles are a little sore and tight from yesterday's WOD!

9:45 a.m.-Eggplant, salsa, cheese, cauliflower, hummus and grapes
1:30pm-Egg, 1/2 apple, nuts
3:30p.m.-Chicken, green peppers, celery with hummus, 1/2 apple, strawberries
7:30pm-Chicken speedies, asparagus, salad, almonds, strawberries-Close to a 4 block dinner
9pm-Few speedies-They are so good!

Saturday, August 30, 2008


So yesterday was my last day at VeronaWalk. I am just coming to the realization that for the last month I have been an emotional roller coaster. I've been really stressed, not sleeping and just not mentally together. This morning after our WOD I seriously had a emotional breakdown. I was upset that my body gave out right at the end and that I couldn't stop cramping on the double unders. I didn't get the RXD which really made me depressed and disappointed. I just wasn't myself and didn't perform the way I wanted. When I got home, I just had a good cry. I know I sound crazy, but I think that is what I needed. I feel better now and am really ready to turn the page in my life. I'm scared, I'm nervous but I know I can get through it. From today on I am going to focus on my diet (cause that always suffers when I'm stressed) and getting enough rest. Everything else will fall into place. Ahhhhhhhhh.

Got to give a shout out to my girl Sarah who kicked butt on the filthy fifty and to Liz for totally stepping up her game. Nice job girls, you both rock!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Got some good sleep last night yeah! WOD was killer and I'm still recovering. My hands and shoulders are shot and my thumbs are still tingly! I think it's b/c I've had some shoulder issues with volleyball and the blood flow is just not up to par. Something to remember.......
AMRAP- 100ft. walking lunges with 33lbs bar, 7 burpees, 1 rope climb. 5 rounds plus 1 done.

5:10am- Chicken, strawberries, almonds
7:30am-3 eggs, strawberries, peach, 1/2 apple, almonds
12:15pm-Spinach salad with chicken-Out to lunch with a few residents
5pm-Strawberries, chicken, almonds
7pm-Eggplant, chicken, salad, grapes

So the tingling has now gone away but my thumb still doesn't feel right. I know I have circulation issues! Shoulders are fine but I'm sure my muscles will be sore. One more day at VeronaWalk and then next week I start my new job!!! So excited except I am a little nervous.....They are having a huge going away party tomorrow after work for me. Of course I have a killer WOD Saturday morning that I'm not missing- Filthy Fifty. I'll do my best to stay in line! YIKES!!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So i've been out of the loop for a little over a week now on vacation. I did really good my first 3 days and then it was all down hill after that. Didn't get in any workouts after Friday a few good walks and that's about it. Back in FL late last night and to Crossfit this morning. WOD- 1500M row, 40-30-20-10 KBS 16kl and weighted sit-ups. 14:00 minutes not too shabby for the first day back.

5am-1/2 zone bar
7:30a.m.-Egg beaters, nuts, apples
12:15pm-Summer salad with chicken
4pm-Peach, cheese, walnuts
7:25pm-Grapes, chicken speedies, salad, slivered almonds
9pm-Peach, almonds, egg

Totally tired today....Only got 4.5 hours of sleep last night. Our plane was delayed. Looking to go to bed by 9pm but have lots to do before I get there.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Up early for a run-a little over 3 miles. I do not miss the hills around here, killer. Took me longer then normal but I got it done. Did a little blueberry pickin' with my friend and now me and the parents are headed kayaking!

8:15am-Fish, fruit mix, slivered almonds

Thursday, August 21, 2008


Slept in until 8am, no alarm ahhhh how sweet it is to be on vacation! Going to try and catch a walk in with mom and dad and then hopefully hit the gym! Made it to the gym WOD-Deadlifts- 6 sets of 5. Started with 135 worked up to 215lbs. Would've like to had someone watching my form but I did my best. Had to break up the last few sets of 5. Went for an hour hike around Taughannock Park with my girl from high school it was great. Spent some time at the park swimming in the lake (OH MY GOD how cold!)and then headed home for dinner. What a beautiful day! That's Taughannock Park we hiked the rim trail all the way around. It's 5 minutes from my house and the highest waterfall east of the Mississippi. (not the largest just the highest!)

8:30am-Fruit, chicken speedies, almond slivers
12:30pm-Fish, salad with almonds, grapes, apple slices
4pm-Salad with almonds and grapes
6pm- Zone Lasagna 2 or 2.5 block
9pm-Glass of wine, side salad, mahi mahi, green beans
and pineapple

Waited too long to eat today feel really tired and out of it! Only had a snack and then lunch. I'm sure that's what it is. Headed out with a few girls tonight so we'll see what happens!