Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Last night went to strongman- 5 tire flips, 5 CnJ with the Log, 5 tire flips, 300m run. 3rds 9mins. 4 rds of 5 flips with Bob pushing them back at me. The tire seriously kicks my butt. Thinking about doing death by tire flips next week...sounds horrible but it'll be good for me. I know i'm twisted:)
This morning did 5rds 1,3,5-Prowler, 2 & 4 45# walking lunges with barbell then 21 burpees. The first round I took the prowler 1/2 the alley big mistake as there was water and that was way to far to push it today:) Doing good on strict paleo, it's been almost 3 weeks and I can tell and see the difference. I going to try and stay right at this Body Weight and build muscle from here.

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