Tuesday, March 15, 2011


This week is deloading week for me, which is great news. My body needs a break. Yesterday was squat and press with some assistance work. Headed to strongman at night and did the Frame Carry at 350lbs- Full distance in 11 seconds!!! Hell yeah:) Tire Flips went the distance (so we didn't time it). Bob and I each used our own tires and I actually beat him. (I am getting faster). However when we went at 60 feet-he won both and at 40 feet-he won too...But the moral of the story is I won at the competition distance!!! (his tire is bigger so on the shorter distances I had one more flip then him). Anyhow this morning was a great surprise as the best work out buddy in the world was back SARAH:) We did a 15 amrap together of 300m row, 15 KBS at 24k, 7 burpees. I held a steady pace and knocked out 6 rds. Love working out with Sarah! Tonight I am headed in to do some truck pulls. See ya!

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