Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday and I'm happy:)

I'm excited that today is finally Friday...Although I work tomorrow:( Great day at the gym this morning. We decided to do a men vs. women on the wod. So much better then doing a scaled version or the entire workout. Me, Elaina and Shannon totally kicked butt together. Although we were so pumped and confused at times on rounds and numbers, we did great :) It was definatly fun being a part of a team. I am not sure if coach did it on purpose or what. But he has convinced me to sign up and support our team for the games. So if I can help, I will...but remember team....If I can not do all the wod's RX then my numbers don't count. So pray on no handstands or muscle ups. CRAP that also means I better practice my Double Unders :(
Tomorrow it's Komen and then off to Strongman!

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A-bomb said...

YAY!!! I was hoping you would sign up with us :) yah we are all praying no HSPU and MUs :)